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Hurry, FINO FINO Montecristi on ebay, only $50.00...fake

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Panamabob, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. ebay auction

    First he copied and pasted all of my text, now ebay made him change it. Now he says it has over 1000 weaves. He needs to add at least $200.00 just to buy one, and an uglier one at that, on the streets of Montecristi.
  2. Andykev

    Andykev I'll Lock Up Bartender


    I guess Marbleboy who won this auction really "lost his marbles" ..

    This hat ..is crap. I can count the lines and rows on my monitor. What is that, 20?
    My cheapest cuenca wear in the yard hat is 35 plus rows just in the brim alone.

    RIP OFF EBAY and the sad thing is new uninformed hat buyers don't know the difference....
  3. I think it safe to say that it probably was a $8.00 grueso or maybe $10.00-12.00. I would doubt it has more than 13X10 or 14X10. I'd sell one of these finished or unfinished for $30.00 or so on ebay and tell it like it is.

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