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Identify Your Hats with Fedora Cards

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by CitizenGenet, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Many members here have experienced problems in differentiating their hats from ones owned by others and some have even had their hats purloined by strangers.

    With this problem in mind, I have created many different styles of fedora identification cards for sale in my Zazzle shop Fedora Cards.

    All of these cards are fully customizable and feature several different tag lines. A few are taken from original identification cards that were popular in the Golden Age. Once you find a style you like, customize the card to add your name and contact information and voila! You now have a nice way to keep track of your hats when you are out and about. These cards help to alleviate the problems caused by similar-looking hats and can help to prove a hat is yours if someone walks off with it.

    I have used these cards before and the quality at the basic level is very good. You can upgrade paper quality, as well. One box provides 100 cards. You can also customize the card size to make it larger or to make it more slender to hide it under your sweatband.

    A few samples:




    Do you want a set of identification cards but don't like the styles available? PM me on FL or contact me in my shop to request a custom card.

    The Fedora Cards Store
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    Hah, these are cute.

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