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I'm Going To Italy.....

Discussion in 'Hats' started by bolthead, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Wow, I can't believe it, I'm actually getting to go to Italy...(Milan).

    My place of employment is sending 4 union stewards over to our Mother plant to meet with their union reps., I was one of them voted to go. It's only for 4 days and I don't think there will be much site seeing, but just the fact that I'm getting the chance to go there is awesome.

    We leave on the 12th of Jan. I've been checking the weather over there and I know it's cold, just like where I am, so I know pretty much how to dress. I want to bring a hat with me, besides the one I wear. I was thinking this might be a good opportunity to put my Pocket Borso in the suitcase and see how it withstands a 10hr. flight? I think it'll be ok, what do you guys think?

    I know we have a few members from Italy here and I'd love to hear from them before I go. Maybe there's somewhere nearby where I'm going that I can perhaps look for a new Lid.....:D
  2. carter

    carter I'll Lock Up

    Congratulations, Bolt! Hopefully this will be a great trip. Are you taking your spouse?

    Are you taking shopping requests? :D

    (I'm kidding....about the shopping requests.) ;) :)
  3. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    No carter, the wifey isn't allowed to come. The international union is paying for the whole trip, except for my passport, I bought that. She's a bit disappointed, but thrilled for me that I'm going and it's for a good cause as well. [huh]
  4. WOW!!! By all means take the traveler, and take a camera. You never know when you can take some shots to share with us!!!!
  5. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

  6. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    By all means....

    You betcha I'm taking my camera, I just hope I have the time too get some good shots with it. [huh]
  7. Imahomer

    Imahomer Practically Family

    I loved my trip to Florrence. I was there for just over a week. I'd like to go back to Italy and visit Venice, health permitting.
  8. funneman

    funneman Practically Family

    Congratulations, Bolt!

    Zip off a PM to Mr. Hemmingway Jones.

    I'll bet he could tell you where the best sights
    are to be found.

    By all means, take pictures!

    Have a great time.
  9. epic610

    epic610 One of the Regulars

    This might be slightly off-topic,

    but maybe not by much. try to get around to some of the cafes, particularly where there is an older crowd. check and see if and what hats they may be wearing . . . and bring the results back to us.

    i go to los angeles quite a bit. one place i stop in at is Caffe Roma in Beverly Hills which was originally started by two brothers in the late 70's, who had previously owned a cafe in Rome back in the 50's. over the years many of their original customers have either emigrated or visited the u.s. i enjoy seeing what these italian gentlemen wear. and often, before i pick up a hat, the test is how comfortable i would feel wearing it to Caffe Roma.
  10. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Hi Bolthead,
    Enjoy your trip to Italy. As some one who goes there two to three times a year , I can tell you that you will have a good time . The dollar is much better than it was against the Euro six months ago . You might still find stores that will have ther merchendise on sale after the Christmas holiday.
    The problem with Milan is that it is a tourist city. I have only been there a few times. It is great to walk around in but the food can be expensive especially near the Galleria and the Duomo . That is also the location of one of the Borsalino stores. There is another one a few blocks away that is a beautiful store to see. Ask for the exact address. Its worth the walk to see it.
    Also , use the trains( underground). Driving in Milan is crazy.

  11. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here


    Hey, I like the way you think, that's a great idea and if we get the chance, I will certainly do just that. ;)
  12. Congratulations bolthead. A trip like that is a once in a lifetime event. Enjoy.:eusa_clap
  13. Great time of the year to go. Shop keepers have the time to deal with you if you don't speak the language. Just remember, if you get out the phrase book and ask a question in Italian they WILL answer in Italian. Seems obvious but off they go and there you stand trying to keep track of a sinestra and a destra. Have a great time. In a down home Trattoria they may not expect you to order the whole meal at once. Check out the locals and graze your way through the menu. Now get yourself ready to buy the right hat and some fine footwear. Duck the Chucks they can see a tourist coming by their footwear and as everywhere respect gets respect.....but an Obama button wouldn't hurt.;)
    Buon Viaggio.
  14. Wow! Envy rears its ugly head again. I haven't been there in 10 years, and have been missing it ever since. Note: don't try to outdress the Italians. They're the best-dressed nation I've ever seen. that roll-up will eve the score a bit, though. And if you drink coffee, get ready for some mysteriously excellent espresso.
  15. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks for all the great advice and tips.....by all means, please keep them coming. :eusa_clap
  16. Have fun and say hi to Sophia!!;) ;) :D
  17. Hey Bolt, that's very cool. I'd definitely pack that Borsalino. It'll bounce back fine. Keep us posted on the travel plans and the trip itself, you international man of mystery, you. :D
  18. Mr. Paladin

    Mr. Paladin My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Enjoy the trip sir, and the hats. Try some of the Italian Toscano cigars if you are a cigar man; stout some of them, but good! :eek:fftopic:
  19. Congratulations, Bolthead. I never been to Milano myself, but of course there's the magnificent cathedral there, and the famous Scala opera house.

    For those who know, or those who want to learn, about goooooood coffee, excellent coffee, like the best coffee in the world, those MUST and WILL try the espresso's that are very commonly available at any daytime coffee bar.

    If you want a strong short shot without milk, ask for a ristretto. If you'd like a strong short shot with milk, ask for a macchiato. I would ask for a doppio macchiato: a bit more volume there. And if you like a larger, less strong espresso, try the lungo or, as a last resort, an americano. If you already know about all of this please, Dear Sir, accept my humble apologies.

    By the way, good times now for American trade union people to exchange thoughts with Italian colleagues. You might see them wearing a red scarf, though - but don't let that scare you off: tradizione!

    Have a good, productive and nice trip, bolthead!
  20. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Very informative, thanks so much. :eusa_clap

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