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In Search of 35-38 blue suit

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Evan Everhart, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Hi guys! I'm currently searching for a blue suit; any blue will do, but navy, airman's, or royal are preferred, and any weave will be fine. I am currently too large (see fat) for my old favorite royal blue suit that I've got on in my icon, married life has done me in....Anyway, I need a blue suit. I've got every other colour imaginable, but not a decent blue one for some reason....Just can't seem to find one. I've measured my chest, over the arms is 48" under the arms is 40", I've got a 32.5" waist, 43" hip, and I'm 5'7" tall. So, there's my measurements, if anyone has anything that might work with my size and would be willing to part with it, or trade (I've got a gigantic collection of over-coats, suits, dress shirts, and neck-ties in all sizes, all of quality materials, and all in classic styles which I would be willing to trade or barter for a good blue suit. I also have a moderately sizable collection of sweaters and the like if that's your cup of tea, though those are all in size small or a few in medium. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Just PM me if you're curious about any pieces that I may have for trade.

    Oh! I also have TONS of shoes mostly in sizes 9 - 11 all of top quality leather, all of excellent craftsmanship, many bench-made, or look to be.

    To give an idea, I have somewhere in the realm of 800 assorted neck-ties, vintage and otherwise, including many from the 1950s through 1980s (all classic styles or interesting types) which I am willing to part with.

    Most of the over-coats are in herring-bone pattern or in solid coloured worsteds.

    I appreciate your help in my search guys! Thanks!
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  2. I saw that it was a 36 Long though....I don't ever like to play with lengths in alterations. It just never looks right with the proportions of the suit. I always wear a short.
  3. I haven't sent enough posts to be able to show you easily per se what I have but if you want to email me I can email you some photos of a lovely blue 50's suit I have. ichiban_wagon@yahoo.com

    I can email you photos of this suit that doesn't "quite" fit me (I think I am more 38-ish) and see if you are interested. It is a 36 regular and I can send actual dimensions/measurements. I actually have a brown suit with a similar pattern to the blue suit fabric if you are interested in that as well. Might be interested in a package deal to be perfectly honest. Email me if you are interested.

    Lemme know.

    Thanks for your time!
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  4. Hi Sir! I emailed you yesterday, but have not heard back from you. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you and seeing these wonderful suits of which you speak!

    Sincerely Yrs,

    Mr. E. A. Everhart
  5. Pera.T

    Pera.T One of the Regulars

    Not sure if what you posted was a typo, but if you have a 40" chest, you'd probably be wanting to look for a size 40-42? There's no way you would fit into a size 35 anyway!!! :confused:

    Thought it was worth pointing out.
  6. Despite my measurements, I do indeed wear a 35 over-coat (very old), wear several 36 and even 38 modern coats. Sizing in the end, is entirely relevant. Also, there is a differential in coat size to chest measurement based upon the breadth of your shoulders and the breadth of your chest under your arms. I don't know why things fit the way that they do, but I do know what fits me. Thanks for the proffered assistance however Mr. Pera. T.

    Sincerely Yrs,

    Mr. E. A. Everhart
  7. Broccoli

    Broccoli One of the Regulars

    Only way I see a 36 coat fit a 40 chest would be if you had only your shirt under it. And that would mean a jacket would have another size for it to fit you.
  8. I don't know what to tell you, but I measured my chest, myself, I am very good at that sort of thing, I used to do it for a living. I am also very good at reading labels and things like that. Despite your incredulity.

    My over-coat marked size 35, is an old Montague Burton model, very old. Fits perfectly OVER my 3 pc suit, shirt, and tie, or even over a tweed suit, heavy cable knit sweater, shirt and tie. with room for a woolen scarf as well.

    My whole point here is this, I have given my measurements by inches, and listed the various sizes which typically fit me, varying by make and etc. Please limit responses to this thread to information on where and how I can get a blue suit, not anyone's questions as to my sizing statements which questions, are ultimately immaterial to my acquiring a blue suit.

    Thank you.

    E. A. Everhart
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