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Incongruencies of body art?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Clara Noir, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. I'm not looking for broad opinions (which are all I seemed to find when looking for a thread on this), but do those of you with body modifications hide/remove them when going vintage?

    Until now, my three tattoos have been hidden by most vintage clothing, but yesterday I got my lip pierced. The rockabillies are proud of their modifications, but I assume that others see them as part of a separate life.

    So, rather than rows start over if tattoos etc are acceptable, I'd be interested to know if any of you have decided to conceal your mods to seem more vintage. This goes out to people with such everyday piercings as maybe having two holes in each ear, not just the extreme ones.

    Also, should you hide them, would you share how?
  2. I don't have any body mods yet (besides regular ear lobe piercings), but I have always wanted tattoos. I love very traditional flash, like Sailor Jerry. I have a whole book of tattoos from the 40's and 50's and I absolutely love it. However, I truly am indecisive and don't want to make a decision I will regret.

    Lately though, I've been thinking about biting the bullet and just going for it. The tattoos I would like would be somewhat incorporated into my vintage style for me. I was thinking of getting two traditional diamond tattoos on the lower back of my calf, above my ankle, high enough that they would fall above the cuban heel of stockings. Not sure on this still, but maybe!

    My boyfriend has his ears stretched to a 0 gauge (or maybe 00, whichever is the largest before getting into inch measurements) and it's never interfered with his vintage style. To be honest, 99% of the time people never notice his plugs because they suit him so well. They are stretched quite large, but fit his face.

    I think body mods can definitely work with vintage. Honestly, if it looks good on you to begin with, it'll still look good when you're all decked out in vintage. In my opinion at least.
  3. TheKitschGoth

    TheKitschGoth A-List Customer

    I show mine off. I wouldn't have got them done if I didn't want to show them off.

    I love vintage style, plus I love body mod. So it makes sense for me to combine them.

    Although I think it depends on why you are wearing vintage style clothes, if it's because you want to faithfully recreate a vintage look then no, tattoos and piercings wouldn't work, if however you dress that way because you think it's aesthetically pleasing, then you are free to show body mods.

    With a lip piercing you can either,
    a) take it out when dressed vintage - not advised on a fairly new piercing, mines about 3/4 years old now, and I'm still not keen on leaving it out fort a whole day.
    or b) put in a flesh coloured or clear retainer. Personally I think they make you look like you've got a spot rather than a piercing, so wouldn't.
  4. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I've got tattoos on my chest, shouders and upper arms and I show those babies off! I happen to like the "old lady" look juxtaposed against an edgy "modern" look. I'm a big fan of clashing opposites!
  5. Phew, it's good to know I'm not alone! As my tattoos are mostly on my back and shoulders they aren't visible unless I'm wearing a halter, backless or sleeveless top/dress. Which I don't often do in the UK.

    I imagine that doing re-enacting would change the situation, but I was curious as to if you all like to mix and match.

    I'm torn between wanting to be from the 50s and wanted to be myself now. It's a little tricky to balance the two at times!
  6. Kim_B

    Kim_B Practically Family

    While I have no body mods of any kind outside of the ears being pierced, I say if you've got it, flaunt it. Why else would you have gotten pierced/tattooed/etc?! In my opinion, if you're the type of person who has tattoos and piercings, chances are you probably go outside the norm anyway and don't care too much what others think...why should this change when it comes to adding vintage in the mix!?

    A couple of my favorite modern-day pin ups can rock both looks really well...I say, if it doesn't bother you, go for it! I've always secretly wanted to get a tattoo, but I'm so fickle, I have a hard time deciding what I want...def. a fairy or butterfly of some sort, but that's about as far as I can get! LOL
  7. GoldLeaf

    GoldLeaf Guest

    I have a Misfits tattoo that I am very proud of :) It's the standard "rear-end hat" lol So it doesn't show unless I am wearing a 2 piece bathing suit. I know the location has become cliche but I wanted to be sure that I wouldn't regret it when I tried on a wedding dress one day :)

    There is still a large part of me that would like to have an intricate back piece, and if I could get away with it, I would love sleeves. I really like tattoo art and I actually like the process. There is a lady here that does amazing 40's and 50's style tattoos, so I know I have a great resource if I want to get vintagey with them.

    I am me. I make no excuses, apologies, nor pretenses. I like what I like. I may be a walking contradiction but as long as I am happy, everyone else can fly a kite :eek: lol Do what makes you happy. If you want to be full on vintage, rock on! If you want to mix, woo hoo! Being happy is so much more important than other people's opinions :) Course, it is always easier said than done!
  8. Shearer

    Shearer Practically Family

    I've only got one tattoo on my foot, and it can be mostly hidden with any shoes that aren't sandals.

    I've been like pigeon toe, though. There are three designs I've been knocking around in my head for YEARS. One would be on the back of my neck and the other two would be in the exact same spot pigeon toe described. But I've been very up in the air about them (obviously.) I even went so far a couple months ago to make an appointment with a really good artist in San Diego, and then cancel it.

    I'm not worried about the incongruency with my style of dress though. Then again, my designs were very Victorian looking - not exactly bloody skulls, naked women and what not :D I felt that if I ever had a problem with the tattoos showing (like with a sophisticated cocktail dress), there's nothing some heavy makeup and powder couldn't fix. The only thing that's held me back has been wondering if I'm going to like what I had on my body 50 years down the road.
  9. I am also a very big fan of the clashing opposites, I'd love to have a full sleeve or two! I am also intending to get my back done, lower legs and who know, maybe the chest, maybe not. I think they look really cool when paired with demure vintage. I have ears stretched to 1/2 inch that I wear mother of pearl plugs in - they are very beautiful items of jewellery (I think). Though I have taken my nose percings and all my other earrings out (used to have about 10, now only the two) in recent years. I think they're all still open though. I also have tattoos on my lower stomach that don't see the light of day any more due to high waisted clothing! But I'm proud of them all and will add to them some day.
  10. The Misfits are one of my favorite bands!
  11. hotrod_elf

    hotrod_elf A-List Customer


    I have 1/2 sleaves and tattooes on my legs and back. I don't try to hide them unless I'm at my dads house. (He HATES them and I'm 30, you would think he would give up, but no, well thats a different thread) I have no piercings on my face but my ears have a lot. Left side has 10 and the right has two extream barbell piercings. I love contardiction. I use to have a mohawk yet I would pull it back and wear the biggest pink bow in it. I would wear a nice dress then put on my blue docs. I like looking feminine but I'm not.

    I say go for it, except when doing reenactments.
  12. Shearer

    Shearer Practically Family

    You guys have great taste!

    I always said if I was a man I would have some certain lyrics from Where Eagles Dare inked on my back :D
  13. CanadaDoll

    CanadaDoll Practically Family

    My tat is on my foot, which makes it a little harder to hide, but I've never been poorly recieved for it (even my granny thought it was nice:eek: :D ) and I don't have trouble with it when I'm in vintage, if you like your tattoos, wear 'em proudly, cause they say something about you. :)
    Mine is too closely linked to me to worry about, unless I'm in a classroom, and then the schools ask for it to be covered, which I think is perfectly reasonable.
  14. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Why hide them?

    Tatts are awesome! I have my left arm nearly covered, and my back is covered. :rolleyes: I wear a shirt, and you can see the design poke out just a bit around my neck. Always catches attention. I also have 5/8" streached ear holes and a tiny tatt (my first) on my ankle.

    I find the contradiction for dressing vintage (ie 'conservative') and having mods as an interesting dynamic to the vintage culture. It is a modern astetic in my opinion. Not dressing like others, reverting to a classic, almost safer sicne of dress, but rebellious enough for carving ink into your skin :eek: Woot!

    Folks arnt gonna stop getting tatts (altho I should...), and your clothing tastes change, but all in all, I say its a part of you, and to hide them to comform the the 'character' of vintage is a bit much, dont ya think? ;)

  15. GoldLeaf

    GoldLeaf Guest

    How cool! My tatt is actually the standard Misfits skull, but then in Norse runes around the skull it says "We're one and for all". I had some really cool experiences with the band while they were touring from 98-00 and the fans are amazing. Gave the lines a really personal meaning. And I find wonderful refection and spirtuality in the Norse runes. Some powerful runs are incorporated in the saying. It's the standard Misfits tatt, but all mine at the same time. (Of course there is the Old-fits vs. New-fits arguement, hehe.) I love Astrozombies and my FAV is Some Kind of Hate.

    You said it so well, LD.

    You ladies are just too cool! And all this coming from some of us that I bet we weren't expecting! I never thought Miss Day would live her art in such a personal way :D
  16. While I don't have any tattoos, I feel really plain at VLV, I think if it's something you want then go for it, afterall women were tattooed in the golden era it just was'nt as visible. And a beautiful tattoo is a work of art.

  17. Shearer

    Shearer Practically Family

    True. My great-grandmother had a butterfly tatt on the inside of her thigh. She also ran a bathtub gin "corporation"/speakeasy out of her house in San Pedro. Whatta broad, eh? :eusa_clap
  18. when wearing vintage...

    i have 2 14G hoops in each ear, which i leave in. my nose ring i take out (i have the bead out permanently so i can just slip it off). i have 2 tattoos - a Ramona The Pest illustration on my upper arm that's usually hidden by my sleeve, and i just got one on my calf that's actually a 40's illustration - one of the dancing couples from the "all the cats join in" disney short (1944). so that'll show any time i'm wearing a skirt, which is fine with me. i personally like my facial jewelry out (okay, my nose ring... i permanently removed my lip ring a few months ago) when i'm wearing vintage, but that's just me. i think body mods are great with vintage clothing and i think everyone should do what they want with their bodies no matter what they're wearing - this is one reason i'm glad i can wear 40's clothes now instead of in the 40's - we have more freedom :)
  19. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Why thank you *blushes*
    I surprise people in a lot of ways. Especially interests. What can I say, Strong Bad rules lol

  20. Miss_Bella_Hell

    Miss_Bella_Hell My Mail is Forwarded Here

    All I have is two holes in each ear and a belly button piercing. I love tattoos, but I'm scared of permanence (feel free to psychoanalyze) so I don't get them, even though I have tons of ideas. My belly button just looks weird without a piercing - I've had it since I was 18!

    But I love tattoos on everyone, as long as the person they're on loves them too. The more the merrier. And mods, for that matter. If we liked the way any ol' person looked, we wouldn't be into vintage, so liking mods goes hand in hand, I think.

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