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Indy pants

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by SHARPETOYS, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. I went to Indy gear and read up on the Indy pants and then went to LLBean, they don't offer that pant any longer. The iitem # was TA 25771 The new item # is Ta 46381 or TA 46385. One is a 60/40 blend and the other one is a 100% cotton The costs are $46.00 and $44.00 They still have the taupe color.Is there another pant co you would recommend.

  2. Michaelson

    Michaelson One Too Many

    Recently Indy Magnoli posted at COW that there's a REAL good choice at Dillards for consideration. Check over there for details. No need to 'clutter up' another forum with duplicate material. (grins) Regards. Michaelson
  3. Sorry still learning.
  4. Michaelson

    Michaelson One Too Many

    Nothing to be sorry for. To many rocks to turn over around these parts to know where EVERYTHING is hidden. (grins) High regards. Michaelson
  5. Wested Indy Trousers

    So today I received my Wested Indy trousers. High marks to Wested for delivering them within FOUR business days (ordered online Sunday night, delivered Thursday morning) from Britain to Nevada!!!

    Fit and quality is spot on. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the taper, which is quite pronounced. Anyone else experience this and consider it a negative?

    My question is, among the various makers of Indy/Adventure trousers, who has the best trousers in terms of quality and with little taper, or at least not quite the taper as the Wested version.
  6. Take a pic when you get a chance. If I remember correctly (and I could just google it right now though I'm going to seem backwards and not) Indy's trousers were narrow toward the boot. Not at all like WWII officer trousers. He wore them long and they bunched up at the boot.

    Oh... Here, I googled. Loose in the thigh and a bit pegged at the ankle with a more modern opening at the foot.

  7. This is what I mean by pronounced taper:


  8. From what I understand, Wested was supposed to have come out with a new model of these trousers that had either a straighter leg & a more open cuff so as to drape over the second eyelet of your shoes or boots or extra material to allow the wearer the option of letting them out. I just can't remember which it is supposed to be.. It appears that you may have their older model.
    One thing you may check on is to see if there is an extra material in the seams that can be let out to straighten the legs a bit and open the cuff. Best bet is to check with your local tailor/seamstress & see what they can do. Shouldn't cost too much to do.
    Please do let us know what you come up with. Maybe show us some pics of the inside seams.

    If you're looking for super quality with no taper, you might try Magnoli Clothiers. The Adventure Pants. He can have them made to any spec you require.


  9. Those Wested ones Always looked a bit too flannel and too red for my liking.

    Thank for the pics.
  10. Those pants look very narrow at the cuff.
    What is the measurement?
  11. The measurement is 8.5" across at the cuff.
  12. I have two pairs of them myself. Very practial for year-round wear, in my experience. Certainly a touch narrow in terms of historically-correct wear, though I think fairly close to what is on screen in the original films. The trews Ford sports in the Crystal Skull film seem markedly wider in the leg to my eye.
  13. You are correct sir:

  14. DanielJones

    "From what I understand, Wested was supposed to have come out with a new model of these trousers"

    I emailed Wested and was informed the trousers I have is the one and only version.
  15. Nice photo - you don't happen to know the material? To me, the KOTCS trews have the look of a heavy cotton - cotton drill? - to them, as oppsoed to the wool of the earlier type. Either way, I like them a lot.
  16. I took the trousers into my tailor, but he's not very optimistic.

    Wested doesn't leave much extra material in the seams, so my tailor thinks at the most I'll get an extra half inch at the cuff. Hrmpf.
  17. So I received my pants back from the tailor today. I had him let out the inseams as much as possible. Old cuff dimension was 8.5" across, and the new being just over 9", maybe 9.25".



    To my eye (and feel) the extra half inch in width makes a noticable difference.

  18. Don't really see any difference myself, but if you're happier with them, that's the important thing.

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