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Insurrection / Thurston Bros. - Official Affiliate Thread

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Nathan Flowers, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. BobJ

    BobJ Practically Family

    We all do - it's a big part of the fun.

    Happy Thanksgiving Tony... enjoy your family's love.
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  2. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Thanks Bobj! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and all the leather heads here on TFL. I'm hosting this year so I've already been up for two hours hoping to avoid:
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  3. El Marro

    El Marro Practically Family

    I laughed when I read this post because at the same time you wrote this I was reviewing the final details for my new Thedi jacket and confirming that everything was in order with Carrie.
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  4. BobJ

    BobJ Practically Family

    Yeah, you don't want a dried out bird like that, you want something succulent and juicy like this:

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  5. So this is what happens when we take a day off :p! It was pretty funny to see coming back to work...hope everyone had a relaxing and safe holiday.

    Just a reminder to our local customers and visiting travelers...Thurston Bros offers local custom fittings for all jackets in our catalog! We rent a classroom at the Phinney Neighborhood Association (a beautifully restored 1901 school building) to fit for a variety of sizes and styles. Contact us at sales@thurston-bros.com to inquire about how to set up an appointment.


    Historic photo of the PNA--
    Phinney Neighborhood Association historic photo.jpg
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  6. Awesome custom Aero Teamster in Brown CXL FQHH! Couldn't imagine a better lining than this Brown Herringbone Tweed for Seattle's fall and winter weather--this jacket is now with its new owner here in the Emerald City!

    If you'd like to get fitted for a custom Aero jacket, contact us at sales@thurston-bros.com to reserve a fit jacket and start your custom order! You can learn more about our fit jacket process here--https://www.thurston-bros.com/pages/custom-aero

    Aero Teamster Brown FQHH 4N8 Brown Herringbone Tweed lining.jpg Aero Teamster Brown FQHH 4N8 front.jpg Aero Teamster Brown FQHH 4N8 tag.jpg Aero Teamster Brown FQHH 4N8 back.jpg
  7. Sweet custom Aero Cafe Racer in Brown CXL FQHH! This customer ordered a National Tartan lambswool scarf along with his custom order...a nice pairing with the Johnstone Modern tartan lining!


    Aero Cafe Racer Brown CXL FQHH F9J front with scarf.jpg Aero Cafe Racer Brown CXL FQHH F9J Johnstone Modern tartan lining.jpg Aero Cafe Racer Brown CXL FQHH F9J tag.jpg Aero Cafe Racer Brown CXL FQHH F9J chest pocket.jpg Aero Cafe Racer Brown CXL FQHH F9J back.jpg
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  8. New Vanson stock is starting to arrive! We're getting re-stocked on sizes in the Chopper, Model B and Comet PLU right now. Vanson's newest batch of Comp. Weight has arrived and it is really, really nice! Check out our in-stock Vanson selection here--


    Vanson Chopper front 1 smaller.jpg
  9. Custom Aero Long Half Belt in Tumbled Brown CXL FQHH--fantastic grain on this hide! There's a ton of leathers and linings to choose from when you start a custom Aero order! Check out this page for more details about our fit process and the custom options--https://www.thurston-bros.com/pages/custom-aero

    Aero Long Half Belt Tumbled Brown CXL FQHH L9K front.jpg Aero Long Half Belt Tumbled Brown CXL FQHH L9K Olive drill lining.jpg Aero Long Half Belt Tumbled Brown CXL FQHH L9K tag.jpg Aero Long Half Belt Tumbled Brown CXL FQHH L9K handwarmer.jpg Aero Long Half Belt Tumbled Brown CXL FQHH L9K back.jpg Aero Long Half Belt Tumbled Brown CXL FQHH L9K action back.jpg
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  10. Thebuzzard

    Thebuzzard Familiar Face

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  12. I'm a newcomer to the site and a latecomer to this thread. I have recently started discussions with Aero in the U.K. about ordering an A-2 jacket in russet jerky. Is there an advantage to working with Thurston Bros? I like the idea of a fit jacket, which I think has advantages over just taking one's measurements. I am particular about the color, and Aero's web site has the exact jacket (with a 10-12 week wait).
  13. Our customers love the fit jacket process that we use...it makes it easy to get the right body fit and set the sleeve and body lengths to your proportions. You can read more about it here--https://www.thurston-bros.com/pages/custom-aero

    You'll get leather samples along with your fit jacket so that you can make the final decision with the materials in hand. You can contact us at sales@thurston-bros.com for more information!
  14. GW KY

    GW KY New in Town

    I started w aero, then went with Carrie at Thurston.
    She is so good, asked a million questions, called and emailed. Finally narrowed down exact jacket I wanted after thorough research. Fit jacket was a must for me, had to see the hide, fit, color etc... in person.
    My jacket lands very soon, so excited!
  15. So I pulled the trigger today with Carrie at Thurston Bros., and the process begins to purchase an A-2 to my specifications. Carrie does indeed, take a lot of custom care, and seems quite intuitive. I'll be receiving a fit jacket and I've already given her my measurements.

    This is getting exciting. I feel like a kid at Christmas. Except I'm only a kid at heart!
  16. Dazzling custom Aero STF Bootlegger in a Two-Tone Black and Cordovan FQHH configuration! Love the custom patch pocket and modified back! The STF Bootlegger is a great option if you want a slim version of the traditional Bootlegger. Contact us sales@thurston-bros.com to inquire about the fit that would be right for you!


    Aero STF Bootlegger Two-Tone Black Cordovan FQHH front.jpg Aero STF Bootlegger Two-Tone Black Cordovan FQHH St Andrews tartan.jpg Aero STF Bootlegger Two-Tone Black Cordovan FQHH tag.jpg Aero STF Bootlegger Two-Tone Black Cordovan FQHH throat latch.jpg Aero STF Bootlegger Two-Tone Black Cordovan FQHH custom pocket.jpg Aero STF Bootlegger Two-Tone Black Cordovan FQHH back.jpg Aero STF Bootlegger Two-Tone Black Cordovan FQHH action back.jpg
  17. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 One Too Many

    ^^I triple like that one!!! :)
  18. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Me too. Cordo and black is absolutely killer.
  19. Here's an easy gift idea (for someone else or yourself ;))--our ACE belt in Russet or Black! The details are incredible on this reproduction belt and the materials (both the buckle and the leather) will become more beautiful with wear and age! We have these belts in stock in sizes 34-42 and you can order custom sizes.

    Check it out here--https://www.thurston-bros.com/collections/ruff-stuff/products/ace-western-belt

    ACE Russet Belts before and after wear smaller.jpg
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