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Is it just me?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Bud-n-Texas, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. I won an auction on eBay on the 9th, paid for it within minutes as well as a $10 for priority 2-3 day shipping. Here I am 7 days later and no hat. I contacted the seller and found out that he did not even ship the hat until 4 days after the auction ended. Seems to me that kind of negates the 2-3 day shipping I paid for. I spent close to 30 years in various customer service roles and can find no justification in this type of behavior. I know nothing can be done, just wondering if it is just my luck or have others encountered this same type situation.

    Please excuse me if this type post is not allowed. I felt the need to vent.
  2. Rigby Reardon

    Rigby Reardon One of the Regulars

    I've had the same thing happen a number of times. Not much to do about it.

    Just posting to say, no, it isn't just you. ;)
  3. Siirous

    Siirous One of the Regulars

    I've found that it really depends on the seller. There are some sellers that take a few days to ship, and others the items arrive shockingly fast. You have to keep in mind with ebay that there are real businesses that supplement instore sales with ebay, but the majority tend to be just people selling items part time from their real job. Because they're just people working in their home, a lot of times they don't have a customer service drive because they are running an electronic garage sale.
  4. I think most of us realize that we fulfill the old saying. The difference between a man and a boy are the cost of his toys. That having been said, While I do not appreciate paying high shipping cost only to have a snail deliver it to the shipper. I WANT MY NEW TOY hahaha
  5. epic610

    epic610 One of the Regulars

    Happens to me frequently.

    When it comes time to pay, Paypal wants you to pay in 48 hrs. . . . and then some sellers don't ship for 4-6 days. When i questioned one, he got irate and said this wasn't his whole life and he had a policy of only shipping once a week. I should have said that buying on ebay wasn't my whole life either and that i only pay once a week. I guess I will have to take even more time and scrutinize the sellers more closely. Any other ideas?
  6. Lets face it, it does not cost $10 to ship a 1-2 lb box from Wi to Tx. The seller was padding his pocket. I knew it at the time and resigned myself to it, but when a seller pads his pocket and then give sub-par servivce I have a problem. I won another auction later the same day, the pkg arived from Mi. within 3 days and was treated to a Carhardtt Cap and carpenters pencil. I gave that seller an excellent feedback. He charged the same $10. From roughly the same part of the country, but he went the extra mile. While I do not expect "the extra mile", completing the course in a timely manner is expected. JMHO
  7. Any other ideas

    None that i can think of. Ebay is a sellers market, plain and simple. I have only been outright taken once, but that was enough. I paid for an item, never recieved it and eBay did nothing to help out. $40 down the tubes. I have 2 negative feedbacks on me in over 150 transactions. Both times the seller misrepresented the items condition. When I gave negative feedback, I in turn got negative feedback. So my point is, a feedback score, may or may not give a true representation of either party.
  8. Andykev

    Andykev My Mail is Forwarded Here Bartender

    It is how it is

    That is what ebay's feedback forum is for, but no one posts honest complaints because they get negative feedback in retaliation. I have had all the above happen on ebay, but that is the name of the game. Mostly, sellers and buyers are honest.
  9. If you are lucky, te seller will spell out what they do, like I only ship on Wednesdays, or once a week. I my self have had a few slow to ship, but I tend to request Priority Mail so it isn't usually expensive. Many sellers are eager to get the package out, so most of the time i have no problems. I tend to stear away from overnite 2nd day simply because you have no controll over their time of shipment.

  10. Exactly, I did not actually think i was the only one to get abused so to speak, like I said just needed to vent. Iposted to you once before Andy, about Calzones on Market St. Have you ever been there?
  11. vespasian

    vespasian One of the Regulars

    I have to say that in defence of people on ebay, they shouldnt promise what they cant deliver but sometimes working hours and postage office hours just dont go hand in hand. I know that if I offer anything on ebay I generally say between 2 to 3 days posting but if Im working 9-5 it might be 4 days as the post office is open when Im at work and with the best will in the world sometimes I just cant get away to post an item. Its happened a couple of times to me and I do tend to get impatient and forget that Im dealing with people who offer items for sale then have to work equally hard at squeezing in time to go to the post office and send the thing off. Then there are others who just cant be bothered.....
  12. I get roasted on ebays feedback system because custom montecristis take time to come up from Ecuador.
  13. ****
    importing has its on sets of problems. One thing is, the more important an order is, the more likely something will go horribly wrong.
    Corss your fingers and knock on wood.
  14. Andy Kev is right

    I had someone delay over 2 weeks in mailing. I made a complaint and she posted incoherent negative feedback ("he liked the hat") but negative is negative.
  15. jeboat

    jeboat One of the Regulars

    Long time deliveries

    Ebay is large enough to have all kinds of people both buying and selling. I have dealt with some really nice people and a few jerks. Some folks should just not deal with the public.

    I paid for a hat I won in mid-December and never got it. I emailed the seller a couple of times and she could not understand why I hadn't received it. It turns out that the hat is lost and she refunded the purchase price back to my PayPal account.

    I guess the moral of the story is be prepared for anything and try to get get a commitment when you pay.

    jeboat:cool2: :cool2: :cool2:
  16. The feedback rules should be changed in my opinion, it is set up with the seller in mind not the buyer. In a transaction you have the product or service to be provided vs. the payment for said product or service. If I, the buyer pay you promptly then I have fulfilled my end of the agreement and feedback should be left accordingly. Then it is up to the seller to fulfill his or her obligation. I would propose that Seller feedback must be completed first before positive feedback could be left for him or her. This would allow for an honest appraisal of the sellers. The way it is now, and several have mentioned it, if neg. is left on a seller, they just retaliate with neg. on the buyer. A seller should be required to post feedback first, then and only then will we see a honest appraisal of the seller.
  17. I've never had any real trouble with shipping times. I guess i've been lucky. The thing with feedback is that you don't get a chance to take back anything. That should change.

    Unfortunately locking horns with a seller over shipping speed is likely to result in a mutual negative feedback frenzy these days. You should read the vintage clothing discussion boards whenever you have complained about a seller. They're quite vociferous and nasty about buyers who complain over there. They appear to be of the opinion that the Seller is always correct. A strange twist on the adage as i know it :rolleyes:

  18. Rigby Reardon

    Rigby Reardon One of the Regulars

    Agreed. They typically got their end of it when they got paid, so why not leave feedback then? Many of the sellers I've dealt with have been that honest - they left feedback as soon as I paid, even before they shipped!

    If something goes wrong in shipping (or the buyer is NUTS) causing a negative feedback for the seller, the seller can still list a reply/response to the neg feedback. And that's actually better, in that it is listed RIGHT NEXT TO THE NEGATIVE for whoever is reading them.

    The only thing the seller could claim is that this would leave them without the ability to strike back at those who wronged them...well, I guess ebay is trying the carrot/stick approach to ethics, but it hasn't quite worked. [huh]
  19. epic610

    epic610 One of the Regulars

    Why should there be feedback on buyers at all...

    Sellers have the money before they ship; if paypal doesn't put the payment through, they don't have to worry about shipping. This might lead to a more free environment in which to accurately evaluate sellers.
  20. Rigby Reardon

    Rigby Reardon One of the Regulars

    The deal is a contract between two people. If there is no feedback on buyers, the sellers lose a tool. Of course, it doesn't seem as necessary for the seller as the buyer, I agree. But that would be the logic, that it is used to identify dead-beat bidders.


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