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Is this Panama any good?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by BellyTank, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. [​IMG]
    I know it's only a picture but any experts care to offer an opinion on what they see? I know it's not particularly fine quality but I also know that it has a leather sweatband inside and that the brim-edge is woven-in... but being a novice to the world of Panamas, I'd like any feedback.
    I just like the dimensions of it and it's my size...
    What is it worth?...
    Many thanks,
  2. Low dollar Cuenca hat. The "cholas" in Cuenca can weave these in a few hours. My opinion. We sell very similar on ebay for $10.00 or so initial bid on auction, about $20.00-30.00 for one hat shipping. We sell them on website for more.
  3. Thanks Bob...

    Thanks Mister, that's all I wanted- an educated opinion-
    -and that's how I rate yours.
    It is in fact an $11 hat- shipping from close by. I didn't want to spend the shipping money at present.
    So, I guess that's OK then. I don't need to upgrade to a $30(or a lot more) hat yet, I'm just testing the water, this is just a taster for me- see if I can live with it.
    You'll be my first port of call when the time comes...

    Thanks a bunch,
  4. You know this is a Cuenca, not Montecristi, same material, chemically treated...doesn't hold a prayer next to even the most coarse Montecristi?

    For $11.00 you'd get yourself a bargain, no doubt, however.
  5. No prob Bob...

    Yep- Cuenca- no prob Bob.
    Thanks again,


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