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Jean Length with Cowboy Boots

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by radman46, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. radman46

    radman46 New in Town

    I have a question about wearing jeans with boots. Seems like I can never get the length right, either looks too short or dragging at the heel. I have a couple of pairs of boots with a spur ledge and long jeans stack fine and feel good. I have a couple of pairs of boots without the ledge and these give me fits on the right length of jeans. How do you all wear your jeans in length? If they are too long do you just let them drag until they wear through at the heel? Hope I explained my question well enough. Give me your 2 cents worth please. Oh yeah, my foot is a size 9, sort of small, if adds to the equation. Thanks.
  2. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars

    Too long is much better than too short, nothing worse than wearing floods with boots. The length will depend on the heels of the boots, as you have found out. Walking heels require shorter jeans and riding heels longer. The jeans should fall almost to the ground in back, not quite touching but close. Go to a rodeo and see what the cowboys wear. Also the brand and cut of the jean is important. Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans work best with boots as they have a little boot cut, Levis are straight legged and won't lay over the boot as well. A lot of Buckaroo cowboys wear Levi's but you will only see Wranglers at the rodeo.

  3. Tomasso

    Tomasso Incurably Addicted

    Why do you think that is?
  4. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars

    Buckaroos go for a different look/style in their gear, the straight leg jeans seem to suit them. It's not a complete thing though, some of my Buckaroo friends wear Wranglers too. But, at the rodeo it's all Wranglers. The Cowboy Cut fits good, and lays over the boot real good, plus Wrangler is a major sponsor of rodeo. Although I think they'd wear them even if they weren't sponsors.
    Keep in mind that you wear your jeans longer so that when you are on horseback your jeans won't ride up too high, even over the tops of the boots, so it's a utilitarian thing as well.

  5. I always get my boot jeans (Wranglers - maximally, stand in the corner unassisted, starched) 1 size longer - so my normal in-seam is 32" and I get 34" for my jeans (and Dockers' too).

    I'm not sure, but a lot of buckaroos wear boots with tall shafts (17") and will wear their jeans inside their boots (usually with spurs). But beware -- You'd better be a real sh#@-kickin', goat- ropin' cowboy to pull off that look. With your smaller boot size, and if you're slim, you might try the Wrangler 936 (slim fit) jeans versus the 13MWZ.

    SGB is correct about the heel height also. Roper-style boots with a low shoe-like heel are lower and buckaroo/riding heels are taller. Think a flat heel versus 4" stilletos. It's still acceptable to wear out the rear edge of the jeans from draggin' though.

    I'm glad you're wanting to get the look right. I always have to chuckle at fellas wearing regular jeans with their boots and being ready for high water.lol
  6. Haversack

    Haversack Practically Family

    Definitley longer. This also allows you to cuff them. Handy for holding a few nails if you are riding fence.

    As far as the brand... Wrangler, (used to be Bluebell Wrangler) has stayed closest to their workclothes roots unlike the other two traditional jeans manufacturers, (Lee and Levi). That, and the previously mentioned fact that Wrangler has been supporting rodeo for decades.

  7. SBG is correct. If you're going for the standard rodeo cowboy look go for the wranglers, but if you want that distinctive Bucaroo look, I'd go with the Levis.
    I have seen the photos of the cowboys in the 40's wearing the Levis with the cuff rolled up as well. I suppose it all depends on the look you're trying to acheive.


  8. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars

    Yes, I have seen jeans rolled up in movies from the 40's and in photos too, but don't do that today. Not around cowboys; real, rodeo, or just urban cowboys, you'll be laughed at. I've seen it happen at rodeos, shows, etc. If you want to go for that 40's look, just don't wear it to a cowboy affair.
    Also, the tucked in jeans look personifies the Texas Cowboys, as opposed to the CA/NV/OR Buckaroos, there is a distinct difference in style in not just boots and jeans but the gear and way they work. You can tell where a hand is from and how he works, by his gear. This includes every aspect of a working cowboy, roping, saddles, bits, spurs, horse training, etc. I had to be careful not to get it wrong when I was painting western art, as the real cowboys can be harsh critics if something isn't "just right".

  9. I think even a Nevada Buckaroo such as Waddie Mitchell would give a little snicker at rolled cuffs at an event out in Elko. They're a nifty 40's look but they may get you laughed out of an event. Around town or out working the line is a different thing though.;)


  10. pablocham

    pablocham One of the Regulars

    Never say never. In the past year I have seen this one old cowboy walking around South Tucson several times. He always wears Wranglers with a huge five or six inch cuff and cowboy boots. I am not talking about some yuppie in a suburban with a brand new hat; I am talking about some run down old guy who has probably dressed that way for fifty years and who has probably spent most of that time living in a motel less than a mile from the rodeo grounds.

    Dress how you want and if some "cowboy" gives you grief for cuffing your jeans tell him that you like it that way and that you got tired of walking on your pants.
  11. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars

    It's not a hard and fast rule, just a piece of advise. Anyone can do what they like, I just wanted to let the original poster know what's out there. Rolled up cuffs will get you laughed at, at the least, and by working hands not just urban cowboy types. It's not a look seen generally today with cowboys. If you buy your jeans the correct length you don't have to walk on them or cuff them.
    Cowboys are a proud breed and don't take kindly to that kind of talk.

  12. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Please refrain from using vulgarities.
  13. JakeHolman

    JakeHolman One of the Regulars

    If you buy your jeans 'dry' will you not need to cuff them until the first wash? I know modern dry jeans are sanforized but there can still be a good deal of shrinkage.
  14. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars

    If you tell a cowboy to do something, insert dirty words here, he might smack you for it....
    Cowboys are a proud breed and don't take kindly to that kind of insulting talk.

  15. JakeHolman

    JakeHolman One of the Regulars

    Don't recall telling anyone to do anything.

    I've got a lot of dry jeans, vintage and modern. They shrink to fit so I buy oversize which usually means cuffing them until they get the first wash and like to leave that for as long as possible - to get a nice patina on the denim. After that - perfect fit, beautiful fading.

    I wear them with boots and just like to say wear them long, just half an inch above the ground.
  16. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars

    Wasn't responding to you, but to an earlier post that was censored. Confusing w/o the full sentence.

  17. SGB

    SGB One of the Regulars

    Funny thing, last time I saw Waddie, in the early 80's at the Sacramento Western Wear Market where he was performing with a band and a documentary was being filmed of the Elko Poetry Gathering, he was wearing cuffed Levis. Looked like they were brand new and hadn't been washed yet, even had puckered waist under cinched belt. But it was Waddie, and he can pull it off, like his signature shirt and hat that nobody else wears.

  18. JakeHolman

    JakeHolman One of the Regulars

    Hey, no problem SGB :)

    Have to say finding this thread fascinating - great insights into western culture.
  19. 13mwz Rigid

    Wrangler 13MWZ Rigids are the ones you have to buy big, usually 1 size up in waist and 2 sizes up in length 'cause they'll shrink. I used to buy them, but sometimes the "shrink' isn't consistant and sometimes it'll shrink in half-sizes. That's why I recommend the pre-shrunk. If you're slim, get the 936's.

    Then starch and press the hell out of 'em for them Friday and Saturday honky-tonkin' nights. Girls really like 'em on you tight. I saw a cowgirl with a tee-shirt with a picture of a fit looking cowboy walking away. It says " I hate to see him go, but love to watch him leave".

    Now I'm going to finish watching PBR.

    Cowboy up !!
  20. PRCA rules - wrangler is a huge sponsor and nothing but wranglers allowed in arena area. and that includes those of us that are just covering the rodeo - wrangler jeans, boots, long-sleeve shirts and cowboy hat. very hard to shoot with a flash with a cowboy hat on!

    cowboys jeans are very long and all wrinkled up from the knee down. looks like they are four inches too long. i'll try and find a shot i did several years ago at the pendleton round-up — where they are very picky about what shooters wear — of cowboys back stage and their legs and funky jeans.


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