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Jimmy Stewart Treasures Old Hat

Discussion in 'Hats' started by RBH, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. That is an interesting story that has made the rounds for some time now, as have some others that indicate Stewart was somewhat sentimental about such items.

    Another star like that was Kathreine Hepburn. The felt fedora that Henry Fonda wears briefly at the beginning of "On Golden Pond" -- you see him hang it up when they first arive at the cabin -- was one of Spencer Tracy's that Hepburn had held onto in her collections.

    And Hepburn hung onto all sorts of old things. Many of the props in that movie were hers, including the sun hat she wears in a couple of scenes.

    Stewart was rather sentimental about his movie career, and who could blame him? It was a great body of work.

    Henry Fonda, who was a great actor, a wonderful life-long friend to Stewart, and quite an accomplished painter, once painted a picture of Pie, the horse that STewart rode in many of his westerns -- He rode him on screen for the last time in "Cheyenne Social Club," I believe -- any want, Fonda did this painting of the horse and when Stewart would talk about it, you could see the man get emotional, just as he did in the now-famous clip on Johnny Carson when he read his poem about his dog, Blue.

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    I remember well the day that Jimmy Stewart passed away, it had more of an impact on me than any other celebrity death... I've been a big fan for a long time; ever since I saw The Glen Miller Story, the first Stewart film for me, and later learning that he was from PA, only a couple short hours from where I've lived most of my life. Seeing the article has only expanded my respect for such a great actor, and great man. Thank you for posting it! I imagine I'll feel the same way about one of my hats when I get much older... once I have enough hats to have a favorite, I'm sure.
  3. Monk,

    I remember the first time I saw the Glenn Miller Story ... it was probably in 1968 or 1970 .... and I was hooked.

    I grew up in the 50s listening to the last of the swing trend ... for that era ... but after I saw Jimmie Stewart in that flik I started to find the Glenn Miller albumns and have been hooked on the real thing ever since. I was thrilled a few years ago when the swing trend re-emerged.

    Another great movie along those lines was The Five Pennies where Danny Kaye played Red Nichols

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  4. I re-researched* the article. And found it!
    Thought it might be a fun read!

    *[photos were gone from my account]
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    I'm glad you resurrected this, Rusty, it may be my favorite post of all Lounge posts. Well done, sir!

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