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Just go my first Aero....

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Worf, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Interesting feeling. I've been hearing and reading about this company and it's product, for over a year now and finally I get my hands on one. Don't quite know what to feel or what to say, "Dr. Horween I persume?" Well, here's my first impressions. For starters I scored the following:

    Aero Long Half Belt, Size 52 in "Tumbled FQHH" off the Aero "Sale Page". Supposedly the collar had to be changed due to a needle scrape and the new one wobbles a bit stitch wise.

    In addition to this flaw theres just a cotton drill interior, no alpaca, and I didn't even get a leather pull for my zipper (now I know how necessary those damn things are) which I'll ask Holly for next year sometime.

    My observations (pics to follow next week) are as such:

    1. I'm mildly allergic to the fumes put out by a fresh Horween HH Aero Product. I had to get my inhaler in order to keep from having a full blown asthma attack.

    2. Hide, even after having been "tumbled" is thick and stiff. Yes it stood on it own out of the box.

    3. Jacket is beautiful as all hell.

    4. I love storm cuffs in the winter.

    5. Put the jacket on the back porch last night in order to get the stench out of the house.

    6. Pulled it in this morning and it as stiff as a carp. BUT I still wore it to work anywho!!

    7. Jacket fits well despite being "off the rack".

    8. The "breaking in" process has already begun.

    I'll post pics and updates as the days go by.

  2. wdw

    wdw One Too Many

    Looking forward to seeing it in action.

    The cotton drill probably makes it usable for that bit longer. I chose not to have alpaca in mine.
  3. Graemsay

    Graemsay Practically Family

    Glad to hear that the jacket fits well, and looking forward to fit pics. I'm guessing it's this one.


    I'm not a great fan of the Alpaca lining, as I destroy it in a very short order. That's why I got cotton drill in my last jacket.

    Oh yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the next Aero. :)
  4. Equality 7-2521

    Equality 7-2521 One of the Regulars

    Congratulations on your first, wear it in good health :).
  5. Congratulations Worf...........good job!
  6. majormajor

    majormajor One Too Many

    Congrats. Looking forward to seeing the pics:D
  7. Sloan1874

    Sloan1874 I'll Lock Up

    Looks ace. I notice the leather pull is absent in the photo too. I was surprised when I saw how small the zips are - too used to the modern chunky types - so you're absolutely right about needing the pull.
  8. Photos of it on you, my man. That's what we need. Glad it turned out well for you. Frank
  9. You can cut a pull out of anything. Old leather shoelaces, any piece of leather, or if you're picky, ask for a sample of the leather from Aero, or ask a pull made of the same leather. They'll probably send it for free...
  10. Cooperson

    Cooperson One Too Many

    Never heard of new horsehide having a stench! I loved the smell of my heavy horse Highwayman when it first came in the house - wonder if they use a different tanning method for the Tumbled hide?

    Looking forward to the pics!
  11. Fanch

    Fanch I'll Lock Up

    Be sure to post pictures of your wearing the LHB. Thus far my jackets have all been 1-2 " below the belt, and the possibility of a jacket a bit longer in the body is intriguing. If you left the jacket out in the cold last night, I'll bet it was stiff as plywood. I think that you should consider wearing it to bed with you tonight, heh-heh.
  12. Looks good Worf.
    Never had a strong offensive odor from an Aero jacket. Something ain't normal.
    Just email Holly for the leather pull. She should stick one in an envelope and mail one out. Ken sent me a couple years ago for the asking.
  13. Grayland

    Grayland One Too Many

    I heard it's the steer labeled as HH that are the smelly ones.:D
  14. To me the tumbled hide smells the same as the regular FQHH. I have no clue about the tanning methods, though...
  15. Thanks for posting her picture "G"! You're the man. And yes I'll be posting much the same about my "next" Aero. That'll be even MORE interesting.

  16. Thanks for the love guys. Soon as Puddin' get's home I'll "enlist" her to take a few pics shouldn't be more'n a couple of hours from now.

  17. AtlantaSpike

    AtlantaSpike Familiar Face

    Mine arrives tomorrow - can't wait.
  18. Here's one shot that came out tonight. LHB Back.


  19. Worf
    The back looks great...!!
  20. Peter Mackin

    Peter Mackin A-List Customer

    Thats one great looking jacket,,,,looks like a custom fit on you,,,,

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