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Just won this suit on Ebay

Discussion in 'Suits' started by dhermann1, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. I've been a vintage guy for a long time, and I've had hats, jackets, trousers, lots and lots of ties, but this is the first legit vintage suit I've ever scored. I'm in a size range (43R) that's pretty hard to find, so when I saw this I took a deep breath and decided to go all the way to land it. Anyway, here it is, authentic 1942 bespoke tweed. And I sure hope it fits when it arrives!
  2. You rock!!!

    BTW, this wool fabric was called "Homespun" in 1930s menswear ads. It's slightly porous, with a crisp look and a dry, vaguely gritty feel to the touch. Sort of like a Donegal tweedy version of Palm Beach Cloth. I'm pretty sure that it contains mohair in the mix.

    From what I can tell, this type of fabric hasn't been woven for decades.
  3. That suit is a real beauty! Excellent find!
  4. thunderw21

    thunderw21 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Well done. Looking forward to pics.
  5. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Congrats. It's a beautiful fabric and suit. I ffel with you because I also don't have a vintage suit...just seperates. Bugs me a lot
  6. Matt_the_chap

    Matt_the_chap One of the Regulars

    Homespun tweed was, well, homespun, traditionally, in the various islands around Scotland that make the best tweed, hence the name, if people were unaware of the background. I suppose it might've carried the same thing that' Made in England' or 'Made in the US' do for us today - a harking back to simpler times when things were made at home as opposed to 'Empire Made' over here.
  7. Oh, boy, is Ebay a hoot. The other 2 suits that that seller had, both stupendous treasures, just went. The linen suit had sat there at just over $200 (my final bid), until about 45 seconds before the bidding ended. Then it went to $250 and then wound up at $416. The other, the magnificent tweed, was hovering at about $480 till, again, about 45 seconds before the bidding closed. Then it went to $660, and in an instant it was $1,008. I have to admit, both appropriate prices. I consider myself very lucky indeed to have nabbed the one I did get.
    In the mean time I was bidding on a wonderful vintage electric fan that fellow Lounger Forgotten Man turned me onto. It stayed at a "reasonable" price till seconds before the bidding ended, then wham, $227. Whew, dodged a bullet there.



  8. MudInYerEye

    MudInYerEye Practically Family

    Congrats buddy!
  9. Johnny J

    Johnny J Fedora Lounge Artisan

    Awesome! Thats a sweet looking suit!
  10. Phew! You clothing collectors are a cut throat lot. But what a prize, and well worth fighting for. Well done, that man.

  11. Technically speaking, this fabric has a hard-finished twist weave.
  12. Uhu

    Uhu Familiar Face

    Hi just got this suit on eBay. I know I shouldn't throw money around like this but I really wanted it for the old school trousers, which are button fly and appear to have had suspender buttons. They appear to be vintage. But the wide jacket lapel looks 1970s, anyone able to put a more accurate date on it? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Win-039-s-Tailor-Striped-2-Piece-Jacket-and-Button-Up-Pants-/152673553927?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&nma=true&si=CzQ27g%2Fa97zdVN5CDXsNk5ykfRQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
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  13. Patrick Hall

    Patrick Hall Practically Family

    That's a steal for the price. The fact that is was made in Shanghai complicates things somewhat, because old construction practices and styles might have been in use longer than in the west. But, that said, this suit looks like it's from the 1930's to me. The self-stripe of the fabric is quintessentially early-mid century. Looks like it was meant for a pair of spongebags, but done in brown. The trouser details are extremely telling - the scalloped flaps over both hip pockets, the striped cotton linings as well as the design of the buttons. The lapels are also characteristic of 30's coats. But some details make me wonder whether this suit is even older. The shoulder construction looks teens or early twenties, but again, that could be a peculiarity of where it was made and the way it is being displayed on the hanger. Also it is strange that there is no waist suppression, though that might also be a function of how it hangs on the hanger. Photos aren't good enough for me to make out whether there are any darts on the front of the coat. Would be interested to hear what others think. Regardless, this is quite a find for a great price, and the kind of pre-war non-western execution of tailored clothes that folks in this forum used to really enjoy seeing. Thanks for sharing the link!
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  14. Mathematicus

    Mathematicus One of the Regulars

    I agree with Patrick noting that the lapels does not look 70s to me. I don't see many elements supporting the older-than-30s thesis, though, lacking better pictures and closeups of shoulder seams and trousers. From those photos the front quarters appear to be very open, but the body looks rather straight. I suspect the suit could also have been made in late 40s mixing some old styles. Length proportions seem consistent with 30s style but waist suppression looks off.

    The sizing given in the auction is really mysterious: a 50'' chest with 35'' waist, very long jacket and very short sleeves and legs?
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  15. Uhu

    Uhu Familiar Face

    Thanks! I was hoping its 1930s, but keeping my expectations low. I will post some pics after it gets here, might be interesting to study the details for more clues.
  16. Uhu

    Uhu Familiar Face

    The sizing is really odd isn't it. Hoping the oversized chest is an error by the sales clerk. Worth a gamble anyway.
  17. Uhu

    Uhu Familiar Face

    Got home from work, parcel was waiting for me. Tore it open, could not wait to put it on and hey it fits! More or less. I was right about the chest measurements, its about a 36-38. I'm pretty sure its pre-war, very high quality, very heavy materials, buttons appear to be bakelite or celluloid, jacket is fully lined, waist is nicely tapered. Pants have a very high rise. Definitely not 1970s. Just what I wanted, and at a 1930s price! Here's a quick photo, I will post details later.
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  18. Michael A

    Michael A My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Looks good and what a deal. Will be interested to see if you can nail down a date for it. The war history of Shanghai might suggest an earlier date.

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  19. MondoFW

    MondoFW One of the Regulars

    Always envied people who could score such deals. Great find, and seems to fit well, too!

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