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Justified FX Hat - what kind of stetson??

Discussion in 'Hats' started by msm007, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. msm007

    msm007 One of the Regulars

  2. The moving miraculous hat band...

    I don't know but that hat band is amazing. Just watched the premier & the buckle on it changed sides MANY times! Never had one that would do that. Very first scene it is on the right side of his head, which made me comment, then the rest of the show it went to left & back to the right often. Don't those continuity directors pay attention???? [huh]
  3. msm007

    msm007 One of the Regulars

    It seems that a lot of people had issues with the hat ribbon. Someone thought that the hat might be an Open Road?
  4. It didn't seem to have a bound brim, so I don't consider it an OR.
  5. GallatinHatMan

    GallatinHatMan One of the Regulars

    I'm not sure the model name but Stetson makes a western style hat, just like the Open road, but with an unbound, stiff brim. I've shaped mine from the original Cattlemen's crease to a tear drop fedora style, just like my OR. Other than the stiff brim, it's hard to tell the difference from afar.
  6. Plain old western

    Didn't look like an Open Road to me, just a plain old cowboy hat. Too wide a brim.I did think he had it on backwards in the very first shot. Maybe it's just me, but that hat had very little character. I guess this is the replacement for "The Shield" in FX's lineup. Once I got past the usual TV crummy fake Southern accents and the "cracker" stereotypes, it was slightly interesting.
  7. Corky

    Corky A-List Customer

    I doubt they flipped the buckle on the Marshal's hatband...

    I doubt they flipped the buckle on the Marshal's hatband.

    It's more likely that they digitally flipped an image of the character looking right when they needed an image of the character looking left for the continuity and flow of the scene.

    It's also possible that the film was flipped on the projector prior to transfer, but from my experience what happens is that in a situation like that you get back in the editing room and hit yourself in the head and say "We need a shot of the Marshal looking at the Bad Guy on his left and all we have is a shot from an unused take where the Marshal is looking right!". Flipping a sequence from left to right is no big deal with any of the current digital editing programs.

    Gtdean48, you have an editor's eye to catch that level of detail in the costuming.

    I was amused by the show, but not interested enough to give it that much attention. It seemed to me to be a contemporary take on the hillbilly bluegrass and moonshine western, an Appalachian version of SONS OF ANARCHY, an uninspired collection of tropes and cliches, set in some Hollywood fantasy zone, unfamiliar to to anyone who has ever taken a breath in Harlan, Kentucky.

    I know the show is based on an Elmore Leonard story, but I fear his influence will wear thin as time goes on.

    However, Timothy Olyphant's previous show was produced with incredible skill and rewards a close analysis of detail. DEADWOOD had the benefit of the production talents of people like A. C. Lyles, who had worked on every Western Paramount made going back (some say) to My Little Chickadee with W.C. Fields and Mae West in 1940.
  8. msm007

    msm007 One of the Regulars

    Deadwood was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that HBO cancelled it:rage:
  9. I agree about Deadwood

    I knew a couple of fellas from horse stuff I participate in that happened to be on Deadwood, including a fiddler, and the old guy who played the lawyer for Wild Bill Hickock's killer. That got me interested, but Ian McShane kept me watching it for the rest of its run. I ended up liking it better than The Sopranos or The Wire, my other two favorite HBO series so far. I don't include Band of Brothers, because that's in a whole other category of greatness. Jury's still out on The Pacific. Frank
  10. msm007

    msm007 One of the Regulars

    I am really getting off the subject here. But, the guy who played George Hearst was one of the most interesting and frightening bad guys that I have ever seen on the small screen, and that is comparing him even to the likes of the Sopranos.
  11. Gerald McRaney

    Yes, he was excellent, certainly scarier than he was on Simon & Simon. Frank
  12. Woodfluter

    Woodfluter Practically Family

    OK, I'm weird too. Whenever they do that I immediately notice that pockets are on the wrong side of shirts, they button the wrong way, and the asymmetry of the faces is all wrong. But I think that kind of goes with my (semi?) Asperger's stuff. It just jumps right out for me.

    - Bill
  13. Havana

    Havana One of the Regulars

    While I'm happy to see a major tv character wear a hat as part of his look, I'm really disappointed that they didn't choose something with more character or just something of higher quality. Regardless of the style, I think the hat just looks cheap almost like a wool hat sprayed with tons of stiffener. The brim looks wavy and weak in most shots. Also, Olyphant is a great actor but it's pretty clear he isn't a hat wearer. He looks more like someone who just went to a rodeo and picked up a souvenir hat.
  14. msm007

    msm007 One of the Regulars

    He looked pretty good in Deadwood - with a hat:p
  15. ScottF

    ScottF Call Me a Cab

    Strange that the only other time I noticed band-flipping was in the first episode of season 1 of Deadwood, also Timothy Oliphant. That bow went back and forth several times during his first day in Deadwood, then seemed to stabilize on the proper side for the remainder of the series lol
  16. Lefty

    Lefty I'll Lock Up

  17. You know, I actually gave that Stetson contest (with Justified and all) a try, didn't get any email though, so I assume that I'm not one of the "Five" who win any of the money or clothing. How many of you were participating in this recent contest? It ended on the 21st of March, I believe.
  18. I have a dead ringer for it. Don't recall any special markings - I'll get a pic up in the next couple of days.
  19. Thanks Lefty

    That link brightened up my morning quite a bit. A buddy of mine in college and I once tried to take the same count on the David Lynch movie "Blue Velvet," where the F-word seemed to outnumber the regular dialogue. Funny stuff. Frank
  20. 007

    007 Familiar Face

    I read an article the other day that Elmore Leonard doesn't like the hat they use for Raylan Givens. Apparently, he envisioned a Stetson Open road for the character. He didn't specify that in the short story, "Fire in the Hole", though. Instead he described the hat and the one they use does match that description. Anyway, this old BOP would have been a great compromise. The look of the Open Road with a little more size for the western effect.


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