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(KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by SHARPETOYS, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. Do you have an edge?

    You look good in your hat alot of people say that to be polite and really the hat looks like crap on there head.

    I'm a knife seller/ dealer. Could you tell me more about this custom bladesmith please. Nice gear and you look like you could be making a million working a mine.

    What do you do for a living/hobby?
    Best Regards,

  2. I had an old camp kettle like that- in NZ, the make was 'Volcano', easily understandable, we have a lot of them in NZ. It's amazing how fast those puppies can brew up a cuppa'.
    Mine was copper- don't like to drink or eat out of aluminium.
    There seems to be some contention over it's origin being Ireland or the Antipodes... in the Antipodes at least.

    I'm hankering for the bush... that's the great outdoors to you good folk.

    Hat suits you, distinguished Gent-

  3. schwert

    schwert New in Town


    Grant Hawk lives in Idaho City Idaho. He made this "Pony" knife for me around 1997 or so. It has an ATS-34 blade and horse hoof scales over desert ironwood. He does not offer these anymore. His son, Gavin, and Grant now do the DOG lock folder and K-AT fixed blades. CRK&T has offered a DOG folder based on their designs. Their web page is:


    I am more of a knife nut than a hat nut, but appreciate both along with many other archaic or unique things.

    I am currently a programmer/analyst but trained as an Analytical Chemist. Spare time is spent with photography, canoeing, woodswalking, x-country skiing (when we have snow) and laying about ;)


    This Kelly Kettle is like the Thermette or Eydon Storm Kettle. Their origin is a bit mystical, but they work a charm and are fun to boot. I have an article on mine over at the Outdoors-Magazine (plus a bunch of other articles too...which give some insite to my crazyness).


    Thanks both for the hat compliments....this one is my favorite, but I do still want a softer open crown.
  4. Good info. Thank you.

    I will send you a PM on the knives. Knives are a passion with me. Randall Made Knife Busse Combat and Scagel Knives are just a few.

    On your soft fedora. We have two fine hatters here at the Fedora Lounge. They make a 100% pure belly beaver hat.
    One is Steve Delk AKA Fedora http://www.adventurebilthats.com/ His pure beaver hat is $225.00 in a Fedora hat body.

    Art Fawcett also a Master Hatter here at The Lounge.


    He is excellent hatter. I have several all beaver hats from both of these fine men. His prices is in the same range also very very fair.

    Most so called hatters charge $500 to $ 5000 plus for pure beaver some even have "Hype" names for there beaver. Oh! both do blends and rabbitt as well . " Buy the hat not the story"

    I trust both men and I love there hats. The choice is yours.

    Its a pleasure to meet you. :cheers1: Coke

  5. schwert

    schwert New in Town

    My current knife maker of major interest is Gene Ingram....this is one of 14 I have of his....nuts eh?

    Small Hunter/Utility, green canvas micarta and A2.


    I did look at some of Art's hats before I joined. I saw several open crowns of interest.
  6. A couple !! I Have a few hundred all custom.

    My favorite is still a Randall Made Knife.

    Second Scagel Knife. Ron Welling of all makers the finest knife in this American Classic. Scagel is the father of American knife making. http://www.auctionknives.com/conten...in/images/ui/global_nav/search.gif"+width=50>

    http://www.randallknives.com/images/photos/out-big.jpg Picture A

    I use A Model The Trapper for my hunting knife.

    My every day carry knife is A Busse Combat

    http://www.bussecompanystore.com/mrssfbp.JPG Mean street

    One Of Several Custom Busse Fighter I Own This is the best steel in the World !!
    Bar none. About 2000 of our Special Ops Troops carry a Busse


    My boot knife is the Model 24 with a ivory handle. I sell Randall Made Knives a 48 month wait thru them I can get any within 4 to 6 months.

    Most collected "KNIFE IN THE WORLD"

    http://www.randallknives.com/images/photos/military2-sm.jpg Picture D

    http://www.coastivory.com/mamdrk01.jpg Mastadon Ivory { Blue Ivory} This Ivory is millions of years old!!!!

    Another favorite maker is D'Alton . I rep his knives for him. He has been making one knife at a time for 30 years


    My automatic is a custom M.J. Smith 4 inch blade with clip I carry inside my waist band. All custom.Fast as lighting. Blue Ivory,Sterling Silver fittings and custom engraved. Scrim By R. Boyles with The Grim Reaper pulled it once at a bank. No bank robbery he wet his pants! :kick: lol.
  7. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member


    And unless I miss my mark, that is a Gränsfors axe whacked into that stump, yes?
    Great hat, suits you well.
  8. schwert

    schwert New in Town

    Good eye, GB Hunter's Ax, Dale Chudzinski Nessmuk knife, Kelly Kettle and hand-hewn Hawthorn baton.

    Here is some more sharp stuff.

    Lee Reeves Nessmuk double bit


    and with a Wendal Fox Utility, both in Fiddleback maple.


    and a better view of Dale's Full-tang curly birch Nessmuk

  9. Nothing custom in my pocket. Cold Steel X Large Clip Point Voyager, right hip pocket. Becker Knife and Tool in truck. Assorted K Bars and Camillus production stuff laying around. Kimber Pro Carry .45 pistol in a Wild Bill's straight drop slide rig on my right hip secured to a Wild Bill's gun belt.
  10. All very nice

    Very nice!! I love fine blades and custom made axe's :)
  11. The Wingnut

    The Wingnut One Too Many

    Custom blades are too rich for my blood..my blade is a Benchmade 710, which has served me faultlessly for 5 years.


    Those are some beautiful knives and axes you guys are posting.
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  12. Pocket hatchet

    http://www.knifeforums.com/ubbthreads/files//591105-tabor hatchet #3.JPG

    Stag and Iron wood

    Custom made by Raleigh Tabor out of Ga. 440C Fits in your back pocket and comes with a hand tooled leather sheath. $150.00. :) Custom can be cheaper than a factory blade..

    This puppy is a knife, hatchet , and a camp knife. The finest all around tool I've found.

    This little hatchet is a work of Art. Thousands of Knife makers maybe a 100 good ones!!
  13. I appreciate fine, hand made objects too but I have used Opinel knives for most of my adult life- yes I know they're cheap as chips but that's what's so great about them- there's no reason not to use them and they're so cheap, they're consumable- disposable.
    The utilitarian classic design grabs me. Wood and metal-
    I think they're a real classic.

    Nice gear!

  14. So many different ones ??????

    I think or have been told its the best fishing knife made . You can pay more but you don't get more.

    Mr.BT. I would love to own one. I would be more than happy for you to pick one out for me. I will pay you of course. :) :)

  15. http://www.knifecenter.com/kc_new/store_detail.html?s=OP12

    ...this outfit seems to be in MD. You can purchase one yerself from here.
    I'm not in the USA-

    Here's Opinel-home on the same site-

    I'd get the 6 1/4" closed one,(the first link) a good size for small stuff but not too small-
    -and at $17.95, a little beauty. These prices seem BIG to me- it's been a long time since I last bought one and that was probably in France.
    I just think that the value for money aspect is fantastic with these.
    So plain and simple but not quite cheap and nasty.
    And maybe I'm remembering incorrectly, but I think they float! Could be wrong...


  16. android

    android One of the Regulars

    My favorite knives in the house are our Messiermeister Meridian Elites in the kitchen. I also have a vintage Henckels stag handled carving set that is very nice. Daily carry is a bone jimped Case canoe. Not too nice to lose.
  17. If you ever want want .

    BT if you need another one they are $8.50 dealer plus shipping. My catalog has all of there models. I need a $100 min. order so that took me over the mark. http://www.knifecenter.com/kc_new/store_detail.html?s=OP12

    Sharpey. :cheers1: Ice cream float
  18. Here's a...

    ...nice little pocket-knife.



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