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Korean reproduction brand - Nudebones - Military jackets

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Overlymanlystyle, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Overlymanlystyle

    Overlymanlystyle New in Town

    Hey guys,

    I found a cool brand based in Seoul that you might want to check. It's rare to find good stuff in Asia that's not only from Japan. Apologies if it's not in the right section of the forum.

    Quick intro but as you probably all know most reproduction brands in Asia are from Japan for various reasons. BUT, last time I went to Seoul for business purposes I got some time to research... aaannnnd, there is one brand called Nudebones.
    The good thing to know is that leather in Korea is much cheaper than in Japan, probably for tax reasons (I think leather goods are taxed around 40% on importation here, and I'm assuming that they import most of the leather they use). Anyway, an A-2 from Nudebones is around 500$ while in Japan it starts at around 1200$ for Buzz Rickson's for instance.

    My bad but I haven't tried the item yet, they launched their A-2 like a month ago. But it's worth keeping an eye on the brand, as the Korean menswear market is bound to grow and the guys at nudebones are doing a great job growing their label.
  2. They certainly have a good and diverse selection! Hungry for more info.
  3. Blackadder

    Blackadder One Too Many

    I remember in the eighties, people go to Korea to buy copies, knock-off leather goods, even leather jackets like fake Avirex and Harley Davidson. There is another brand called RBC that makes leather motorcycle jackets.
  4. Interesting... I know there weren't around in the 70's when I was stationed in Dong Du Chon and up along the Imjin River. But we all got plenty of "Kimchee Klothes" made down in the ville. Never got any leather though, just bad suits LOL! Interesting website, an odd mix of Korean and English. Is there an English translation?

  5. Novos

    Novos One of the Regulars

    Some of their stuff is really quite interesting! I'm not one for puffy jackets, but the goose down jackets are alright, and might actually be the answer to my search for a leather jacket in this disgustingly cold climate I live in.
  6. Blackadder

    Blackadder One Too Many

    My aunt went to Seoul in the late eighties and brought back a fake Avirex Top Gun G-1 and a fake Harley belt. Those items came into my possession a couple of years later when I went to school in England.:D Here is the fake Avirex. You can't see the Avirex label from the photo but there is one.
    I only see English instructions on how to order on their international order page.
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  7. nevadapd

    nevadapd Familiar Face

    That's quite a knock-off. I was initially struck by the colors...on my screen the distressed brown of the leather strongly clashed with what looks like a purple mouton collar. I know it's tough to portray colors accurately sometimes. Do others see what I'm seeing?

    It does seem though that Korean leather jackets might become contenders in the global marketplace.
  8. Overlymanlystyle

    Overlymanlystyle New in Town

    Thanks for showing interest in this topic everyone. Someone asked if there was a version of the website in English, but unfortunately I don't think there is any :(

    You can follow the creative director of the brand here: http://instagram.com/nujisu#
    He replied to all my questions in English until now.

    But yeah it will grow because menswear in Korea is super exciting at the moment. Just look at Juun. J for instance. Massive military influences in one of his recent shows.
  9. Bunyip

    Bunyip Call Me a Cab

    Looks good. I like a couple of the mc jackets. Not sure how the sizing or prices translates... A 48 might be out of the question...
  10. Carlos840

    Carlos840 One Too Many

    Yeah, the sizing is definitely more for small people...
    Even being on the thin athletic side (6'2, 176lbs, 41" chest) i cannot fit in any of their jackets, shame, i like a couple of them!
  11. I'll pass. Something about jackets and where they're made. I prefer some history and all things being equal, I'd like it made here in the USA.
    I also want to see a shop that's been around with craftspeople that have history and passion for such things. I've seen enough crappy foreign market junk that I have no interest in it.
  12. Carlos840

    Carlos840 One Too Many

    Not trying to be a smartass, but at some point in time Aero would have qualified as "crappy foreign market junk"!
  13. We love smart asses. But I doubt Aero was ever junk. ;)
    There's two places I equate into makers of proper leather jackets. Just my hangup, but UK and USA are where I want my jackets made.
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  14. My currency converter must have been in the eggnog because it is telling me that 1,000 Korean Won = about ninety-five cents USD. That cannot be right, can it? Please advise on this. Thanks.
  15. Nice to see other options. Be interesting to see how they play out over time.
    Unfortunately as I've learned the hard way it's difficult to judge a jacket/manufacturer based on photos.
    Bad leather, poor fit, off design can still look great in a picture. :suspicious:
  16. That's right.
    Shipping however is $825.
  17. That would make me wary. I've seen this ruse used to try and evade ebay fees and/or import taxes, but a seller requested to refund might also try to get away with refunding only the pennies you officially paid for the jacket. Caveat emptor.
  18. Blackadder

    Blackadder One Too Many

    The website says shipping is USD45 to US for outerwear.:confused:

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