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Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Kaela, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Does anybody have any information about Kromex kitchen sets? I've been trying to collect the whole set for years, and finally have *i think* got them all... Flour, sugar, cookies, coffe, tea, grease, and a cake tin.
    I'm wondering what the year was that they came out specifically and all that, they're aluminum + plastic.
    Here's a photo!
  2. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sorry, no info. But do you have the bread box and
    the foil/wax paper/paper towel dispenser? I like
    those best of all. You can usually find examples on
    that auction site...
  3. Sweet Leilani

    Sweet Leilani A-List Customer

    There are salt & pepper shakers as well, I believe:


    I don't think these are "Kromex" brand, but I would guess they had a similar spice rack as well:

  4. oh, I haven't seen the bread box or other despensers, alas, my collection is not complete!
    I've never come across those crazy salt + pepper shakers, they're great, like atomic-age-space-eggs!!
    I've seen those similar spice jars, they're great, I don't think I've seen kromex ones around, but they are quite similar.
    thanks for the pics!
  5. Old thread, but thought I'd post incase someone new and curious about Kromex is reading...

    Not sure what year Kromex started, but in June 1958 my mother received as a wedding gift a set of Kromex exactly like the canister in the first post.
  6. carter

    carter I'll Lock Up

    Do I have KROMEX?

    I've got more KROMEX than I know what to do with! I have a breadbox, three or four sets of cannisters, the foil/wax paper/paper towel dispenser, a complete spice rack, salt & pepper shakers, an ice bucket or two, a butter dish, a gravy service, a cream & sugar service, two iced beverage pitchers (one red & one silver) and five original "rainbow" cups, two iced water decanters, a cocktail shaker and six demitasse cups. I must have missed something but I am literally overrun with the stuff. It does make a nice vintage (50's) kitchen look. Now I need the appliances to go with all this stuff! :eusa_doh: [huh] ;) :)
  7. Here's what the Kromex spice rack looks like:


    Once, I saw a flip top Kromex garbage can on eBay. I've never seen another one like it in 10 years of looking.

    The plastic tops to the canisters also came in different colors - aqua, pink, yellow and black.
  8. 23SkidooWithYou

    23SkidooWithYou Practically Family

    I just saw a set of Kromex canisters for sale and had the funny feeling I'd seen them before. So, I had to enlist the assistance of my resident authority...Mom.

    I said I was either having a really, really early childhood memory or a stoke. She told me it was a memory. Whew!

    My Gram had this set when my Mom was growing up in the 50's. I barely remember them from the late 60's. Gram gutted the kitchen and these wonderful canisters were one of the casualties. Well, I am a sentimental fool! My new (old) set will be on it's way just as soon as my payment clears. The black lids won't match our kitchen very well, but maybe I can leverage the purchase as justification for stainless appliances? lol

  9. I have the same set 23Skidoo. (not in its entirety - I just need the cookie one) - they look great with stuff from the 30s - 40s. A spice set would come in handy - as I do keep quite a few spices in hand for my herbal teas as well as regular cooking.

    My set is happily employed - down to the salt and pepper shakers. :)

    Foofoogal posted the link that I had come across in my search for finding out more on them.
  10. 23SkidooWithYou

    23SkidooWithYou Practically Family

    Prien...have a look around the usual sites. I could swear I've seen the cookie jar sold alone. The set I purchased has damage to the lid of the coffee jar, but a seller on another site had just the coffee canister with a good lid. I ordered it and will just swap it out for the damaged one.

    The foil, waxpaper, paper towel contraption looks interesting but I wonder if it can accommodate today's modern size rolls.
  11. RE Skidoo.: I believe I did see that cookie jar on the site that Foofoogal posted...and it wasn't that long ago that I looked it up.

    Here it is: Cookie Canister

    $20 is quite a bit considering the partial set that I got, was $24 (I had purchased it at an antique mall in Adamstown, PA - a place that's 2 hrs from where I live - I'm in Danville, PA).

    So I can still hunt around and see...but will save the link just in case, as I could use it to store snacks in. :)

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