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Ladies, where do you get your Grocery Coupons?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Odalisque, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Odalisque

    Odalisque A-List Customer

    Is it just me or are the coupons in the Sunday paper becoming fewer and less useful? I'm clipping to go shopping tomorrow and out of a total 10 pages in the circular, only four actually had coupons for food!
    So, just where are these women on "Extreme Couponing" finding all their multitudes of coupons?
    I'm hoping you ladies have some advice- do you use an online service or does your newspaper provide you with more coupons then mine?
  2. kamikat

    kamikat Call Me a Cab

    Yes, my newspaper is carrying less coupons. Every other week, we get NO coupon booklet in our Sunday paper. This started at the first Sunday of this year. The additional complication is that we're trying to eat more whole foods and less packaged foods. They never get out coupons for fresh produce ;) Typically, the only coupons I use on a regular basis are for cat/dog food and cleaning products.
  3. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    The best coupons I've found are in the store flyers at BJ's wholesale club. The only ones I use, though, are for staples like coffee and olive oil, sometimes cheese and fruit. The ones for the packaged processed foods I skip over, since we don't use those things. There was a promotion for Unilever brands last year and I stocked up on laundry detergent and peanut butter. If you bought $100 worth of thier brands you got a $20 rebate.
    Do your supermarkets have coupons available on line?
  4. Have you heard of Goupon coupons? They offer area/city-specific online coupons. I tend to eat more fresh/organic foods and Groupon offers discounts at some of the markets ($14 of food for $7, for example), so that can save me some money.
  5. Gracie Lee

    Gracie Lee A-List Customer

    I <3 Groupon! They cover everything: groceries, activities, home services, you name it! My mother came to visit in May, and we didn't pay full price for ANYTHING... all of our meals in restaurants, our activites, etc. I'd been planning using Groupon for a couple months prior. We did things I never would have been able to afford otherwise, and had a couple incredible experiences. Always worth a peek!

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