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Lady Gaga - 30's starlet?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Gingerella72, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Gingerella72

    Gingerella72 A-List Customer

    I could do without the beaded masquerade mask obscuring half her face, but her hair and gown are stunning in a 30's starlet kind of way, what do you think?:


    I wish she would leave off with the wacky outfits, she really is a beautiful woman.

    (I can't figure out how to use the new image uploader, doesn't seem to want to load anything for me. If anyone can insert the image in a post that'd be great!)
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  2. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    I don't care much for Gaga or her music, but she does manage to employ some extremely creative costumers and
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  3. Yeps

    Yeps Call Me a Cab

    I wish she would go with a vintagish look. It would go well with how amazing she sings jazz.
  4. Katinka von K.

    Katinka von K. A-List Customer

    I don´t know, doesn´t remind me of any particular decade. But it´s definitely one of her better outfits.
    What I love is this lady´s outfit and hair on the same page! Absolutely classic.
  5. m_luvsartdeco

    m_luvsartdeco One of the Regulars

    It's a gorgeous dress...add some fingerwaves and it really would be perfect.
  6. RodeoRose

    RodeoRose A-List Customer

    Fan Bing Bing is the best!! I'm not entirely sure what she's famous for lol, but she has such a stunning Old Hollywood look. This post is how I discovered her.
  7. I think she might be famous for looking gorgeous. ;) (Just kidding.)

    I think Lady GaGa would look great in some vintage style clothing. I think she is incredibly talented (even though I don't like all of her stuff). I've seen a few of her performances on TV, and she occasionally does some beautiful things. She has some catchy pop songs too.
  8. Gingerella72

    Gingerella72 A-List Customer

    Agreed, she looks like a porcelain doll come to life!
  9. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    to be honest i really don't like lady gaga, she tries way to hard to be "different" and its annoying, i hate how she wears somewhat vintage clothing but its also with a space creature feel to it as well and then she put something stupid on like a suit of meat..... eww........ and to be quite honest i don't think she looks very ladylike, she has harsh, sharp features (not in the pretty way) and she has an adams apple..... idk any past beauties with adams apples haha... and I'm sorry but in that dress she look like something out of star trek haha. I'm not trying to sound rude, i just don't like the influence she has on the younger generations of today. haha i sound like my mom hahaha
  10. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    i agree i love that red dress and her hair its stunnnnnnning :)) and she did her makeup very beautiful as well
  11. m_luvsartdeco

    m_luvsartdeco One of the Regulars

    Never heard of her but wow!
  12. katiesparkles

    katiesparkles One of the Regulars

    I'm on the "she'd-look-so-much-better-if..." train. She has a pretty face and would look amazing if not for her (90% of the time) ridiculous, over-the-top costumes.
  13. RodeoRose

    RodeoRose A-List Customer

    While I'm not a fan of her music either, I have to say, I sort of respect Lady Gaga for all the reasons you don't lol. The media is so saturated with unrealistically and homogenously attractive women... I'd rather my [hypothetical] children look up to an "alien" like her than most other boring ol' celebutantes. Some of her outfits are a bit gimmicky for my tastes, but I think she looks like she's having a grand old time marching to the beat of her own drum! I wish more pop stars felt as free to challenge conventional ideas of beauty :)
  14. m_luvsartdeco

    m_luvsartdeco One of the Regulars

    Agreed...Although I think Gaga is extremely beautiful...most people find her to be unattractive. I say more power to the non-cookie cutter girls...not everyone is a "beauty queen." :)
  15. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You should have a look at some Busby Berkeley movies with costumes by Adrian. They are more extreme than Lady Gaga herself sometimes. I can't find a good picture on googel now but they are out there.


  16. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I like Lady Gaga's "harsh, sharp features", too. To be honest, the Chinese woman does nothing for me. I tend to like "ugly" people over "pretty" ones.
  17. Yeps

    Yeps Call Me a Cab

  18. Yeps

    Yeps Call Me a Cab

    She does have rather sharp features, I think they are very attractive, although she often emphasizes it with makeup. Not sure where you are getting the adam's apple thing. I had to go look at pictures. She doesn't.

    But to each his own.
  19. Flicka

    Flicka One Too Many

    Yup, not a bad look.

    I'm always happy when people dare to be different. Gaga, though, to me, feels very much like a 'product'. Her oddness seems - again to me - studiously artificial and like a gimmick, rather than an expression of her personality. I admit I'm influenced by the fact that her music is the anti-thesis of everything I like.

    I personally find Amanda Palmer a much better example of 'female musicians who dare challenge established norms of beauty and femininity'.
  20. I couldn't agree more but then I've seen her once on the telly when she was performing some of her stuff (including a few of her greatest hits) in some small venue in NY. No band, no show, only herself and a piano. The songs took on a very different feel and echoed more the singer/songwriter background from which she originally came (which is another fact that had me stumped). It's a rare thing these days that a 'show artitst' is capable of writing her own songs.

    Well, she's definitely very clever when it comes to marketing herself. Oh, and I actually liked her performance of 'The Lady Is A Tramp' with Tony Bennett.

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