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Lady's Hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by MK, Jan 2, 2005.

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    That looks like what could be what I have been looking for my wife. Where did you get it? Do you have any photos with her wearing it or other angles?
  2. I know what you mean about finding decent women's hats. I looked for quite a while to find just the right hat. You can find all kinds of the small stuff with netting but finding a wide brim women's hat is tough. My wife was actually getting desperate enough to buy some victorian hats. :p
    I think she found it on the usual auction sites. ;)
    Here is a picture of it on a manequin head from the front. The previous one was from the side. The funny thing is that one side of the brim is bigger than the other so you can mold them to your desired rake with the wire edge brim. No stiffener needed. :cool:

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  3. This is a 1943 ad for a similar hat worn by Dorothy Lamour. Those Freedom Fashions were really fashionable hats made by Lady Stetson.

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  4. BD Jones

    BD Jones One of the Regulars

    My wife likes to wear fedoras. She currently has a navy blue Stetson, a tan Borsalino, a brown Scala, a grey Scala (what she calls her lucky hat) as well as a straw Borsalino.
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    That is a great find. Thanks for posting the pics and the ad.
  6. No problem. I guess I should mention that my wife also has numerous (now over thirty) hats. They range from Men's vintage fedoras, such as the Dobbs Cross Country, to vintage woman's hats , which include a few Lady Stetsons and an interesting straw felt stetson hybrid like this:


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  7. BD Jones

    BD Jones One of the Regulars

    You’re telling me! Her hatboxes are beginning to crowd out mine. And to think, it all started with that brown Scala she bought in July during the Indy summit at Peters Brothers. Right now, Shelly has her eye on one on the Vintage Silhouettes website (Art Fawcett's place). I keep telling her to order it, but she hasn't done it yet.
  8. Thanks, just what I need another way to spend more money. :p My wife is now on the Lounge. Quick delete it before she sees it! ;)
    Actually, I like several of them but I don't think they would look good on me. :p

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  9. Quote,

    Actually, I like several of them but I don't think they would look good on me.

    I saw you both in your Christmas picture and she needs a new hat from you to start the New Year off!! :Coke:
  10. Actually I beat you to the punch on that one. I just picked up a custom made for her from Art yesterday. :p Art has better pictures of it than I do. She just left with it on. ;)

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  11. I'm proud of you son! :) :rolleyes: :cool: :p ;) :cry:
  12. Thanks for the posts and websites on women's hats. Vintage would be the way to go. I love that white fedora with dark trim worn by Dorothy Lamour in the ad.

    How long ago did Stetson make those women's fedoras?

    What is out in the stores now are short-brimmed, extremely tapered, wool fedoras. Some longer floppy brims with rounded or tapered tops, usually in red. I just cannot find anything modern approaching what the guys are wearing. I think that Indy hat is quite popular with women. When I see them wearing a fedora, it is usually a hat that looks close to that.

    Do your wives find that the men's fedoras fit them better and look better on them than some of the women's hats? Perhaps it is my roundish face, but when I put on a woman's vintage fedora I look like some kook wearing a lampshade. Or maybe it is because I expect to look in a mirror and see Ingrid staring back at me. Oh, well....

  13. LadyPowers

    LadyPowers Familiar Face

    When I buy my hats, I buy what I like regardless if it is a man's or woman's hat. Fortunately, with my size, frame, and features I can get away with almost anything. What I wear depends on my mood, and how I want to make a statement.
    I wear stingy brims, and sometimes brims over 4 inches. Art has cleaned, blocked several of my men's fedoras (Dobbs Cross Country 1940s, Borsalino 1940s, The Mallory Ten, Stratoliner 1950s, etc.), and has custom made a hat for me. He does quality work.

    Lady Powers
  14. Thanks for your post, LadyPowers; glad to hear from other women.

    I have a friend, who like you, can wear anything and look really good. Whenever I acquire a new hat, she tries it on. I take one look at her and usually cuss, because she looks great -- perfect facial structure, somewhat tall and slim. Makes me wish I was young again and could wear the hats I have now. I, too, could have worn a stingy brim and probably the floppy hats, twenty or more years ago.

    The only hats I have that look better on me than they do on her are the Irish tweed newsboy caps. And one of my Borsalinos looks good on both of us.

    Sounds like you have some great hats.

    I will have to acquire a hat from Art one of these days. I would also love to visit his store. I saw some of those vintage hats he sells on the website and just drooled. So, someday....

  15. Hi,

    I am brand new here. I just found this forum, and must comment on this thread. This hat issue has been a concern of mine for quite some time. I am continually searching for the perfect hat, and come up empty. What i like is the broad brim...but not cartwheel hat...with some tiltability to the brim. fedora inspired prefered but i have occassionally found others.

    That hat in the bottom right hand corner of the "Freedom Fashions" ad that was originally posted is just the type of hat i have always been wanting. I have two later hats that i can kind of flip down in the corner, but it is not really the same. I will get some pics up later if I can get ahold of my hat stand. I do have a hat on its way to me but is nowhere near as perfect as that one in the ad. My jaw dropped when i saw it!

    I think it is the menswear inspired appeal that makes a hat just right, for me anyway, but an angular or flat versus rounded bowler like crown. mostly because it just suits me better and i guess it makes me look taller ;) I also don't look like an anachronism when i wear that typa hat versus if i put on a Jackie Kennedy pillbox and walked down the street. It's timeless.
    I had a man's homberg but the brim was entirely too short to look any good and made me look like, well, like I was wearing grandpa's hat or doing a bad Annie Hall impersonation.

    Thanks for this forum, I can tell I am going to like it here!

    Chris (guys name, but I'm a gal)
  16. You mean you wouldn't want this one in the top corner from 1945? ;)


    The hat in the 1943 ad(Revilie) is probably going to be hard to find considering it is now at sixty years old. :)

    Regards to all,

  17. That's a neat hat (upper right) and if i found it i might keep in my collection, but it just wouldn't suit me physically...but who knows i might be surprised! :) I sure would wear the one on the left!

    You would be surprised about "what is out there" though with a little luck, a dash of networking, and a lot of perserverence. I have had a 1953 ad for a ladies wallet and i found the exact one to match up with it 2 years later. Not maybe the most thrilling thing, but I was happy to find it. I guess it was radar/magnets :)


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