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LF Swedish Crown metal comb

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by EliasRDA, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Hey all,
    Couldnt figure if it was best to put this here or not, since its not a discussion but a looking for item post.
    As it says I'm looking for a company called Swedish Crown who used to/still does(?) make metal combs.

    I'm looking for several of them, 3-4, I'd like to get them for XMas but if I cant thats fine too. And please dont suggest I get Kent brushes/combs, theres a specific reason I'm looking for Swedish Crown. My dad used to have the one his dad gave him, my dad had given it to me but in the folly of youth I didnt recignize it for what it was, so I want to replace one to him, one to my brother & one for myself.

    I will be ordering some Kents, but still am holding out for SC. The info I can find online is mixed, it looks like the trademark had expired but maybe was picked back up? Or that the company still exists in Sweden?

    Appreciate any help, suggestions or referrals.
  2. Thanks Ordinary Guy,
    I had seen it but I was under the impression that the combs are not made by Swedish Crown. The Skiptooth teaser comb most resembles what my dad owned, without the wide teasing teeth (which falls under womens domain, well outside the 70 or something, heh).

    I've looked some more & it looks like they fall under the no longer made catergory now, so guess I'll either end up going to the Bay or just buying some Kents to give to them instead. Oh well.

    Thanks again
  3. Rolf

    Rolf New in Town

    Are you Still looking for those combs ?
    My father did them in thé 60', 70', and 80'
    we a lot of them still
  4. Annixter

    Annixter Practically Family

    I'm in the market for one. Can you take a picture and post a price shipped in the Continental USA? Thanks.
  5. Rolf

    Rolf New in Town

    Thank you !
    Well we have around 80 different kind of combs and colors let me know what do you want !
    Here's my e-mail
    If you don't know please give me your e-mail and I gonna send you some pictural !
    Warm Regards from Switzerland
    Ps: it's crazy to see some times via ebay how much they are ready to pay for a used comb (13 up to 35.-$)
  6. Rolf

    Rolf New in Town


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