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List of Custom, made-to-order, Fur Felt Fedora hatmakers and hatters

Discussion in 'Hats' started by JonSolo, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. you asked
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  2. Ken David

    Ken David One of the Regulars

    I noticed that Alley Kat Hats is not on the list. Although he does not YET have a dedicated website he does have prices listed on his IG page and he just listed his current prices on his dedicated thread on FL. Tim makes a solid product with extreme attention to detail that is 100% handmade (e.g. he hand stitches brim binding etc unlike other hatters which may use specific sewing machines for that task). His prices are posted in his dedicated thread and are competitively priced (need to take into account the added labor when comparing prices between different hatters). I believe his beaver hats are $300; just another data point to add to this list for reference.
  3. Tim's an Artist . He makes a great Hat .
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  4. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  5. Ken thanks for the mention. I sometimes feel like the ugly stepchild.

    I'll get a Web site soon, as I see a value to having it. But it could take some time. And I'd rather obtain some new block sets and flanges, in reqular oval and long oval before I take that plunge.

    I appreciate your words on the Alley Kat methods of construction, bespoke speaking.

    The only thing I'm taking a beating on now, is PAYPAL, so rather than increase my price, I'm thinking, I'm going to add those fees in, at final invoice. And I'm discussing this and business in general, with a very educated Excuitve VP, of a very successful Equestrian business of 25 years. He is mentoring me and helping me, and is the truest friend I have, to take this on, flip the entire bill for Art, liner tips and a gross of liners. That was significant money. I'm blessed and he is determined to see me succeed on the next level. I will re-evaluate pricing at that time and do expect to increase prices, it's my full time job and I have overhead as well.

    Beaver 100% raw edge. Winchester felt
    Cost is $ 300.00
    Add a modest 50.00 to that price, for a hand stitched brim bind. Some get 75 machined.
    Add a modest $30.00 for a curl
    A bound brim, with curl $80.00
    Add 15.00 for a wind cord (while available)

    So for $350.00 you get a primo build, with a bound edge in Beaver 100%

    $235.00 raw edge. WINCHESTER felt. I'll add Tonak, to the list soon, for variety, seeing recent discussions. But I still love Winchester and will still use their Staple Rabbit as well.

    Same Ala cart, pricing as above.

    Blended fur, and western weight bodies are more costly and will be priced accordingly.

    This is my current price listing and it has not changed in a very long time.

    Top quality work, please add me to the list so these fine folks find me. Thank you.

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  6. Thanks for the likes. @BobHufford @MichaelR @RJR @DOGMAN Who is maintaining this list, who adds this vendor information to the list?
    Someone give them polite nudge, address them, to fix that oversight, get the list corrected, and shoot straight, equivalent to equality amongst all.
    WHERE WILL THIS CURRENT LIST OF VENDORS BE MAINTAINED will it be stickied, to page 1, and direct me please to the final draft that shows me on it with everyone, we should all be able to monitor it for accuracy, and share it with ANYONE. (----) Thank you.
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  7. Yep, but it needs to be corrected fully. I agree
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  8. Not sure if this is just U. S. Hatters or not? But....Esther is not listed and AlleyKatHatters, and maybe some others around, Buckaroo Hatters also...and some that seem to have bitten the dust and no longer around, sadly. Oh lets not forget Peters Brothers....they do super nice work also.

    I can not review any hats made by anyone I have not purchased from, I am sure however if looking merely at a "price tag" for some it is how their budget directs their choices. Yet lets view that each hatter has some personal style and "eye" for hats they make. Each hatter will put into their work effort a lot that we as a customer buying, is not fully aware.

    As someone that has done some work on vintage shoes, (hand sewing replacement soles and making heels from scratch then installing on the shoe or boot) I know what efforts any hatter may undertake in the "crafts area" while making a hat. That one element alone is a very big point for us here in my home for making the choices for who we would want to do business with. Honestly, I can find no fault in what any custom hatter makes, it seems to be a choice each person would make as to what they want as an end result.

    In the bigger picture of hatters, I have always wanted to have a hat from each of the hatters, yet I have been prone to ordering from Esther and AlleyKatHats so far. I have made one purchase from Tum Water Hats, but as sad as it is, Tonyb seems to have fallen off the map and for reasons I do not want to share on an open forum, would not desire to do any further business with Tum Water.

    I really appreciate all the hatters we have to make a choice from. I will continue to purchase a custom hat when my purse will allow it, for either myself or my Husband. I admit I am prone to order from either Esther or Tim (AlleyKatHats) as I just love their work and how super they are from start to finish making your hat or any other product they may be working on for you.

    It is super also that we here on the Lounge can share information regarding our vintage, modern, and custom made hats with each other. It all helps for such information tends to give us as hat lovers a choice on what hatter we can contact to start a hat project for us and then see the final gem as we unbox it with an ear to ear smile when it arrives.
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  9. Oh geez....there is also MustangMikesHats......he is on the Lounge here, as I am sure a few others I just cannot think of that also make custom hats for anyone wanting a hat made.
  10. I agree....the more on this list, the better for everyone!
  11. There's a Bunch of Hatters not on the List , beside Tim's Alley Kat Hatter , Dry Creek Hatters , 5D Hatters , Davis and Sons Hatters , I can't remember seeing O'Farrell , Gannon , The Last Best West , Stalker Hats , Movie Hats is on FL , ChicagoWayVito , Willamina Hatters , Roy Macky , Worth & Worth , Jaxonbuilt , Montana Peaks Hatters , and I know I've forgotten several more .

    There's a girl in Texas I think Bar None Hats , was Catalena Hatters on there ?, Standard Hat Works , ...
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  12. Yep...can't think of the name, but someone also that does panama hats and includes doing conversions. There are plenty of hatters. We are lucky to know the ones we have here on the Lounge!
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  13. Gomez
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  14. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Yes,Tom Gomez does beautiful work.
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  15. Tom Gomez - he makes a killer hat

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  16. To all: Thank you for the mentions, regarding all those hatmakers that did not make the final cut, on this fluffed up list.

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  17. You know Tim if FL had a better edit system anyone could quote the original list , and remove the quotes , and add names and info of the other Hatters , so the list could stay current . JW passed away in June or July I think .
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  18. Bar None Hats is in Thedford NE . She's originally from Greeley CO .
  19. Not sure about anyone else, but when I know a hatter is here on the Lounge, I send paypal money as a "gift" so no extra charges pop up! We all know eBay and PayPal always want to get their hands on our money any way they can! LOL!
  20. EinarsM

    EinarsM New in Town

    Possible for a Swedish Hatmaker to get on that list? HUFVUD.
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