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Looking for info on a company called 'Jeno De Paris' of Montreal

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by James the Grouch, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Hello, noob here. I picked up a leather jacket in an red wine/cordovan shade which was made by this company. I've occasionally seen vintage items listed on ebay by them but was wondering about the company itself. I took it to a tailor in the UK when I was there to get the buttons more firmly sewn- when I went to pick it up, he was talking about how well made it was and the style of it, etc., and wanted to know where I'd got it (he normally repairs motorcycle leathers, and seems to know what he's on about). Anybody know anything about this company? The jacket itself is heavy, 3/4 length, has a lining which is not sewn in at the bottom (allegedly for ease of repair/relining), and looks to be from the 70's. It seems to be far better made than most of the other leather jackets I own (I have... a fair few) in that the leather is thicker and the stitching rock solid.

  2. How about a picture?

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