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MA-1 Flight jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Jwag, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    I ought to clarify, my BR jacket is the green nylon type, not that god awful Gibson eyesore (wrong color, wrong pattern, not even an MA-1 really, is it).

    If Gibson wanted to wear a military jacket, he needn't have dodged the draft ;)
  2. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    Thanks! This Avirex one that I got is nearly two inches above my belt. Granted, none of the trousers that I got are particularly high waisted but this really looks stupid on me... I think it's even less that 21" because it immediately rises up. Would look good on a flight suit or something I suppose... And it's a really nice jacket!
  3. devilish

    devilish A-List Customer

    Monitor, I find it helps to make them look better if you wear a hoodie that is the same colour as the knits (or close) but is just a couple inches longer. Although I really don’t mind the length. It makes them look more accurate than the cheap fashion knock-offs.
  4. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    Turned off of the Buzz Gibson because of length (I don't like my MA-1 / L-2B half way down my ass..). Could have coped with the black color (my job doesn't allow me to wear Military colors to the office..E.G: sage / olive).

    Recently purchased a couple of older used Schott MA-1's..appalling quality!!! Thin outer shell, paper lining, baggy sleeves & failing zippers..avoid IMHO!!!!!

    No MA-1's here currently (aside from the Schott's I need to move on..don't wear them).
    Alpha 'Vintage' B-15 came out this evening..well cut & good for the money (cheap). Soon be time to break out the N-2B's & my 50's N-2A

    IMG_0941 (1).JPG
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  5. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    @Monitor, I understand your pain about the jacket 'riding up' your back.
    I wear my MA-1 with 501's and a white t-shirt, it's a really warm jacket! The reason for this is the thick wool batting lining. It's heavy! And this means that the jacket has a structure and drape that cheaper jackets with poly linings just don't have. It makes all the difference.
    I agree that Japanese nylon flight jackets are expensive, but they do look so much better.
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  6. That cool Cockpit MA-1 I got this spring is on the shorter side, but it's what I think the intention was in it's design.
    I'm rather paranoid about jackets being short, but some are just meant to be.
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  7. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    Yeah, I was always made to feel uncomfortable about my size as a kid, and as an adult that made me paranoid that my clothes don't fit properly, that they are too small. And then there were all those fashion trends for baggy clothes when I was a younger man. End result- it takes conscious effort to wear a jacket that fits properly. My 'instinct' is like a devil on my shoulder whispering 'it's too small!', but I have to take a look at myself in the mirror and realize that the fit is the way it's supposed to be, I've just been made paranoid about it.
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  8. ^^

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  9. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    Too small, too big!!! That's the usual result...just right (3 bears) is a rarer beast :)
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  10. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Call Me a Cab

    yeah, that's why I gave up on flight jackets, could never find one that was just right... for me, too wide or too short
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  11. The Cockpit looks to be about the best one out there at the minute in terms of being reasonably close (if not as 101% accurate as the Japanese made stuff), but without costing the earth. I have my eye on one of those as I'd like an MA1 (it being the last of the flight jackets that interest me, historically speaking), but I'm not prepared to pay crazy money for it. I'd spring for the right second hand bargain on a Buzz with the green liner, though. I wish - based on my experience of owning an Alpha B15-C from the Replica Series of the 90s - that they'd bring those back. This Winter, I might well buy myself one of the Alpha N2Bs in the current range - though in Replica blue, so effectively an N2A. Really have come to like those in recent years.

    Never handled one of the black Gibson ones, though I know they changed the length of some of the jackets in that series (I think they made some changes to the fit as well; making them neater would exaggerate any change in the length, imo). There was at one time a black Buzz MA1 that was *not* the Gibson one. I think it was, from memory, a Buzz 10th Anniversary jacket. Exactly the same as the regular Buzz MA1 but black. Narrowly missed one on eBay a few years ago. I do have a Buzz B15-C MOD, though I need to find somewhere to have the knits replaced as carpet beetles got to it....
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  12. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Call Me a Cab


    My graduation from Aircraft Electrician School Chanute AFB January 29, 1969
    I am the Airman kneeling on the right. In front of a TF-102

    January 28th, 2009 will mark the 40th anniversary of my graduation from United States Air Force Aircraft Electrician Technical School at the great old Air Force Base at Chanute, Rantoul, Illinois.
    On this day all 9 Airmen in the photo graduated from the course. We got to choose our favorite instructors to pose with us on the left is T/Sgt English and the right S/Sgt Addis. We now were full fledged 3 level Aircraft electricians. To graduate we had to take a practical test in troubleshooting on an actual aircraft. That aircraft was an old B-66 in one of the hangars. To this day I remember my test.. The work order stated that the “Nose Gear Taxi light was inop” So armed with my tech Order Wiring Diagram for the B-66 I began my troubleshooting, completely beside myself and worrying the whole time I would be the only airman to flunk the test. But fortune smiled upon me that day and I found after many minutes of reading and tracing the wiring diagrams, taking voltage readings, going from cockpit to nose gear a few items, I finally found the problem… A POPPED CIRCUIT BREAKER BEARING THE NOMENCLATURE… TAXI LIGHT. I was so proud of myself! I now was a full fledged Aircraft Electrician.. Well not really.. A few months of training on the C-124 and a test for the Journeyman 5 level then I was an Aircraft Electrician, a job I truly liked.I remember shortly after this picture was taken we went back to the barracks and found our assignments on our bunks, almost everybody that graduated with me got the base they requested but I didn’t! I had put in for McGuire AFB, N.J. or Dover , AFB Del. Close to home bases but I got sent to my first base at Kelly AFB, Texas and began my career working on C-124’s. It was a great assignment. From there it was, McGuire, Finally, Then Vietnam at Bien Hoa, Cam Ranh Bay and Can Tho,. After serving in Vietnam they usually said you got your choice of bases, I put in for all the Air Force bases in Florida I could find. And got assigned to Loring AFB in Northern Maine. Oh well it was fun anyway. Working on F-106 fighters in the 83rd FIS. A little strange at first because all I ever worked on was recip aircraft.. C-124, C-118’s at Kelly, C-7a’s in Vietnam, C-131, T-29’s at McGuire along with the C-141A’s my first jet. And then the F-106. The six was a big change. Anyway I really enjoyed my time working in the USAF.

    source: http://propspistonsandoldairliners.blogspot.ca/2009/01/graduation-from-usaf-aircraft.html
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  13. kowalski

    kowalski A-List Customer

    Hi All
    i have question , jacket not have label :( it is MA1 or L2B ?
    best regards , jacket not have windflap and pocket in lining

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  14. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    Looks like an L-2B to me, no label in the pocket?
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  15. kowalski

    kowalski A-List Customer

    unfortunately, no label in pocket, only just empty space and sewing in pocket after label
    pocket sleve have zip Gripper, front zip it Scovil

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  16. 21BBE772-3B40-461E-811B-D2DAB420D8CB.jpeg E603DE42-26B1-48D2-A1F0-6C66077AD347.jpeg

    The jacket in question is a J-series L-2b. Probably a 1972 Alpha, as this was a fairly large contract. I have this one in my collection.

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  17. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    Alpha L-2B in my opinion :) 1970's at a guess :) Looks like my 70's version.
  18. kowalski

    kowalski A-List Customer

    . ps
    jacket have only thin orange cotton /wool (?) lining ( not as thick as in MA1)
    I paid for it 70 $ , excelent condition lining , no holes in lining and in nylon , no stains . :cool:

    bn1966, Atticus Finch thanks for information
    best regards
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  19. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    Sounds like a very good purchase, I wear mine a lot in the summer :)
  20. kowalski

    kowalski A-List Customer


    I just bought her thinking about the spring/ summer;)
    MA1 is warm ...
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