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Man Made or Leather Soles?

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by happyfilmluvguy, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. I do a lot of walking, (meaning 8 miles means nothing) and so I usually buy shoes that have man made rubber soles. They last me about two years. I use my leather soled shoes for formal or special occasion, but never for everyday use. But which is better for everyday use? Which do you prefer and use?
  2. Flitcraft

    Flitcraft One Too Many

    Used to be a leather sole man.....

    but lately, vibram has won my heart.
    Just got a pair of Italian chukka boots witha rubber sole and their so comfortable its downright sinful!:)
  3. twobarbreak

    twobarbreak One of the Regulars

    Pretty Much always Leather...

    I also enjoy Crepe soles for a daily attire, especially the Bucks offered by Remix Vintage shoes in Hollywood.

    Good clean Vintage look for an everyday walker...
  4. Fast

    Fast Familiar Face

    On my feet all day and with blown out ankles. I wear Ecco Trak IIs to work. I save the Church's for fancy.

    Carpe Diem
  5. Only & ever leather!..but then i'm not doing 8 miles a day!
  6. dostacos

    dostacos Practically Family

    the more weight and age the better support for the feet. many of the softer soled shoes have a better plantar surface arch etc, the leather soled shoes tend to not have much of an arch built in so they can add stress to the feet. Aldens are orthopedic, so the heel, arch area, ball and toe box are more anatomic in dimensions so they will be more comfortable BUT with the sole leather they can be VERY slippery. the day I buy a pair of Aldens is the day I take them to the shoe repairman and have them half soled with a nice vibram sole :D

    many of the inexpensive shoes LOOK like they have good support but they tend to be very heavy for the design and way to flexible in all the wrong directions, finally the "padding" is hard and has very little give.
  7. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    For urban - leather, for out in the mountains/forests hunting/fishing/tramping - definitely rubber or synthetic.
  8. Some of my co-respondants have the 'Ridgeway' rubber sole,and that's a really comfortable sole for a summer shoe.
  9. Rooster

    Rooster Practically Family

    Mostly leather. If I go with a rubber sole it's got to be nearly smooth. None of the goofy lugged soles for me. I don't walk much if I can avoid it, my knees and hips are shot. I just had a couple pair of boots re done, leather soles and rubber heels. I've had leather heels as well as soles, but that's just like walking on ice.
    I used to wear Vibram lugged soled boots when I was doing alot of logging and saw mill work. They do give alot of grip standing on logs etc. but, those days are over for me.
  10. Vibram - the best. IMO.

  11. Barry

    Barry Practically Family

    Most of my shoes have leather soles although I did have "zip" style soles placed on a few pairs of shoes.

    Also, I had the soles on a casual pair of shoes replaced with an Alden/Goodyear lug sole (I guess it's the commando style sole). The sole comes in two pieces which is a plus for me.

  12. carter

    carter I'll Lock Up

    Thanks for the tip. I just received a paiir of Brogue Boots from the UK and they are HEAVY. I'm going to see if a different sole/half-sole and heel would make a difference.
  13. Kevin Popejoy

    Kevin Popejoy One of the Regulars

    For me nothing beats a quality pair of leather soled shoes. Thing is, I walk a lot and mostly on concrete/tile floors (hospital) so traction is an issue. I take my new shoes to my cobbler and have Topy sole protectors installed. I get the feel and look of the leather sole but enough grip that I don't have to worry about busting my butt. Topy is much longer lasting than Vibram and has just enough grip but not too much. It's thin so not noticeable. Also, when it wears down I have it replaced which greatly increases the life of my shoes. Considering how much a pair of Allen Edmunds costs, that's a consideration.

  14. This is what I feel too. I've had to walk in my formal shoes before on the sidewalk and the soles just don't give enough support and my feet hurt when I get to my destination.
  15. Smithy

    Smithy I'll Lock Up

    I have a pair of Merrell tramping boots with Vibram soles and they are superb. I've used them heaps and it's nearly indiscernible the wear on the soles.
  16. Rooster

    Rooster Practically Family

    Don't get me wrong here guys. If I spent as much time out in the boonies as I used to in my youth I'd have a big ol' pair of logger boots with vibram soles. These days I find them to be too heavy, too clunky looking and I get yelled at for dragging chicken shitzen into the house in the cleats.:eek:
    Plain leather with rubber heels has been working great for me the past 10 or 15 years. I've been considering a pair of reproduction paratrooper boots with these soles.
    Seems almost ideal......and it gives me a reason to buy a pair of paratrooper boots...like I need a reason to buy them......as if I actually NEED another pair of boots!lol
  17. shitzenproof?

    You need these.
    "The sole was designed so that it would not pick up debris, such as manure, in fields and barns. And the white sole allowed a farmer’s wife to see his boots were clean when entering the house."

    Ask for Red Wing Model 8138. Just not in the US or Canada. Your local RW dealer won't even special-order 'em for you. He'll just bite his bottom lip and give you a look somewhere between puzzlement and suspicion, as if you'd said something faintly suggestive about his schoolteacher cousin in Fort Dodge.
    Oh, and have a sack o' money ($209 plus shipping from the Old Country, where people still preserve quaint American folkways).
  18. Undertow

    Undertow My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Personally, I'm a leather sole type of guy. Although, I own more rubber, I like to have leather under my feet any time I include a tie in my dress.
  19. leather...as much as I can take it...

    I usually ditch it for rubber soles on the weekends because I'm on my feet a lot and I'm flat footed, but the leather is on my feet 99% of the time during the week...
  20. My oxfords (Dockers Gordons, to be ultimately replaced with Bates 82s when budget allows),which I regularly walk a couple miles at a time in, even heavily-loaded--I even wore them around the various SoCal parks this summer!--have rubber soles and some arch-support, but I also always retrofit additional heel and arch support from Dr. Scholl's. (Also adds some impact-cushioning, too--always a good thing when you both load heavy and move fast.)

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