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Marilyn Monroe/1950s hair help - what do I tell my stylist?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by fortworthgal, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. My hair is currently a chin-length slightly angled bob, with some minimal layering. My hair is very thick and has a lot of natural curl - when I blowdry with a diffuser, I look almost like I've had a perm.

    Anyway, I really want to get it cut similar to one of Marilyn Monroe's shorter cuts. This is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for:

    I love the length, and the fact that it will work with my natural curl, but I can also set it if I desire.

    I'm not having any luck finding a vintage stylist in my area. Can anyone suggest what I should tell a stylist to get this look, other than showing the photos? Should I ask for layers or what? Is there an actual name for this type of cut? Or, will just taking the photos in be enough? Apologies in advance for sounding a bit daft, I just need some suggestions on what to ask for to get the proper end result.

  2. katiesparkles

    katiesparkles One of the Regulars

    Unfortunately I can't help, but I'd be curious to hear what other ladies have to say.
    I'm in desperate need of a hair cut as well, but am fearing going to a new stylist. :( Every time I bring a picture it just ends up being a "Yeah, you just have to style it like that. Let me just cut some layers and you're good to go"-fling.
  3. ^ Same here, and it is so frustrating! I understand that styling is a large part, but it seems I never end up with the proper cut when I am looking for something vintage. The last time I took in a picture of Dita's hair, the stylist actually laughed at me! Urgh.

    I wish I could find a "little old lady" salon, I guess I need to ask around more. I really want to find someone who understands what I want and can do the cut. I'm hoping some of the ladies here may have advice on what to ask for that will help get my point across.
  4. ThemThereEyes

    ThemThereEyes One of the Regulars

    I hope you have a different stylist. That's so flippin' rude to laugh.
    Anyway, you may want to ask someone that has the haircut or perhaps someone who specializes in wedding hair. Surely some must want to do more than just updos. They may at least be able to tell you what kind of cut and teach you how to style it.
  5. I was thinking that a little old lady salon would be the way to go (I think it was Fleur from the FL goes to similar salons to her hair permed) - they would understand the cut and styling better than a new salon. It seems the art of doing older styles is dying out - when I went to get my hair done in Kenneth's Salon at the Waldorf I asked the stylist to do a Breakfast at Tiffany's type style - she didn't know what I was talking about - so I suggested a Mad Men type hairstyle - hadn't a clue about that either - she ended up handing me a bridal magazine to pick something she could do :rolleyes: - eventually I got a style I liked but I really thought in that kind of establishement (Kenneth had styled Marilyn's hair and Jackie O's) they would have been able to do the "classics".

    Anyway, I'm sorry I can't be of any help to you but I hope you find someone who can give you the hairstyle that you want - and if you get it please post some pictures!
  6. katiesparkles

    katiesparkles One of the Regulars

    This really is so sad. I was actually in hair dressing school myself for about half a year in 2007, and I remember that we were the last class to actually have finger waves and perm as a mandatory requirement to graduate. I flunked out way before (working in a salons just not my cup tea) but Its still quite sad. :(

    I was looking for a "little old lady" salon myself but there's absolutely nothing in my neighborhood. Ugh! A closed down one, yes (with big apparatuses from the 50s still inside!!!!) but it looks like its been closed for several years.

    Fortworthgal, I really hope you have more luck! I can't believe your old stylist laughed at you, by the way. She clearly picked the wrong profession if she can't stay serious because someone doesn't want an 80s-style half mullet. Ughhhhh...

    *apologies for any and all typos, I'm on my phone
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  7. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    I think if you ask for a uniform layered cut, where each hair section measures the same if stetched out from the scalp, you'll be good.
  8. Oh, ladies, you are all so sweet!

    It wasn't my usual stylist who laughed at me, it was someone I'd never seen before, and didn't see since. She doesn't even work in that salon anymore, thank heavens.

    I sent an email to the owner of that blog asking for her advice. On her blog she says she cuts her own hair! I used to do that when I was in my early 20s and had a blunt bob, but I'm not sure I'd risk it now. I guess if I found a good diagram of the cut I might try it. What the heck, right? :D

    I'm going to look for "beauty shops" in the phone book today. I actually work next door to a retirement center, and through my job I have a lot of contact with elderly ladies, so I think I may ask around.

    For reference, this is my hair right now. This was taken this morning, and I apologize in advance for the Blackberry bathroom pic. This is blowdried with a diffuser and brushed out. The front is actually longer than the rest - so it is more angled - but I curled the ends, so it appears even with the rest of my hair.
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  9. Thanks for the tip!
  10. SheBear74

    SheBear74 Practically Family

    Um... I think your hair looks beautiful the way it is! Would love to just blow dry, brush and have it look like that! :D
  11. Thank you for the compliment, SheBear. I do like my hair right now, but it is a weird length for me and tough to style due to the thickness and the natural wave. I'm just ready for something a little different. I guess I'm ready for "summer hair" already. :laugh:
  12. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    Here is my hair, cut in a uniform 6" layer cut, with gel scrunched in, dried naturally. It is thick, pretty coarse, and naturally wavy (2c, if you go by the naturally curly way to describe it) So I guess it is much like your hair.
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  13. Yes, it looks like we have very similar hair, crwitt! Yours looks great in that picture.
  14. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    Just trying to show you how that cut might look, and thanks for the compliment.
    Hope its what you had in mind.
  15. virgi

    virgi New in Town

    short horizontal layer cut. The top part of the hair would be the longest about 5"-6", the rest around would graduate long to short so the bottom is around 2" or so. Good luck on the haircut. The most important thing to remember with the haircut is the set. Good luck
  16. bellabella327

    bellabella327 One of the Regulars

    You might try cutting a small amount yourself and styling it to see if you can get the look you are wanting (probably best on days off)...and slowly shortening it from there if you are really worried about getting a bad haircut.

    I went to my local Ulta with pics of Brigitte Bardot as I am growing my hair longer and wanted bangs, and the lady was kind and did her best to give me that cut...only I wanted it styled and she rushed through the end not wanting to style it :(
  17. N E V E R cut your hair your self, it really is a recipe for D I S A S T E R and you will cry yourself to sleep.....................................................................................................................................................................ZZZZ
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  18. Okay ladies, I did it!

    I had a revelation and called my local JCPenney store salon, where I've seen quite a few older ladies having their hair done. It is an older store in an older mall. I asked for a stylist who knew how to set fingerwaves and who typically worked with older clientele. The receptionist scheduled me with a very sweet older lady named Cheryl. (Wow, I used "older" quite a bit there!) She knew exactly what I wanted and did a great job! If anyone's in the Fort Worth area, I can highly recommend her.

    Here are a couple of pictures after it was cut and styled by her last night. It was a little flatter than I would have liked, but still looked very nice.



    I washed it this morning, but didn't set it - just blowdried with a diffuser, touched up a couple spots with my curling iron, and finger-styled it with some VO5 hairdressing creme. It is insanely easy to style with my natural curl/wave. I love it! I've already gotten quite a few compliments on it from coworkers.




    It looks a little bit messy/tousled this morning, which I do like, but I think I could also make it look more refined/glamorous by actually setting it, or blowdrying with a small round brush instead of a diffuser. Also, curling the ends under more as they tend to flip up a bit. Either way, it is very easy to style and I'm quite happy with it.
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  19. SheBear74

    SheBear74 Practically Family

    Wow! What a great way to look for a stylist! She did a great job. Love how it turned out!
  20. Romy Overdorp

    Romy Overdorp One of the Regulars

    It turned out lovely! Yay for the stylist!

    Oh and I also have to mention: NEVER ever cut your own hair! (bangs/fringe are ok, but nothing more)
    I see lots of people in the salon who did, and every time they regret it and come in to get it fixed. (same with going from dark to blonde. ouch! carrot style)

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