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Memories for a price

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Miss Neecerie, May 1, 2009.

  1. Ok...I just bought these..


    They are a funky brand called Swee-touch-nee.....which is oddly a transliteration of the Russian. The auction had one tin of each language so its extra cool.

    When I was little...I think I imagined someone in my family having carried them over here from Russia...which is quite silly, considering that she had the 'english' tin...but it was still like this tiny link to our past. (I also used to -decode- the cyrillic books in the house...as if they were a code that i could match up a few words of and suddenly know how to read)

    The logic being that when I was a child, my baboonya (grandma) had all her buttons in one of these tea tins.....and I just remember thinking it was the coolest thing ever...oddly enough we drank Lipton there...so I have no idea what the tea tastes like although you can still buy it...(mainly in specialty and kosher stores, which also explains why she had it)

    Does anyone else 'buy back memories' ?
  2. Miss RM

    Miss RM Familiar Face

    I sure do. It occurred to me sometime last year that what I'm really doing in all of those thrift stores is rebuilding my grandparents' house!
  3. Flitcraft

    Flitcraft One Too Many

    "Memories for a price "...

    Isn't that the tagline for We can remember it for you Wholesale, by Philip K. Dick?:rolleyes:

  4. Later turned into Total Recall....with my governator in it ;)
  5. I do this a lot, when the memories are cheap enough. I just this week picked up this magazine:


    It's the Saturday Evening Post for February 10, 1940, and there's really nothing the least bit special about it other than the fact that it was one of the first vintage magazines I owned. I found it in an old barn when I was 13, and practically memorized it. I still have that actual copy, but it's in pretty sad shape, so when I found one in presentable condition for coffee-table display I snapped it up.

    Funny thing, it *smells* exactly like the one I found in the barn -- not the usual old-magazine smell, either. Old Posts are the only magazines I know of that have this smell, and barn-aged specimens especially so. A very fond memory for me.
  6. heh.

    I keep hoping to someday find the sofa from this picture. It was the -coolest- thing ever...and I have never seen another one. It rocked like a giant rocking chair...and my cousins who were all bigger then me....used to make it rock so much we tipped over, which is what i think they were doing in the picture...to amuse a -tiny- me.

  7. Nice one! I'm not looking to recreate my Nana's house (all her 30s furniture got chucked out around 1968 when she moved) but the time *before* that, when my Grandparents married or my Great Grandparent's house.

    Luckily I have lots of china, linen, bits and bobs from my Nana. Luckily it was mostly just the furniture that went. Now I just need a house of my own to put them in. :)

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