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Men's Hat Brim Widths in Various Decades

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Pilgrim, May 21, 2007.

  1. It's clear to me that there was always variations in brim widths according to personal taste, but I'm wondering how close we as a group can come to characterizing the "typical" brim widths of various decades.

    I have the impression that throughout the 50's brims became more narrow, and by 1960 the "stingy" (which I define as under 2") was in style. Of course, this also match tie widths and lapel widths common on men's coats of that period. However, I really don't have a picture of the evolution of typical brim widths from the wider brims of earlier decades to those of the 60's.

    Can those of you who have the ability to assign a rough date to your hats - or who have studied this - shed some light on the trends in brim widths, starting perhaps around 1900?

    Could be an interesting discussion.
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    These are some screen captures, enlarged, from The Wind And The Lion set in 1904. Hope they help.:)




    Early 1900s hat catalog, not sure of exact year:



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