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Military experiences.

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Bebop, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. I know there are a lot of people that served in the military on The Lounge. I was wondering when you served, what was your job, for how long and where were you stationed?
    I was in the Army, 1975-1979 stationed in Freidberg W.Germany as an artilleryman. I was on the same post that Elvis was stationed in the 50's. I used to eat at the Elvis A. Presley mess hall. Loved it more than I thought at the time. Moral was low during those years and you needed to concentrate to stay focused and centered in a mass of post hippie, post viet-nam, shoulder shrugging view of the military. I miss those days of no war, just war games. It was an experience that I think most should go through. I suppose ideally, we could skip the war thing and just do the military thing. Made me grow up and become a team player. :cheers1:
  2. Badluck Brody

    Badluck Brody Practically Family

    Active Army 89-92, ARNG 92-00

    Infantry (11-H Anti-armor)

    Most of my time was spent at Ft. Lewis WA, then partying in Seattle. God I miss that place. If I wasn't tied here and a bit younger, I'd leave in a second and go back!!!

    Incidentally I just found out one of my best friends (him and my buddy Rich are like brothers to me. Not to mention their family treat me better than my own), was just wounded in Iraq. Without saying anything that might conflict with protocol and propriety, I'm told he's being credited with saving his crew from a roadside SUI bomber.

    My god... I remember when I first met him when him and his brother got back from basic training.... Two of the best damn soldiers, best damn friends a man could ask for. Maybe it's just survivor's guilt, but I wish to God I could have been there for him or even taken his place. Well atleast the war is over for him now and he's comming home. I couldn't be more proud of him.

    I just wish I could have been there for him.......

  3. Uncle Sam's Misguiged Children 80-84, 1st Bn 9th Marines, 0311 Rifleman OOOH RAAAH!
  4. zeus36

    zeus36 A-List Customer

    Went into the US Navy in 1983 via the Cleveland, Ohio MEPS center as an Aviation Electronics Technician (AT) with Recruit training in Orlando, FL. Shipped up to Millington TN (near Memphis) for "A" school.

    Volunteered for Aircrewman School in Pensacola, FL. then did my aircraft Heuy UH-1N familiarization with HC-16 squadron also in Pensacola. Flew in Heuy's as a Utility Crewchief until I shipped out to the West Coast and Point Mugu NAS where I trained to become a Huey Polar Crewchief for deployments to McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

    Did three deployments to the Ice in '84 '85, and '86. Got out in 1987 and stayed in the Ventura area till this day. I am originally from Canton, Ohio.
  5. USMC 73-77 flightcrew CH-46 crewchief.
  6. Zues, I was in Millington for basic helicopter school in early 74.
  7. boomerchop

    boomerchop One of the Regulars

    41 for Freedom

    I'm new to the boards, and learning alot from all of the posts. I'm retired Navy and my screen name comes from my submarine and Supply Corps background. I was on the USS SAM RAYBURN (SSBN635G), which is a "boomer" or fleet ballistic missile submarine and one of the original 41 for Freedom. "Chop" is a nickname for supply officers, short for porkchop, since food service is one of our responsibilities. I served from 1978 to 1994, taking an early retirement during the big drawdown when they were trying to get rid of people. Also served on USS PROTEUS in Guam and USS ORION in La Maddalena, Italy, in addition to a variety of shore jobs.

    Looking forward to getting further acquainted with everyone here.

    Paul Webb
  8. Badluck Brody

    Badluck Brody Practically Family

    That is a sharp handle!!

    That can go any where from military & mobster to gunslinger!!!

    Take care

  9. varga49

    varga49 One of the Regulars

    USN 1970-74...DOD 1974-87 I played with Bombs, Rockets, Small Arms, and other things that go BOOM
  10. Wow! A fellow submariner (in a sense)! Obviously I wasn't on a sub, but my husband was so I guess I'm speaking for him. He was on the USS San Juan SSN751, a fast attack sub in Groton, Ct. from 1991 to 1996. He was a "nuke" or nuclear mechanic, working on the reactor among other duties in the engine room. He made 3 trips to the North Pole with that boat. Then, from 1996 to 1998, he was on the USS Simon Lake AS-33, a sub tender in La Maddelena, Italy. I did have a military job, though. I worked for 3 of his CO's over 6 of those years as command ombudsman.

    My husband is now an aerospace engineer, but he's also in the Coast Guard Reserve, attatched to the Cutter Blackfin out of Santa Barbara. It'll be 16 years with the military this January. He also got his commission last July :clap .

    Boomerchop, it's nice to 'meet' you. I hope you enjoy the lounge. Oh, before I forget, did you like La Maddelena? I loved it. We lived just up the hill from the NSA, across the street from a little restaurant called Vera Napoli.
  11. I was in the Army 1966-68 and my job was as a Flight operation coordinator.I was a draftee and had the the most outstanding luck to score this job. My first job was to be a light weapons infantryman but the Brigade was over crowded and I got the above job after an interview.
    I went to Viet Nam in 1967 and eight months later was medivaced after a schrapnel wound. During my time in Viet Nam I was at An Khe, Bong Son, LZ El Paso and Camp Evans not to far from the DMZ. My wounding was another fortunate event as my group was on its way to Khe Sahn. Most Viet Nam vets would have heard of that place.
  12. Prairie Shade

    Prairie Shade A-List Customer

    I am reluctant - BUT- Just the facts

    BORN: 02sept1947
    DISCHARGED: 9-68
    RANK: E-5
    MILITARY MOS --11C-11B


    Thanks for the ride Macawber ( I think).
  13. Prarie Shade
    You would have gone to your combat assaults in one of the 11th aviation groups choppers,unless you were in the 9th Cav. As I recall they had there own choppers with crossed sabres painted on the front, and a lot of the fellas looked like they were in Custers army. When I think about it it doesn't seem like a long time ago.
  14. US Navy

    Submarine Sonar Tech. Everywhere from San Diego Ca., Groton Ct., Bremerton Wa., to Charleston SC.
    Punched holes in the Atlantic and Mediteranian. Commands include USS John Marshall (SSN-611), USS Thomas Jefferson (SSN-618), sub tender USS Frank Cable (AS-40), along with Instructor duty (SUBTRAFAC CHASN).
    Boomerchop, I crossed over the the decks of the Orion with orders to my first Sub. Were you there in March 1982?
    It all seem so long ago!
  15. boomerchop

    boomerchop One of the Regulars

    Off to DC

    No, I wasn't on ORION then. I had just left my boat and moved to the aircraft carrier acquisition office at NAVSEA in early 1982. I didn't get to ORION until 1991, and even the PROTEUS was still in my future.
  16. 87-91...USMC

    24th Marine Amphibious. Scout Sniper. Nuf' Said.


  17. CasaBlancaChuck

    CasaBlancaChuck Familiar Face

    US Army Military Police 1965-67...served as a Parole Officer (2nd Lt.) Us Disciplinary Barracks, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas one year and, platoon leader, Co A, 716th Military Police Bn 1966-67 Republic of Vietnam........
  18. matei

    matei Practically Family

    When I was living in the US I was an 96B Intel Analyst in the USAR (!)... However, most of my brief career I actually did another MOS's work - 97L (translator). Uncle Sugar decided that since I'm multi-lingual they could save a few bucks by having me train in a different specialty and skip having to send me to Monterrey. If I were only wiser... I could strangle that recruiter now, but I needed money to go to college.

    All in all it was an excellent experience. I got to go all over the place (more than I wanted to), work in embassies, meet interesting people - heads of state, military types, all sorts - and get to see all sorts of behind-the-scenes stuff I normally wouldn't have heard about.

    A cool thing was that I had to dress in a suit (no pickle suit - rather civvies) 90% of the time, so I got paid to do all the above and look good! :cool:

    But best of all there was no one shooting at me, nor was I shooting at anyone else, during my brief stint in the USAR.
  19. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    ...seems like only yesterday, sometimes....:eek:

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