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Movie locations

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by BlueTrain, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. The movie Rushmore was filmed in Houston, with several notable filming locations around. St. John's School is the fictional "Rushmore Academy" and the local Lamar High School was used for the film's "Grover Cleveland High". One of the more famous locations was the barber shop owned by the main character's grandfather in the film:


    The place is Doug's Barber Shop, and looks like this in reality:

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  2. In NYC, many active restaurants are used for movie locations, just off the top of my head, ones that I've been to that have been in one or more classic movies:
    • 21 Club (used really well in "Sweet Smell of Success" and many, many other movies)
    • Delmonico's ("Life with Father")
    • The Stork Club ("All About Eve -" the building is gone, but I've been to the pocket park that is now there)
    • Oak Bar (used in many films, but most notably in "North by Northwest")
    • Pete's Tavern ("Ragtime")
    • Bemelman's Bar (in Woody Allen's "Hollywood Ending")
    • P.J. Clarke's ("The Lost Weekend")
    With some time (and a little internet research), there are many more.
  3. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    There have been coffee table books written about the locations used in "The Wild Bunch", "Easy Rider" & a book covering spaghetti westerns. They compare pictures of then vs today. My kids gave me the one on "Easy Rider" on the 40th anniversary of the film in 2009.

    In the 1994 filming by Ang Lee of "Ride With the Devil" there were a few buildings left in an abandoned town after floods had caused the new town to be relocated & rebuilt a yr or two prior. The original town location & those buildings served as the film location for the raid & burning of Lawrence, KS.
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  4. In the movie Pearl Harbor the scene of the Japanese planning the attack was filmed at Fort MacArthur in San Pedro, California.

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  5. "Look kids, it's Buckingham Palace. That's where the Queen works."
    "What does she do?"
    "She queens"

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  6. The only thing that ever captured that "enthusiastic parent trying to educate and inform" tone just so well as this was Cry Baby - wanda's parents ("Now, let's all put on a folk hat and learn something about a foreign culture.")
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  7. And speaking of Vacation. Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California was Wally World in the movie.
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  8. Is it still under going renovations?
  9. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    The Redwoods, which served as the backdrop to the 1997 "The Lost World: Jurassic Park".



    Chicago, which has served as the backdrop to countless movies. Here's a "The Dark Knight" inspired shot:

    Loleta, Ca, which was the backdrop to the creepy Santa Mira, Home of Silver Shamrock Novelties from John Carpenter's Season of the Witch.
  10. I've heard a few horror stories about that over the years. And when the property owners complained about damage, the studios sent one of their legal "experts" to explain the language in the contract that explained the owners had agreed to such damage when they signed the contract and cashed the check. :rolleyes: In more recent years property owners around here have become wiser to such incidents, and have had their own lawyers review such contracts before putting pen to paper.

    I've mentioned this somewhere here before, but the first time I visited Chicago one of my wife's cousins gave us a tour of the downtown area. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't standing on a studio backlot. :p
  11. MikeKardec

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    If I remember correctly this film (best watched with the sound off as the dialog is, as we used to say Porn Horrible) was filmed in Hawaii, California, Texas, Indiana, Nevada, Mexico and England. This is the superbowl of production logistics, like making five interlocking $20M movies back to back with huge penalties for every shut down and move. But it's one of the reasons it looks so good. This sort of thing disappeared from film production for years, not so much for the total costs (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid didn't cost all that much but was shot with many state to state moves) but for the wasted time/money at whatever the budget. It's become a thing again with Game of Thrones, very draining of $$$ and energy for the core crew who travels to each different place, but the pay off is fantastic production value. Hard to talk studio executives into it though!

    The biggest problem I've experienced with people getting their money has been them just not acting fast enough. It's best to hit up the production company before the budget is drained down too far and definitely before the studio closes the books on the "single use" (read "shell") corporation used to produce that individual film ... those exist to limit liability. When it comes to paychecks, I can remember going around to crew people as we were wrapping a shoot and telling them, "cash this check today!"

    Another time, early on in my short and sweet "career," I got into the company office one morning and saw that one of our TV movies was shooting at the beautiful home of my sister's boyfriend. I jumped in my car and rushed across town (not that I could really stop any potential destruction, I was just an assistant producer) to find that the crew had already broken a chandelier. Bummer, but that's what happens when you allow the carnival, 50 to 90 people tasked with construction work, moving giant lights and heavy camera dollies, into your house. It's always a disaster!
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  12. In the movie The Killing Fields, there is a very brief part of the scene of the US Embassy in Phnom Penh being evacuated where reporter Sidney Schanberg (Sam Waterston) and his interpreter Dith Pran (Haing S. Ngor) are trying to make their way to the evacuation helicopters. This was filmed in three countries! In the first shot they're in the garden of the ambassador's residence which was filmed in Thailand, in the second shot they then pass through the house which was filmed in England, and then finally they're out on the front lawn where the helicopters are landing which was filmed in San Diego.
  13. Myers Lake, aka Franklin Canyon Reservoir, Beverly Hills


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  14. Burbank, California
    October 19, 2017

    This was where they filmed the scene in Back to the Future where Marty, late for school, hitches a ride with his skateboard. Doc Brown's 1985 home in the movie was a facade built in the Burger King parking lot off to the left.


    Interestingly, the Toys R Us and the Lancers Restaurant seen in this image are still there. I had lunch there today.


    Doc's house was here.

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  15. I recently watched 1966's "Any Wednesday" and one scene (see link below) with Jane Fonda and Dean Jones takes place in a small "pocket" park in Sutton Place.

    Not only is the park still there and still looks, basically, the same, but I lived a few blocks from it and have always loved going to it - my girlfriend and I would sometimes go out to get ice-cream after dinner and sit in this park to eat it.

    The picture after the film clip is about how it looks today - not changed much at all (they just took out some of the swings, etc. that were in the movie). It's a little gem of an open space with a wonderful view in a very crowded and built up city.


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  16. Old Town Pasadena and its alleyways stood in for 1930s Chicago in The Sting. The two alleyways, around the corner from each other, now have shops and restaurants.

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  17. p51

    p51 Practically Family

    I have been to Roslyn, WA a few times, where they filmed, "Northern Exposure" and it hasn't changed hardly at all in all those years.
    My dad was in the film, "Something Wild" and literally bumps into Jeff Daniels in a gas station. I just drove by there a few weeks ago and it doesn't look too different:
    Note the silver van. That's the first vehicle I ever drove. Dad's civil war cannon is on the trailer behind it, and Dad is the tall guy in grey in front of it. Dad has always bene quite shy and he was begged to be in the movie, as they wanted some civil war re-enactors and they wanted a cannon. the Florida state museum denied their request for a historic one. Another actor was supposed to be the guy bumping into Jeff Daniels, but they liked dad's look better, so he got some screen time.
    The scene was supposed to take place in Virginia, and it was filmed in Quincy, Florida.
    They filmed the center of the movie around Tallahassee, Florida, standing in for several states south of New York. Many of the locations don't exist anymore. The pool ray Liotta throws Melanie Griffith into is gone, as is the adjacent hotel. it's a restaurant now. Many locals remember the filming to this day.
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  18. Just finished "Godless"....pretty good series but there are some scenes that are so stunningly beautiful they alone would make it worthwhile. Need to find out the "where" and go there in person
  19. MondoFW

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    Does anyone know what the spot where Intolerance was filmed looks like now? I can't find any results. Of course, I doubt that there are remnants of the Babylonian structures, as the set was deconstructed around 100 years ago.
  20. A Film Noir favorite....MALTESE FALCON!
    and San Francisco Bay Bridge.

    I didn’t expect it to be the same as in the movie any more,
    but had a grand time visiting.

    Found these images:
    (1940s postcard)

    (Photo stills)

    Set I.jpg

    I added a ‘40s San Francisco Bridge and the actors from one photo
    to make for one shot where you can see the ceiling as well.

    Next is to add the lettering back on the windows.
    I have to adjust the proportions of the bridge on the windows by Bogie
    to match the height of the building.
    Film Noir.png

    I’m doing this on my iPhone while waiting at the doctor’s office.

    Anything to distract me from being here! ;)
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