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My New Vanson Model B

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Jejupe, Apr 16, 2018 at 6:57 PM.

  1. Jejupe

    Jejupe New in Town

    I wanted to share some new fit pics with my fellow loungers.

    I bought a Vanson Model B from a netshop with intention of using it as a fit jacket for ordering a custom model b through Vanson (and returning this one), but as it turns out, I find this standard jacket to be better fitting than 90% of my excisting leather jackets. Feel free to comment, should I keep this one, or spend few hundred dollars extra to make some modifications with custom jacket?

    As this is the first Vanson I have in my hands, I must also say that quality of it is really impressive and the comp weight leather is just superb!

  2. JMax

    JMax A-List Customer

    Jejupe, that looks great. I prefer a bit longer sleeves for riding but that is a personal preference. The jacket looks great on you. How does it look and feel without the hoodie?
  3. red devil

    red devil A-List Customer

    Looks very good :)
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  4. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    What's there to modify? Looks great to me! The sleeves are just right.
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  5. Sleeves would be too short for me but everything else looks pretty good.
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  6. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    Fit looks great. I prefer a bit more length in the sleeves. I think 1" additional and it would be perfect. This is just my preference though, fit everywhere else looks ideal. Good fit through the chest and shoulders body length is perfect.
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  7. Jejupe

    Jejupe New in Town

    Let’s say that with (thin) hoodie it feels just a little bit too tight in soem places. Without hoodie it fits comfortably.
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  8. Jejupe

    Jejupe New in Town

    I noticed the sleeves look little short especially in the first pic. I reckon that’s because I tried to bend my arms a little for the picture . I should probably train posing more...

    I think this picture (in which the sleeves look longer to me) gives better idea of their actual length:


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  9. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    Indeed. At that length it's a definite keeper. Not worth the extra $$ to go custom! Nice!
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  10. JMax

    JMax A-List Customer

    Yes, the sleeves do look better there. I do not think that handing over some more money will improve the jacket enough to merit handing over some more money. It looks great.
  11. Jejupe

    Jejupe New in Town

    Thanks for all feedback! Much appreciated. You confirmed what I already thought myself. This one’s a keeper!

    Next project custom Vanson Gambler...

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  12. JMax

    JMax A-List Customer

    Glad to see another FL member that worships at the Vanson altar.
  13. dannyk

    dannyk One of the Regulars

    For the money Vanson is king. No they aren’t doing exact repros of vintage models. And don’t have quite the color, hardware and hide varieties as other makers; although recently they have gotten a lot better on this front. But for quality, protection, and cool factor it doesn’t get better than Vanson at that price point. By no means is Vanson cheap but considering 90% of their jackets are like 500-900 dollars who else offers that quality and craftsmanship at those prices?!
  14. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    How about pics with no hoodie and sleeves zipped? Looks sweet as it.
    Be well. Bowen
  15. Butch_Coolidge

    Butch_Coolidge Familiar Face

    That fits perfectly. What size is it? Forget custom unless you’ve got some money to burn.

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  16. Guppy

    Guppy One Too Many

    I'd keep it. Looks like it fits very well.

    TREEMAN Practically Family

    Looks good ......Keep it !!!
  18. Bfd70

    Bfd70 A-List Customer

    Think it looks good. I have a stock Model B and for me the sleeve length to chest size ratio comes in a little long. I think thats where some customization comes in handy. I can work around the slightly long sleeves on my right arm because the sleeve zips so tightly. On my left arm (watch side) i can’t zip the sleeve all the way and it rides down a little too long. I’m hoping some more break in time will loosen that wrist.
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  19. Jejupe

    Jejupe New in Town

    Here you go sir!



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  20. Jejupe

    Jejupe New in Town

    Its size 48.
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