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Name Something That Your Mother or Grandmother Cooked That Was Your Favorite!

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by 2jakes, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. English Fig pudding that my grandmother cooked every Christmas.
    I miss it when the holidays role around.
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  2. Calamari fritti. Grandmama made it like nobody else.
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  3. vitanola

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    Rajská Omáčka, a particularly savory tomato sauce, seasoned with Bay, Allspice, Cloves, and a little Black Pepper. This is generally served over a pot roast of beef and " knedlíky v ubrousku ", large, light dumplings made from stale "housky" (rolls) which are steamed after being tied in a napkin and are then sliced with sewing thread.

  4. I can make good fried chicken, but I can't make Mom's fried chicken.

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  5. scotrace

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    I'm on the hunt for recipes. Amazing.
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  7. Don’t have New York style pizza in my neck of the woods.
    So I was thinking of DIY.
    I found all the right ingredients which can be ordered online.
    Now all I need is the right bricks & oven!

    Years ago were two brothers (Italian) from New York who
    had a small diner. Best pizza in town.They are gone, and they would
    never tell me how they prepared the dough. :(
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  8. Used to work in a pizza shop/deli in Cleveland heights. The Lebanese fellow made some of the best pie I've ever had. The Sicilian guy just never measured up.

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  9. Teriyaki chicken. My mom used a marinade of soy sauce, Italian dressing, sugar and green onions. Unfortunately she never wrote down an exact recipe and I've been trying to recreate it. She also made a terrific beef brisket with ketchup and beer.
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  10. My dad made the best “homemade” flour tortillas ever.
    Delicious and soft.
    I tried various times.
    First time, I bought the “instant" mix flour.
    I then remembered that he used lard and the flour was not the instant blend.
    I also recall what other ingredients he used, but the results were not right.
    They came out hard like frisbees!
    Finally, by accident and not following the instructions, I mixed and blended the dough
    for a very short time. They came out just as I remembered my dad’s.
    Only thing is...I got to stop eating them on a regular basis, since I put on weight fast.
    Something I never did as a kid. Now I make them on special occasions only.
  11. Cottage pie (that my mum called shepherd's pie though she used minced beef) and lasagna, just enough ricotta cheese. Christmas treats included peanut butter balls and Nanaimo bars (Bing that last one).
  12. scotrace

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  13. Stormy

    Stormy A-List Customer

    The only fried chicken I've ever liked was my mother's.
  14. My grandmother was known for fried mackerel and toasted cheese sandwiches. Not always together, but sometimes.

    The only thing my mother ever made that I liked was finnan haddie, which is pretty hard to do badly. Slab of smoked, salted haddock in a dish, open a can of Carnation milk, pour it on the fish, bake it for ten minutes, and you're done.
  15. My grandmother used to make what she simply called 'greens'. She used either broccoli rabe or dandelion (which to my wife's later horror my grandmother used to pick from Astoria Park in Queens NY), sauteed with garlic. She added pink beans and homemade polenta. The recipe is not complicated but I've never had a meal as comforting. Funny how talking about it make me instantly remember the smell of garlic and the taste.
  16. I've had this for every birthday since the age of ten instead of a cake. My wife uses all butter now. :)



  17. Is that Mom's handwriting, too? One of my great joys is owning and occasionally referring to Mom's recipe box, and reading them in her handwriting.

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  18. I'm at the farm, so that's my wife's handwriting. The original is back in town in Mom's handwriting.
  19. TimeWarpWife

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    My dad's mom made the most incredible bread pudding - the inside was almost custard-like instead of bread and raisins. Sadly, she passed away when I was 17 and had no interest in cooking, so I never got her recipe. I asked my dad, who was also an amazing cook, but he didn't know how she made it either.
  20. 100% pure buckwheat pancakes. Man, those were good. For years I couldn't make them but last year both sisters were at the house and we all had a craving so combining brainpower we made up a batch. Just a good after all these years.

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