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Natty Custom Made Shirts For Only $24.99

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by nattyshirts, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Dear All,
    Natty Shirts has started its March Madness sales in which you can buy any custom made shirt even the super fine 100% cotton one for just $24.99 throughout March. So what are you waiting for visit http://www.nattyshirts.com and book one for you right away. For details and reviews visit our site.
    Natty Shirts
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  2. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    We'd like to welcome The Fedora Lounge's new sponsor, Natty Shirts. Please take a look at their wares, and feel free to ask them questions in this thread, or in their threads in the Merchants area.
  3. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Customer Support

    Thank you Nathan. We hope people would love our product and services specially our no questions asked return policy and customer support which makes us distinct from other online merchants.
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  5. NickyJoy

    NickyJoy New in Town

    Is this code valid for all fabrics or some specific ones?
  6. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Dear no need for code anymore. We have applied the prices $24.99 to all fabrics ad now you can enjoy each custom made shirt in $24.99 for the whole month of march. Just visit http://www.nattyshirts.com and book your order right away.
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  7. Is the cotton wrinkle resistant or non-iron?
  8. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Not 100% but oue super fine 120S has almost 80% more resistance than the normal cotton. Most of them are smooth as silk in finish. We do have some reviews on our site with reference to all third party sites.

  9. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

  10. After reading this thread, I had just placed an order for two shirts.

    In your return policy, if my size is wrong (too tight), I may exchange them for another, correct? My sizing is just neck and sleeve, I did not fully customize the shirts' measurements.
  11. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Thanks for considering

    Yes sir we do replace our shirts for fitting issues if it is not of the size you mentioned. But it is a normal practice that when we send a confirmation email we do ask a few questions regarding fitting for better fit. Please acknowledge the confirmation if you have got one.

  12. Thank you for the fast reply, nattyshirts!
  13. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    :) Customer support is the biggest strength of Natty Shirts you can read our reviews on customer support.
  14. Could you make the shirt 3 inches longer if reqiested?

  15. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Every inch of your shirt is customizable and you can get even 6" longer if you want to
  16. MrSpiffy

    MrSpiffy New in Town

    Just put in an order for a pair of shirts tonight. I'm looking forward to trying them on. Nice prices for custom shirts!

    Can I ask, do you make the shirts here in the US? I thought I saw somewhere that these shirts are sewn overseas.

    Edit: Just had a customer service rep check on my order via chat. Prompt service! Thank you!
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  17. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Sir we use 2 facilities one is in dubai and one is in Lhr but the company is purely registered and operative in NY
  18. I've not used to having a sleeve length from the top of the shoulder seam instead of from the neck down the arm.
    I got a size error on my order and look forward to getting it all sorted out.

    The Wolf
  19. nattyshirts

    nattyshirts Sponsoring Affiliate

    Our system caters errors like this and will automatically deduct half of yoke if the sleeves are not normal. Even then to be sure just send an email at support@nattyshirts.com and confirm your production sizes.
  20. carldelo

    carldelo One Too Many

    Just caught up with this thread yesterday - took the plunge and ordered a couple of shirts in green, which I have a hard time finding. The website could be a little more fluid, I think. There was no email order confirmation when the order was placed, although there was when I set up an account.

    Also, I went back and forth on some ordering options (cuff and pocket style, dimensions) and as a result my account shows three orders, although I only placed one. Hopefully this will all be sorted during processing. I'm not too worried, and looking forward to trying the shirts. I measured three of my best-fitting shirts so am hoping for a good fit.

    PS - confusion resolved, with email confirmation of the correct order received in just over an hour. Very nice!
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