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Need advice on a new jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by goldendawn7, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. goldendawn7

    goldendawn7 New in Town

    Hello all,
    Im new to the site and have been reading a lot of posts on leather jackets. Ive been saving and I plan on buying a nice dead horse very soon, but I am torn between an Aero Highwayman and a Schott 689. I like the Schott's V-shape (Anything that fits my chest/shoulders drapes off my midsection like a circus tent), but they want $800 to custom make one, and I dont think I get a choice in lining, and I hear that Aero uses better leather. Also, the fine details of the Aero, from what I've seen from online pictures, look much nicer then the Schott.
    Does anyone have any experience with a Schott 689?
    Any experience with getting a custom job from Schott at all?
    How warm is horsehide? I dont get cold easily, and want a jacket I can wear from mid twenties to high 50's/low 60's without sweating my nether region off, and need a suggestion on lining.
    Will Aero make a highwayman that is more athletic shaped as to not draw attention to my beer-and-butter belly?
    Should I say screw it and buy an off the rack 141 (Which fits me like a glove in size 44)? Does a cafe racer look good with anything other then jeans? (I'm a pretty conservative dresser).
    Good God, someone help me. :eek:
  2. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    For me the problem with Aero is how heavy they are (sure they're good looking and well made). But they make me sweat in most weather. Most folk here will probably disagree but I have a rule that any jacket I own can't weigh more than 4 pounds - around 2 kilos. Aeros and others I have had in a half-belt tend to weigh around 5-6 pounds or even more. They don't work for me.

    I'm 6 ft 2 inches and 185 pounds but I would rather wear a 3-4 pound jacket and put a sweater underneath for warmth than try and wear a heavier coat for a long period.

    I don't ride a bike so I don't need a suit of armour - but maybe you do...

    Cheers - Seb
  3. OneEyeMan

    OneEyeMan A-List Customer

    You're going to get a million differing opinions, so I may as well chime in early.
    The 689 has belts at the waist, as opposed to at the hips as on the Highwayman. This will give both jackets a different look. The 689 also doesn't give any choice on lining; I believe the lining in it is bonded somehow to the leather and is quite thick, being quilted. With the Aero, you'll have your choice of many different linings so you can tailor it to the climate you expect to wear it in.
    As for fit, I don't know much about Schott's customizing.
    But Aero nailed the fit on my Highwayman!
    Just give them the measurements they ask for, they tell them anything else about how you want to wear it; with a bulky sweater, roomier in the waist, etc.
    As for leather quality, again, I have no experience with Schott.
    But I can't imagine any leather being nicer than the FQHH that came on my Highwayman.
    Another thing to consider is that the Aero will probably end up costing a bit less due to the dollar's strength against the pound.
    As for the last poster's comment, I'm sure some people get warm with thicker leather. But in my experience, it 's the lining that makes all the difference.
    One final thought, if you go with the Aero, be prepared to wait.
    Good luck and let us know what you eventually go for.
  4. Ace Rimmer

    Ace Rimmer One of the Regulars

    I have no experience with Schott but I have a similar profile. My drop is around 10" which is why I went with Aero for a Highwayman. I too hate it when "standard" jackets that fit my shoulders balloon around my waist ... kinda defeats the purpose of having a small waist eh?

    I posted pics of my Highwayman in one of the other threads but I didn't post any fit threads. I need to take some. But based on my experience I would definitely give a thumbs up to Aero if you have a larger-than-normal drop. As Lenny mentioned, it may take a while (mine took 6+ months) but Aero will nail the fit.

    PS I was just in your neck of the woods in RTP. Danny's BBQ and Char-Grill are good eats. My waist might not be so small after all those ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, (fried) apple turnovers and hushpuppies. lol
  5. goldendawn7

    goldendawn7 New in Town

    Thanks for the replies so fay, keep 'em coming, I want as varied a viewpoint I can find. Seb, what lining do you have in your Aeros? Ace, our BBQ here is awesome. Please post some pictures of the fit. I wonder if Aero can put the belts on the waist and the hips? I wonder how that would look. If anyone thinks that would look like crap, let me know.

    Thanks to all again,
  6. Creeping Past

    Creeping Past One Too Many

    Aero can make a jacket that fits you, as long as you can get your sizing right. If you've got a style in mind, get talking to them about what they can do.

    Regarding the thickness/heaviness of the leather, Aero make jackets in various weights of hide, so don't be put off by people telling you their hides are too heavy. If you want a lighter weight jacket than the heavy FQHH, the mid-weight might work for you. But again, see what they say.
  7. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You will get little, if any, warmth from the HH, irrespective of the weight; any warmth will come from the lining. If you don't want something too warm, go with the cotton drill. And the idea of belts at both the waist and at the hips is an idea best forgotten.
  8. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    I've only had cotton drill lining. It's carrying around all that leather that makes me sweat. Even the lighter weight is too heavy IMO. But they are a lovely product to look at.
  9. The Highwayman is a fifties cut jacket, so while it will be less boxy than modern jackets, it will still be slightly roomier at the waist than a 30s or 40s jacket. If you wnt something that really comes in neat to the waist (and it sounds like you have the figure to get away with it), look at the Aero Thirties Halfbelt. If you want a front belt tyle arrangement as opposed to side buckles, have a look at the Aero Trailrider:

  10. RP McMurphy

    RP McMurphy One of the Regulars

    Guess I'll chime in...

    Why not order a schott that's in stock and see how it fits? It looks like many of Schott's jackets have a very fitted motorcycle/60's cut to them... which should be just about perfect. Then send it back if you don't like the fit/color/whatever. Yeah, you might have to pay the shipping costs, but at least then you know where to spend your money. I think Aero's are great, but everyone has something they want in a leather jacket. Hope you find yours.

    Good luck!
  11. goldendawn7

    goldendawn7 New in Town

    Edward, Its funny you mention that, I just started looking at the Half-Belts today, and like them more then the Highwayman. So I guess now its between the Halfbelt and the 689. McMurphy, Yeah, I planned on ordering a stock 689 sometime this week to see if I really dig the style/Horsehide. If Schott cant replace the quilted lining though, I think that's a deal breaker.
    Also, anyone have any opinions on the Cafe Racer with anything other then Jeans? Can I pull off a Cafe with a nice pair of wool trousers and a pinpoint collared white oxford button-up without looking like a clueless schlub?
  12. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I don't think the cafe racer would work with anything other than a motorcycle, but then that's all I wear mine with.
  13. Some time back, I bought a care racer styled jacket, in black, forf wearing to the office on those 'in-between' Spring days when a blazer or suit coat isn't enough, but an overcoat on top of that is too much. I wore it with open neck shirts, cravats, four in hand tie.... It worked fine to my eye (unfortunately I have no photos), though it was a very plain style, similar to the Aero. I don't think it would have carried the same had it had any external logos, or obvious armouring, for instance. In the end I sold it to help fund another jacket as my personal preferences have developed towards a leather jacket with a 'shirt style' collar, as opposed to the mandarin style typically ound on the cafe racer. That and mine had a distinct latter fifties / early sixties vibe, while I prefer an earlier-period aesthetic nowadays. It was a very practical jacket for my purposes, though.
  14. JLStorm

    JLStorm Practically Family

    I dont have experience with the Schott 689, but I have quite a bit of experience with Schott and Gail who seems to be the lead customer service person for custom orders. First off, here is my take on Schott vs. Aero in general, as I own both. Schott is an excellent quality jacket, but the leather and workmanship does not match Aero. The one thing I do like about Schott over aero is the quality and toughness of their zips, but thats because Aero is more geared towards repro's and its apparent in their zips. Schott does use nice tough leather, but its not near the weight or thickness that Aero uses and you simply do not get the one on one service you get by going through the Aero factory in Scotland. Schott thinks the world of their leather quality and to be sure, it is many times better than a traditional mall jacket, but I think they give themselves far too much credit.

    As far as customer orders, this is where Schott gets ridiculous. Schott charges a very hefty premium for any pattern changes. They are a company that is geared towards mass production of standard sizes, not custom orders. I think it would be a serious waste of money to order anything custom from Schott, unless the Schott name had some sentimental value, as the monetary value is simply not there.

    The only way I would ever by a Schott again over Aero is if both of the following conditions were met:
    1. I fit perfectly into an off the shelf size
    2. the exchange rate changed significantly against my country's currency.

    Give the current market rate and the fact that you want custom work, I think that you would seriously be wasting money by not going with Aero.

    Just my opinion.
  15. bobjones

    bobjones A-List Customer

    As a NYer, I generally try to support my local brands/stores, etc, but agree with the post above; Schott is good, Aero is superlative.

    There are many stores in NY that carry schotts, and i have had many an opportunity to carefully inspect them. In the times I've walked into a store that sells Schott while wearing my Aero, even the clerks were quite impressed with my Aero, seeing the clear difference.

    With a custom Aero at $600 vs. about $500 or so for a Schott, I cannot really see why someone would choose Schott, IMO.
  16. Fiver64

    Fiver64 One of the Regulars

    lining thickness

    In the for-what-it's-worth catagory........ I've never owned any custom Schott jackets, but I've owned 2 off-the-rack Schotts recently, and soon disposed of both. The leather was not nearly as quality (in thickness or overall finish) as the my Aero jackets, and the lining was a very thick, non-removeable quilting that I found made me feel a bit like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man. I also didn't like that the quilted material was more of an acetate and tended to fuzz-out easily. If you are steering clear of too-warm jackets, the Schott would probably NOT be the way I would go. The FQHH of Aero is very heavy, but INHO, not overly hot. Good luck in your choice!
  17. OneEyeMan

    OneEyeMan A-List Customer

  18. goldendawn7

    goldendawn7 New in Town

    OneEyeMan, The Vanson Enfield is gorgeous. Better looking then the 689, and dead sexy for sure, but I cant pay $800 for a jacket that's not customized. Anyway, Thanks to everyone that put their 2 cents in! I learned a lot, and made up my mind;
    Because the wait for an Aero is so damn long, I'm buying an off the rack Schott cowhide 141 now that I found a killer deal on, and with the money I didnt spend, I'm getting a pair of customized White's boots, since the Red Wing Gentleman Travelers are too long and narrow for my wide as hell feet. Ill save up and order an Aero (Maybe a Cossack, maybe a Halfbelt, maybe I'll go nuts and get a Barnstormer) this coming February for my birthday, so I'll get in in time for next winter, even if the wait is something ridiculous like 6 months.
    Again, thanks to everyone for your input. I couldn't have made a good decision without you.

    Now, any advice on ordering Whites Boots?
  19. Southernwayfare

    Southernwayfare One of the Regulars

    Just to be clear, some people have had long waits for there Aeros. Others, including me, had very reasonable delivery times, i.e. less than 6 weeks. It seems that most of the waits are from people who DIDN'T order DIRECTLY from Aero.

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