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Need help identifying a Navigator's Briefcase

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by Flyhalf_Keith, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. My dad turns 85 later this month. He is a retired USAF O-6 and a Master Navigator. While looking to get him a new Type VIII or IX briefcase for his birthday I stumbled across the bag in the attached image. I remember from boyhood he had a case like the one pictured but I am not sure if it was standard equipment or a private purchase. Does anyone know it's provenence? A Manufacturer or contract number would be the ultimate information! I saw this on etsy and it has the name of a USAF Captain marked on the top. The seller saw no stencil on the inside like most military bags will have.

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  2. All Navigators would be rated 2nd lieutenant upon graduation from flight school and receiving their commission. I believe all officers were issued one set of casual, plus dress and a stipend for their uniform to be used at their discretion. Thus they were given an allowance for uniform's and necessities. Such as shoes, socks, uniforms, and or a bag. Many personnel purchased these items close to the base. That is why their are more WW11 uniforms with private labels from cities with large military bases.
    That said, almost everyone who received a military contract during that period was required to stamp or mark their own products. I would say it was made after the war?
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    At the Duxford Imperial War museum in Cambridgeshire, UK, I remember seeing a flight bag. It was one of many ancillary artefacts along with the likes of mess tins and flight crews personal possessions. I didn't pay that much attention to the bag, so I just looked it up. This is circa WW2 era. It doesn't seem to resemble the photo that you have posted so I would concur with SSC and say it was made post war.
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