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Negative comments about your jackets from others

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by MeachamLake, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    @ton312, I'm sure she'd be secretly thrilled that I'm giving her such positive feedback 'in public'. Who doesn't love to be adored?
    I'm sure the guy will be less secretly sulking because of that. She should ditch him, she'd get more views.
    He could go it alone! He could make a YouTube tutorial on how to wear fake glasses when you're a male model who desperately wants to be seen as intelligent but people insist on treating you as a male bimbo. Then he could teach us how to nod along knowingly when the clever people speak.
    I'd watch that! Kinda like a real life Zoolander!
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  2. If she lives anywhere in socal, I would glady pay her a visit in my Grizzly. I'm sure she'll be so scared that I'll bite her or something because I'm wearing the hair on hide, she'll gladly pay whatever I demand. Clearly that guy isn't going to be able to defend her either so it's a no brainer :p
  3. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    I consider this a true cafe racer.
    Lol. I agree on every point except maybe that there just might be some lens distortion so the glasses could be legit.

    But really, there's way too much stuff like that to give this another thought. I consider such people modern day equivalents to circus clowns. Near everything made for youtube is worthless. Especially youtube covers.
  4. To quote the late, great Benny Hill... "RUBBAGE! Absolute RUBBAGE!" When not laughing hysterically I wanted to shake both of them till their teeth hurt. That lame P.O.S. they called a "bomber jacket"!!!!! More like a leather tee shirt and an uninteresting one at that! Good god!

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  5. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    2jakes, that was a good story.
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  6. Thanks!
    He wasn't rude at all.
    But I was too embarrassed to say much.
    Now looking back, I should've spoken with him about the Flying Tigers,
    the jackets, planes and overall what was
    it like to be over in China prior to
    I'll have to settle with the thought that at
    least I got to meet a real hero from that
    time period. My other hero for me is my dad, WW2 Army Infantry in the South Pacific.
    Ironically, I was there also during the Vietnam conflict!
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  7. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    My Dad was a Marine there during WWII as well, and I also had the privilege to have a go at it in Vietnam.
  8. Marines paved the way...my respects and salute to these brave men.
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  9. First class fightin' men but everything can't be solved with a good bayonet charge! I prefer arty and air support myself!


    (nudge, nudge... poke in ribs Army Style)
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  10. CBI

    CBI Practically Family

    Mt grandfather was a Marine combat vet fighting on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. He rarely talked about it.
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  11. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    My dad is a Vietnam vet. Marine corp., as much as I've tried to talk with him about it, he never will. A priest in the school where I work is a WWII Marine corp vet. 93 years old. There aren't many left. The guy looks like he's no older than 50. It's pretty damn amazing.
  12. Big J

    Big J Call Me a Cab

    My maternal grandfather was a fighter pilot in WWII and Korea, and I never had any conversation of substance with him about it. Mainly because he passed away whilst I was still very young (so I didn't really know what to ask), but looking back on it, when I did try to get him to talk about it, he gave the shortest conversation stopping answers as politely possible, in an every-day matter-of-fact manner, like it was nothing special worth talking about.
    Now I'm an adult, I realize that he never really discussed it much with anyone, left no memoirs, diary or letters, few photos.
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  13. This seems to be the consensus as far as our fathers relating to
    the war.
    My dad (WW2) would only express so much to me, partly because
    I was too young.
    In my late teens, I was too involve with my own problems overseas
    to have the luxury of sitting down and reflecting on things.
    Most people today cannot relate and I mostly express it here on the forum.
    I know I am with folks that know what I mean.
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  14. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    I know a lot of guys who are war vets. My best friend is a special ops commando whatever kinda deal and was active during the entire Balkan wars and afterward worked for different private military companies around the world (organizations that I despise beyond anything in this world) and he doesn't mind talking about the hills of bodies they would pile up each day during the war to me, but he wouldn't say a single word about it to his son. Typical "they were shooting at me so I was shooting back" response. I think it's a father thing, even though that guy doesn't seem particularly bothered by it all. Nice guy otherwise. I guess.
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  15. navetsea

    navetsea One Too Many

    I love wearing camo pants, and watching action movies like most guys, but real war is just wrong, ... if I'm a soldier in foreign land, I rather being killed than living with the conscience that I killed someone's son/ father/ brother/ husband in their homeland.

    just my personal view if I'm put into that situation ... not at all judging others, I believe we each have our own reason and belief and on top of that life sometime just throw random stuff at us we have no option but to take non idealistic action and live on.
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  16. Monitor

    Monitor I'll Lock Up

    War sucks ass and anyone truly glorifying it either hasn't been through one or is a psychopath. (Doesn't apply to war jackets and boots of course, those are cool). I consider my year spent in the army such a waste I still regret it to this day. If I had been sitting on a couch all year, staring at the wall, it'd have been a time better spent. That year I've been dating a sociopath was more productive because at least I have some good stories to tell how. Like how she tried to kill me.
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  17. Furrowson

    Furrowson One of the Regulars

    Nothing better than a good 'crazy ex' story. Dunno what it's like in the states but the ex-military Dutch and Austrian chaps I've known similarly said it was extremely boring and a total waste of time. I couldn't do it for a few reasons, but I try not pass judgement on those that do.
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  18. I hold dear to my heart my father,
    the men & women who were placed
    in a situation that they did not asked
    for and what they had to endure so
    that we could have the right to our
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  19. ProteinNerd

    ProteinNerd Call Me a Cab

    The whole military issue is a tricky one.

    Obviously you have to respect people that risk or give their lives for their country or defending it. The sad fact of the matter is that in our modern day, the excuses made to “go to war” are more driven by greed, profit and political gain than any real need to defend against an actual threat.

    I do really feel for the guys that go into the military with honourable intentions only to have that abused and taken advantage of by politicians grandstanding and seeking popular support.
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  20. JMax

    JMax One of the Regulars

    It is tricky. I get what some of you are saying, and concede that sometimes you are on point. But many times, groups of people (large or small) need to be forcibly stopped from what they are trying to do. Someone has to do it, and those that do it frankly don’t care if others that don’t feel bad for them. Oh, and I love leather jackets.
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