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Never thought I'd go for Netflix...

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by Jedburgh OSS, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. ...but after losing all video rental stores in the area I decided to give it a try. Now I'm working that free month trial like a borrowed mule and found some titles I didn't expect to line up in the queue. W. C. Fields and Me (with Rod Steiger in the title role), 1911, Atlas Shrugged, Triumph of the Spirit, Nickelodeon, Paper Moon, and several obscure documentaries.
  2. Been with Netflix for some time and really like it a lot. I would prefer the selection that one gets with a couple memberships to brick and mortar stores, but ease of use trumps a great deal of things.
  3. Been kicking around the idea of joining. Is it difficult to get out of the trial if one decides not to subscribe?
  4. Undertow

    Undertow My Mail is Forwarded Here

    It shouldn't be difficult to get out. In fact, even if you have an active account, you can regularly put it on hold or cancel it anytime.

    I was hesitant to join, too, but once I was able to start renting most of the Criterion Collection, as well as most Hitchcock/Kurosawa/Bergman movies, I fell in love. I just couldn't find those locally.
  5. bunnyb.gal

    bunnyb.gal Practically Family

    I've been a member of LoveFilm - the UK equivalent of Netflix (although that has just been introduced here, but for video streaming only) for quite a few years now. I really hate to say it, but it beats the bricks-and-mortar shops hands down (especially Blockbuster). Convenience? 10/10. Choice? If you're into more obscure or older cinema, there's worlds better choice than in any shop I've been in. (I imagine it's fine for blockbusters, too; wouldn't know; I never watch them.) The holiday, or "time-off" is a bit restrictive, but it's there. Anytime I've had a problem with a dodgy disc, it gets replaced only if you want, and lickety split.
  6. Blockbuster came into our neighborhood and crushed the smaller shops. I reluctantly joined Blocbuster but was charged multiple overdue fees for movies that were returned on time. Being fed up with the incompetent staff I found Neflix in 2003 and never looked back. Netflix has been a great business to deal with. The delivery turnaround is quick and the couple of damaged disc issues were quickly resolved.

    The local Blockbuster recently went out of business. If a brick and mortar shop opened on the avenue I'd join in a second. I like the experience of browsing and discussing the titles in person with my wife.
  7. Gene

    Gene Practically Family

    Been with Netflix for about 3 years now...8 bucks for streaming video online per month is not a bad deal...plus they have some great film noirs as well as some obscure British 60-minute mysteries that are worth checking out.
  8. Undertow

    Undertow My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I think this is why Blockbuster "busted". Netflix has been a real treat to work with, and you almost feel guilty how easy they are to use.

    I cancelled my membership to Blockbuster shortly after a similar "late-fee" fiasco, and the only other time I returned was two weeks ago when my local one closed. Bought a bunch of discs for $1.50.

    The only gripes I have about Netflix was their rate hike and their removal of the social aspect. The hike caused me to go from 3/unlimited+online to 1/unlimited. They lost quite a bit of cash from me because I couldn't afford the hike. That and I used to enjoy reviewing each film I'd seen. Now I don't bother.
  9. This is my exact experience too.
  10. We've had it for about a year - we have the streaming service only, never even mess with the DVDs. I *adore* it. Lots of great films, documentaries and TV shows.
  11. My friends still get DVD's from them but will stream TV shows they had missed out on.
  12. Well I think I'll have a bash at it then. Sounds like a good deal. :)
  13. O2BSwank

    O2BSwank One of the Regulars

    I like streaming directly to my laptop, I always have to get my kids to help me stream to our tv.
    Just watched "Where the sidewalk ends" and "The turning point". Going to watch all their film noir!
  14. job

    job One Too Many

    Netflix has a lot of foreign films. I like redbox for new movies but they will never carry the range of movies netflix does.
  15. I tried Netflix about 3 years ago at the urging of one of my kids.("you'll never have to pick up movies for me again and you'll save SOOO much money")I really thought it would be one of those many things i agree to sign up for and shortly regret..but i have never really looked back. I was actually suprised that they have a collection of classics, as well as independent and foreign films. truly, something for the entire family. ..I especially love that if i start watching something and then think,"I'm really not in the mood for this one today" I can go to something else.And 8 bucks a month is a deal that can't be beat.
  16. Not yet tried it. With the content to which I already have access, I don't think I have any real use for it. Certainly can see how it would be worth it if you do want to watch that much, though. I could also imagine it taking over from the cinema, given how much more expensive that has become in the last few years. The Blockbuster I used to use I always had good service from (my only gripe being they often got rid of stuff over six months old in order to retain the shelf space for high unit shifters). I didn't hire things very regularly, but occasionally I'd have a friend round and we'd get four DVDs for ten pounds, for two-night rental (watch films one night, commentaries and extras the next). I think what killed them was the advent of cheap DVDs. Sainsburys (supermarket chain) over the road have been selling cheap DVDs for a few years now, with a film that has been out on DVD for six months or so rarely costing more than four pounds. No late fees, disk at more or less the cost of a rental price (and half the cost of one cinema ticket, let alone two or more for a couple or a family), it's a no-brainer.
  17. job

    job One Too Many

    One nice thing I have found is that Netflix has some movies for steaming that are not on dvd at all.
  18. Actually, One of the benefits of having netflix is being able to pass on most of my DVDs. i really have embarked on a campaign the last few years of getting rid of a lot of "stuff"..(I know..sacrilege on a forum full of collectors) but for people like me,with limited space it works well..except for my I Love Lucy collection, of course.
  19. We've been using a Canadian equivalent for some time now, Zip.ca, for DVD delivery. We don't stream because you need an Xbox or something equally silly.

    We do however also rent from shops, as here in Stratford we have a great LOCAL "chain" (two shops!) with great selection and brilliant service. They'll order in what they don't have, don't assume late returns are the customer's fault (they've discovered they've re-shelved films we'd returned without entering them back in). I think the key is they're local (FTR the Stratford Blockbuster went bust even before the chain did in Canada - and our local, "Video Plus", took over their location!).

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