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New Aero A-1 in oil-pull HH

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by JanSolo, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Hello everybody.
    Below you'll find some photos of the A-1 in size 40 which I bought off Aero's sales page. The jacket is intended to be a Christmas/birthday present for my father.
    As you can see it's a little short in the body for me but apart from that the overall fit is quite good. My father is about two inches smaller than I am so I guess the fit is gonna be just right. Aero's current batch of oil-pull HH is quite light in colour and the surface is less waxy than the older leather samples I have. The surface almost feels like nubuck. I really have to say that this is probably the softest leather I have ever seen from Aero. The jacket is still very heavy but also incredibly pliable.
    What do you think?


    Some details:

  2. Jan
    I think it looks good...and that hide will easily age to a much better rustic appearance!
  3. I like it a lot. I had an A1 in oil pull steer, it suede d quickly around the button holes. The colour wasn't as good as yours though.
  4. Doug C

    Doug C Practically Family

    Man that looks great Jans, I agree the collar is perfect and those buttons are something special... your Dad's gonna love it. You getting one for yourself at some point?

    Doug C
  5. greyhound68

    greyhound68 A-List Customer

    Very nice and a great present as well.
  6. bobjones

    bobjones A-List Customer

    I am just beginning the considerations for another Aero, and there is a Highwayman on sale at the Aero site that is in vintage FQHH/brown, which looks very tempting....

    Your A-1 is in the oil pull, and looks just incredible, you can almost feel the softness and see the grain on the jacket. Man does Aero make great stuff.

    Anyway, how would you compare the current oil pull FQHH/brown leather against the vintage FQHH/brown in terms of weight, pliability, softness, surface, grain, etc.?
  7. Tito

    Tito A-List Customer

    Nice!!!!!!!!!:eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  8. Thanks everybody! I hope that my father is going to like the jacket because I personally think that it has so much character which to a great extend can't be captured on a photo (especially not when I am modelling with the jacket...)
    BobJones, vintage FQ HH is considerably thicker and less pliable than the current oil-pull stuff. Although a lot of the original shine has been taken away by the tumbling process vintage HH still has a very smooth surface which remains shiny to a certain extend. I would say that the surface finish is still very durable and long lasting, whereas the surface on oil-pull HH is very delicate and the slightest contact with a wall, door handle, fingernail, watch bracelet etc. leaves an instant mark. Most marks will disappear after a Pecard treatment although I don't recommend any sort of leather conditioner on this type of leather.
    This is how a brown vintage HH ANJ 3 looks worn...


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