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New Eastman Star Sportswear A-2

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by GregGale, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. GregGale

    GregGale Familiar Face

    After a visit to the ELC popup store, I'm finally a proud owner of the jacket of my dreams. Thank you all for your help I got in my other thread. Let me share some thoughts and pictures.

    1) The store.
    Paradise on Earth. Seeing all those beautiful jackets in one place made my eyes dwell up with tears. The service and help was the best I've ever experienced. I spend there nearly 2 hours, trying on everything I possibly could, then again, and again. I was a real pain in the neck. They remained nice, helpful and very supportive. I can't recommend Eastman enough.

    2) Picking the Star
    I tried a cable raincoat and I quickly realized Havana brown was not for me. I tried a Star in 40 and 42, then a RW 27752 in 40 and 42. The RW 40 was way too small. The RW 42 was OK, but slightly baggier, not the trim fighter pilot look, if you know what I mean. There were large wrinkles on the torso and back. It was the most comfy one, and my girlfriend liked it a lot so there was a lot of pondering. The Star 42 was definitely too big, so it got out of the picture. Then came the Star 40. Perfect, trim fit, like a good glove. Only problem: the sleeves are a tad shorter than what I got used to on my Cockpit A-2. Still, less restrictive in movement. So I went for it.

    Then I tried a G-1. I wish I hadn't...that bi-swing back is a dream!!! My gf loved it too. Still, I went for the A-2, because I prefer A-2s.

    3) The Star
    Wow...simply wow...the quality of the horsehide is amazing. Great texture, not too rigid, weighs much less than my cockpit. The color is exactly what I was after. Dark seal brown with a rusty undertone. The more reddish knits go perfectly with it. The knits are so soft and flexible, I couldn't believe it. Pictures don't do justice...

    4) The Sizing: As I said the only problem at first was the length of the sleeves. I got used to my cockpit where the knits almost disappeared under the leather. Here it's different. Yet, even when I stretch my arms forward the sleeves don't slide up too much. I googled pictures and for example this is exactly how George Preddy's A-2 fit his arms too. Buying one with an inch added to the sleeves would have been too long I think.

    As for the measurements...I will never buy anything like this off the internet. I've been checking measurements for months, and mathematically a Star 40 could never have fit me. Even a 42 should have been too small. Reality is something else entirely due to different cuts and patterns.

    Some photos:



    PS: My Cockpit A-2 is now up for sale in the classifieds section ;)
  2. Great jacket, perfect fit. I too tried on a star sportswear when I was at the shop on Friday but I’ve lusted after an m422a for some time so ordered one . The star is on my shortlist for the future though!
  3. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    Gorgeous Greg. Love that hide.
    Agree, measurements can help, but not to be trusted as truth. I found the 42s fit me better and I usually wear 40s.
    Your jacket looks great and as long as you are happy with the fit.
    WW2 photos show fits ranging from trim to baggy, short to long... Its all over the place, and the only thing important is how you like your jacket to fit.
    (In fact look at pics of Robert Morgan of Memphis belle fame. Note the sleeves - https://alchetron.com/Robert-K-Morgan).
    I tried on almost every jacket... That new Mig Killer G-1 is awesome, but don't like the patches. I guess, my favs has to be a RW1401 and the HLB 75 special edition. Classic.
    M422as and the 55J14 G-1... Well, they are so good, one will eventually own one!
    That B-10! So comfortable. I still have mine from 2005... And its still amazing.
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  4. kowalski

    kowalski A-List Customer

    very nice jacket and have beautiful vintage color
    Yes it true, fit is perfect

    imho litle similar in color and cut to my Eastman Rough Wear 1401P
    made in 97y;)
    But it's two different models

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  5. MeachamLake

    MeachamLake One of the Regulars

    Great jacket! It looks superb. Welcome to the Star Sportswear club, here's mine! :) I'm heading down to the shop on Wednesday, so hopefully there will be some good stuff left!

  6. Stand By

    Stand By One Too Many

    Welcome to this section of the bar, Greg, and I’m glad to see you’re well attired! Indeed, the Star fits you like it was made for you. I’m glad you’re so happy and your experience was so good - and as for the great jacket, it’s going to get a lot of wear!
    Wear it in good health and you can wear that proudly.
    Thanks for posting!
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  7. Carlos840

    Carlos840 One Too Many

    Great jacket! I was there last week and fell in love with the A1.
    Like you, i was surprised as the size 44 fit me best, but measurements of the 42 were on paper perfect for me.
    I didn't walk out with it as i want the 44L and they only have Regular in stock, but plan on ordering one very very soon.
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  8. bn1966

    bn1966 Call Me a Cab

    Congratulations on your purchases & orders Gents, visited 'Pop Up' Saturday & sized up a C-3 Vest for purchase early next year.

    All credit to the Eastman Team for pulling out all the stops :)

    Went from there for a swift beer & some street food prior to catching the Tube to Brentford for some more liquid refreshment :)
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    TREEMAN Practically Family

    Great jacket...I notice they are being worn a little shorter lately.
  10. breezer

    breezer A-List Customer

    or maybe people are wearing their jeans higher? The skinny / low slung denim look is finally receding into the past...
  11. El Marro

    El Marro Practically Family

    I'm a bit jealous, and also a bit relieved, that we don't have these Eastman pop up events here in the states. Jealous because I would love to have the opportunity to try on all of those jackets under one roof and talk to the folks from Eastman at the same time. Relieved because the price of entry seems rather high, nobody gets out of there without buying themselves something nice!
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  12. Brettafett

    Brettafett Practically Family

    I know. I ordered. The trick of leaving wallet at home doesn't work here...
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  13. BowsTrading

    BowsTrading New in Town

    star sportswear of my own 20171026_085431 (1)_edited.jpg
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  14. CBI

    CBI Practically Family

    great looking A-2's!!!!

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