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New guy, question on fit of Schott 118

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by mr-twenty, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. mr-twenty

    mr-twenty New in Town

    Hey, new guy here! Love the leather info on this forum. I see an Aero jacket in my future...

    However, the question at hand: What do you think of the fit of this brand new size 46 Schott 118? I measured myself, and my chest is a 44 (45 with a full breath of air). The salesman thought this 46 looked better on me, and it did fit better with a sweatshirt underneath. But, the 44 fit pretty good with a t-shirt and tight with a sweatshirt.

    Sitting on my bike, the zipper area pokes into the "sensitive" area a bit. I'm not sure a 44 would be different in that regard. I know that I cannot gain weight because of some serious health concerns; in fact, I've been losing weight (from 213 to my present 198). I probably should lose another 10 pounds if my doctor had his way.

    A problem is that the store is about an hour away, so I can't ride my bike there with the jacket on and then try the other one (they obviously wouldn't let me exchange a worn jacket).

  2. johnnyjohnny

    johnnyjohnny Practically Family

    i aM yOu...so to speak

    hi, glad i saw your post...i just got a new black 184sm, which is totally differently sized than a 184sm from just a year or two back...

    i saw all the measurements on the 184sm's on ebay, and when ordering a new one from a reseller i ordered a 46 (i actually have a 45" chest, 46" when expanded...am 6', broad shoulders)...but at the last minute i emailed schott to ask them about their sizing, and they told me the size 44 regular had an armpit to armpit of 26"...so i redid my order from a 46 to 44 and glad i did...apparently the older 184sm's were a full size smaller

    the 44 is the perfect size, a little roomy in a well-fitting way...definitely room for a sweatshirt or sweater...HOwEvAH...i am only 180 pounds and have a 34" waist...so that may play into whether you think you need to go up to a 46

    the jacket is amazing...i didn't want to get it because it wasn't authentic military spec anything...but then i accepted it for what it was, a classic post war motorcycle jacket, i had just fallen in love with the design, and i love it more now that i have gotten it...

    at 6ft, the 26" back (neck seam to bottom) is sized well, but any shorter, or me any taller, and it would be too short...you didn't say how tall you were, but keep that in mind...26" back regular, 28" back for the long

    lemme know which one you choose...i go the black since all my a-2s and g-1s were brown...i adorrre it


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