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NEW Magnoli Clothiers website with VINTAGE Section

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by Indy Magnoli, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. We've just launched our new website at www.magnoliclothiers.com

    There are several new features, including browsing filters and shop-by-genre section. For example, all the 1930s-1940s items can be viewed on one page: http://www.magnoliclothiers.com/shop-by-genre-historic-1930s-1940s-c-105_111_132.html

    The filters allow you to narrow your browsing. So, if you're looking at suits, you can filter the page to show only the double-breasted suits.

    We'll also be adding various packaged deals, so check out the various item pages for specials.

    Kind regards,
  2. Just came across it while checking in, I was really surprised but pleasantly so!
  3. Just added this to our instagram feed:


    Our vintage-styled trousers have a high-waist double pleats, extended tab closure, button-fly, flapped watch pocket and full legs ending in turned-up cuffs. Shown here in a 12oz dark blue window-pane wool.

    Kind regards,
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  4. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie Practically Family

    Hi! I just checked out your new website. I know, a bit late and all, but this thread somehow slipped past me. Anyway, I'm pleasantly surprised! No comparison to the old website which I visited years ago. I quite like the Royale jacket and the Anderton jacket. Judging from the pictures, your leather is thinner than I (and many around here at the Lounge I believe) like it. Any chance you can source some real thick 4 oz'ish cowhide in some nice shade of brown? Because I would certainly order a jacket, then! Best regards, jj

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