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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Hats Matter, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Hats Matter

    Hats Matter Familiar Face

    I have been following this forum for several years and finally decided to join. I enjoy looking at the new and vintage hats and have learned a great deal. I started purchasing hats after my dermatologist recommended I cover my balding pate after a first bout of skin cancer. I have always liked hats and the recommendation acted as an impetus.

    I stated purchasing new hats through Carolyn Burch's store (Fino Fino in Palo Alto CA) when Graham Thompson used to make his annual visit there. As a result, I have acquired more that a dozen hats, mostly fedoras but two Montecristi Panamas and two Milans through Optimo. I love the hats and wear one every day.

    I am technologically challenged but will make an effort to post a photo
  2. Welcome to the party!
  3. Knotten

    Knotten Practically Family

    Welcome! I look forward to seeing your hats.

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  4. Welcome! You will fit right in here.
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  5. moontheloon

    moontheloon I'll Lock Up

    welcome home
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  6. Welcome to the FL.
  7. Hello there! Stick around and keep sharing and posting...You can learn a ton from everyone here and have a great time, too!
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  8. Pantera

    Pantera New in Town

    I'm another newbie/former lurker. Although I've learned a lot watching, I could use some guidance on converting a Resistol 3X that I lucked into recently for $10. Is the first step to remove the sweatband, ribbon and liner before cleaning?
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  9. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Welcome to both of you.Pantera,I believe you'll get a lot of suggestions on the Resistol.The question is just how badly it needs cleaning;all over filthy,spots,single stain,etc.
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  10. Welcome Pantera! Some images might help of this hat. There are literally thousands of posts on the FL to read about cleaning your hat. But sometimes, you just need to send it out to your hatter for a professional job (re-blocking, new sweat, etc.) I try on my own first, but...
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  11. Welcome, Hats Matter and Pantera! You're among friends and fellow hat crazies here.

    Pantera, as Redfokker has indicated, there is a lot of advice regarding cleaning hats on this forum. But no, you don't typically remove the sweatband, lining or ribbon.

    And pics always help!
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  12. Welcome to the hat extravaganza !
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  13. jackm

    jackm One of the Regulars

    I'm relatively new myself but am sure you'll be comfortable here. Many knowledgeable members are friendly and helpful. Welcome aboard.
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  14. Monavillecowboy

    Monavillecowboy One of the Regulars

    Welcome to the Lounge!
  15. addison

    addison One of the Regulars

    Welcome and God bless!
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  16. Welcome to you Both ! And GOD Bless you !
    Pictures are Always Best .
  17. Hats Matter

    Hats Matter Familiar Face

    Thanks to everyone for your kind words and welcome. I am still working on posting photos but I read the advice from RBH and I believe that will help
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  18. If a Picture is downloaded on your computer , just {Upload a File} , or if not , copy , click the picture thing , and paste , then post .
  19. Hats Matter

    Hats Matter Familiar Face

    Let me give it a try. This is my Optimo Silverbelly
  20. BINGO ! Looks GREAT !!!
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