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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Hats Matter, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Ken David

    Ken David One of the Regulars

    I am having difficulties narrowing down my First Fur Felt purchase. In comparison of these hats strictly new: Hats direct (approx. cost with shipping) Fed IV $125 Fed IV deluxe $155 Stetson Stetsonian $200 shipped (discounted from retail). I know the Stetson has the bound edge. I am trying to make a decision on these hats new (Looking at used ideally). I know color is a big concern (originally wanted something in the tawny/light brown/tan family but now after spending much more time on this forum something in brown may be more versatile as my first. Problem is I would most likely a something in black, tawny, brown, gray……but right now that is not an option to purchase all these colors (not to mention additional styles) in the $200 or so range (even less if I can get them pre-owned). Opinions would be appreciated since the more I read on this forum (e.g. what your are wearing) the more I am uncertain on the direction I want to go. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks again.
  2. The advice on this form is usually pretty consistent, and is best expressed by saying, "Buy 'em all!" :D
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  3. I am a minimalist compared to many here: after some shakedowns, I only have three fedoras (Akubra Stylemaster and Campdraft, and a custom from Northwest Hats). I realized early on that I needed both a gray one (to match black, blue, gray - the "Batman colors" I wear the most) and a brown or tan one (to match earth tones and leather jackets... though I wear these a lot less).

    Unless you are a stickler for American-made products, I'd recommend going for Akubras over Stetsons: they're just a lot more bang for the buck. I recently sold my old Stetson Temple, it couldn't hold a candle to the Akubras. I hear the newer Stetsons are better, but I still think they're overpriced. Anyway, I can't imagine you won't be happy with a Fed IV, Campdraft, Stylemaster, Squatter, etc., for your first fur-felt fedora!
  4. Buy Moons Mink brown Stetsonian for $150 (shipping included!) and as Fruno said, "Don't look back." I think yer gonna have to add abt $20 to those Akubra prices for shipping.
  5. Ken David

    Ken David One of the Regulars

    Those prices actually include shipping. Regardless I did go ahead and pull the trigger on Moon's Stetsonian! Who knows maybe my next hat would be a Fed IV in tawny. Thanks all for the feedback.
  6. You won't regret getting that Stetsonian. And if you do, call me.

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  7. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  8. Ha! and Lol! Good for you! Yer already thinkin abt yer "next hat" ...??? "Ha!" and "Lol!" to that too!
    Feds a great choice cuz it's similar in spirit but different enuff in style. I would go with a Moonstone Fed to add a very unique shade of grey to your color arsenal.
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  9. Bluefoam

    Bluefoam New in Town

    I just made my first proper hat purchase... It's a felt hat sold as a trilby, but more like a fedora, purchased from Kennedy McSharry in Dublin, with their branding but produced by Linney of the UK. I wanted a 2" brim, but this is a 2 3/8. I was going to ask advice about changing the braided trim for a ribbon, but I left it in to a milner today to get a black ribbon... It took too long to sign up to the forum and I'm traveling in a few days... Overall, I'm happy with it, but I'm a bit uncomfortable with the wider brim...


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  10. Welcome to the Lounge. Stick around and you will learn a lot. This is a beautiful hat, nicely appointed with a beautiful liner and sweat. I really like that finish. The brim width is a matter of personal taste, but this one has definite character! You will find here that, if you have one hat, soon you will have another, and another... A photo of you wearing the hat ("noggin shot") will be welcomed as well, I would bet that we all will like the look of a wider brim on you!
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  11. I think it looks nice. I agree on the ribbon replacement - not a big fan of those braided things. My first fur felt had a 2 1/8" brim, but like most on here, I quickly gravitated to wider brims. Wear it for a while, it'll likely grow on you.

    Oh, and welcome to the FL!! Head shots required when you get the ribbon on.
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  12. Bluefoam

    Bluefoam New in Town

    Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting it back
  13. Guaranteed in 6 mos if you cut it back you'll wish you didnt.
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  15. You need that second hat. I think if you search for James Bond hats you will find a number of threads here on the lounge. I agree that a new ribbon will make your first hat a stunner! The Bond version is a totally different thing, I believe Lock & Co. with classic 1962 brim and shaping. Hence, a new hat, Yay!!
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  16. In a couple of years from now, if is god wish, i'm going to the emerald Island. i've searched in google hat shops in Dublin, but only found for ladies or brides. would you give me a hat shop address?, for the future. Nice hat by the way.
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  18. Needs more Walther PPK.

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  19. Bluefoam

    Bluefoam New in Town

    Hope this helps... you'll have great craic when you visit...

    Kennedy McSharry: in existence for over a century, have sold hats to nearly every important figure in Irish life since then

    Anthony Peto: moved to Dublin from France. Creates some off the wall hats but also a bespoke milner

    John Shevlin: Panama's, wool and made to measure bespoke hats, for the same price as off the shelf. But he's not got fur felt due to supply issues

    Magee Donegal Tweed:

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