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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Hats Matter, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. Welcome to the club...
  2. Hahaha
  3. Now be prepared to see your wallet commit mutiny on you due to your hat buying fever.....it will happen (and you'll love to hunt down your next find)...
  4. Right on Redfokker!

    Yes! I am glad for your saying this because the Osmosis effect is already starting! I am going to make a new thread on these reflections I had yesterday following 1st post though I have already pleasantly tripped out because I was looking about and there is a National Hat day next Sunday, 15th of January & that is my birthday as well, wow!

    And The Fedora Lounge posts, pictures, the whole 9 yards is about as natural and genuine a group of folks who are even more deeply fond of Hats.
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  5. Hi Lady who Luvs her Man!

    I get it! You are right! I can literally feel this impulse to order about 5 hats right now! Fortunately, it is the concept of a deposit necessary for custom requests. That mixed with my own massive respect for artisans whether it is good food, custom hi-fi Audio and these timeless hats, that will keep in check, I think ...
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  6. G.W. Masters

    G.W. Masters New in Town

    I'm balding and skin cancer runs in my family so it was suggested that I wear hats to protect my head from the sun as I spend many hours every week walking the streets of Seattle with my camera (I'm a dedicated street photographer). I started out with a straw Trilby that I received as a gift in the Dominican Republic. I wore that until it literally disintegrated on my head. Then I bought another Trilby from Weatherproof that served me well for a couple years. Then I met a girl with a good sense of style and she bought me a Byrnie Utz gift certificate for Christmas in order to move me to find a better hat and probably to eventually upgrade my entire wardrobe accordingly.

    On the streets of Seattle I have a reputation for my hat(s) and apparently earned the nickname "The Fedora" among the regular crowd at Pike Place Market where I do much of my photography. Of course those hats were Trilby style hats, but when the time came to find a new hat, I went for a true Fedora and I think this is the beginning of a new hobby and also the beginning of a new and improved approach to my wardrobe.

    You can see many of my street photos here: https://www.instagram.com/gwm.seattle/. There are a few self portraits that show my old hat(s).
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  7. Welcome to the Lounge! First, I must say you have an "eye" my friend! Looked through your collection and was very impressed. You are well on your way toward the hat addiction that is viral within this group. The classic Byrnie Utz store is a good place to start, buying a hat the way men did in the heyday of fine men's headwear. Now we need to see photos of your hats, and a noggin shot to boot! Good to have you here. Be sure to post photos of the "proper" hats you find around the streets of Seattle. Hipsters wearing a stingy on the back of their heads is entertaining, but not really what we are all about.
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  8. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

  9. G.W. Masters

    G.W. Masters New in Town

    Thanks, guys. I look forward to some conversation about various topics. I'll edit my avatar to a hatted-selfie at some point.
  10. G.W. Masters

    G.W. Masters New in Town

    Thank you for the compliment. I began the street project a couple years ago and I can't imagine stopping any time soon.
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  11. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  12. I as well purchased my first fedora at Bernie Utz in Seattle. Now I'm hooked. I get a lot of nice comments on my fedora and have purchased several over the past year. I will post a few photos tomorrow when the light is better.
    Glad to be on the site.
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  13. Welcome Mister.
  14. Welcome to the site, Mr. Cragganmore. You can hang your coat over there, behind those hat boxes.

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
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  15. Welcome Mr Cragganmore! I am as well new here to The Fedora Lounge, and this is one Well Cool - Super Bonafide site, full of incredible information, great styles and people.
    I myself registered a couple years back but never got to give the Lounge the time I wanted to, that changed a few weeks back.
    I tripped out after discovering another Master Milliner - Black Sheep Hat Works - and then saw there are people here who like steamer wardrobe trunks & nice tobacco pipes! One of the few things I haven't found so far are Analog Synthesizers, but hey! 3 out of 4 is incredible ...
    And already this is a certainty, the people here are Humble and Genuine, equally some serious wit and response.
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  16. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

  17. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    Welcome again,we're glad you're here.
  18. Welcome, and yeah, what they said...
    I really want to get up the the Utz hat store. You really started off the right way, a well stocked, vintage store that has been around since the heyday of fine men's head wear. Read all you can here on the lounge. It is the Rosetta Stone of hats.
  19. Welcome to the Lounge> I spent a week in Seattle recently and finally found my way to Byrnie Utz's shop. Nice shop with an old time feel to it. Liked the Stefano line of Beaver hats but decided in the end to order a custom as it was pretty much the same money.
  20. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up

    Welcome to the lounge!

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