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New Must See Movie-Pre Golden Era (Western)

Discussion in 'The Moving Picture' started by ITG, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Guys, on Thanksgiving the family and I went to see a Ron Howard movie called "The Missing" (with Tommy Lee Jones and Kate Blanchett). Yes this is a western so it's pre Golden-Era, but I know alot of you like westerns and I have to admit this is now my favorite western. I'm not gonna say anything to give away the story, but please take my word...it's a MUST SEE. Possible Oscar material in my opinion. I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie and even found myself biting my nails once (something I rarely do). It's one of those movies you don't wanna have to get up and go pee because you might miss something.
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  2. I wanted to check out the first ever thread/post in the moving picture, and was saddened to see it had no replies.

    I have never heard of this film but in honour of this post I will look for it. The leads certainly capture my interest!
  3. AmateisGal

    AmateisGal I'll Lock Up

    Isn't it set in Nebraska?
  4. IMDB says New Mexico.
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    Glad to see that it's had a couple of posts, now we can put it to bed

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