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Odd question: daily clothes..

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by TSpyrison, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. TSpyrison

    TSpyrison New in Town

    Ok, I'm into my 3rd week of wearing my hat, and loving it. So far, I've been wearing it with my leather jacket..

    Over the weekend though, we hit a "heat wave" and it got up past 60.
    What I normally wear, is very casual.. Jeans and shirt. polo style, or t-shirt style.. and I have to say, I felt very odd running to the store with my hat and t-shirt..

    So, what kind of daily casual clothes work well with a Fedora when its warm enough to not need a jacket?
  2. Highlander

    Highlander A-List Customer

    You see a lot of photos (I've seen them esp in some of my retreiver traing books), of guys in "wash pants" (I'd call them chinos today), and a shirt with a fedora out working their dogs. You see lots of photos of other semi-casual clothed men with fedoras on also.

    I think it's pretty much if you want to wear the hat, wear it.
  3. Mysterious Mose

    Mysterious Mose Practically Family

    Yep, but wear it like you mean it. For me it's like wearing shoes. I never leave the house without some kind of headgear, did it by accident once last year, when I noticed I felt very exposed :eek:
  4. McFarlaneNYC

    McFarlaneNYC Familiar Face

    here are some pics of guys wearing hats in casual clothes.





    (yea its a movie but you get the drift)

    hope it helps
  5. Slim Portly

    Slim Portly One Too Many

    Hmmm..., an odd one, that. The clothes are quite casual, and yet one cannot doubt that the man is upon some serious business.
  6. Yeah, as the photos show, it was quite common (and could still be, if you want:D ).
  7. cptjeff

    cptjeff Practically Family

    Bowling shirts are a fine idea.

    Fedoras can be worn with pretty much anything. They're clothes, not just formal attire as so many today think of them. Hats are first and foremost practical attire. A lot of anthropologists think that the first clothes to evolve were shoes and hats. Shoes protect the feet from unpredictable terrain. Hats keep the sun and rain off your face, provide warmth in winter and help cool you in summer. These past 30 years are so are very unusual in human history- as a time when most people have not worn a hat on a regular basis. Fedoras are only the latest style in that very traditional mode.

    I wear a fedora all the time with jeans and a shirt. Or throw a leather or canvas jacket on top of that. Whatever you're wearing, you can wear a hat.

    Jeans, shorts, T shirts or bowling shirts. It doesn't matter. While I wouldn't pair a nice panama with shorts and a t shirt, you can still throw on a milan with a fun ribbon. It's the same sort of thing as shoes. You wouldn't wear a pair of gunboats with that getup, but you would still wear something on your feet.

    Honestly, if people are going to start wearing hats again the perception that hats can only be worn "dressing up", is something that will need to be fought. Unfortunately, my suspicion is that as good as many here on FL look in suits and nice hats, they are only serving to reinforce that notion. It's not a knock against them at all, but it is something that should be recognized in the quest to get people back in hats.

    Sorry if that was a little long winded, but I think it's an important point. Wear that hat with pride.
  8. Carlisle Blues

    Carlisle Blues My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Be true to yourself and your sense of style.

  9. DapperDuck

    DapperDuck Familiar Face

    Good gawd CB my eyes!! *yucky* *yucky* [bad]
  10. skyvue

    skyvue Call Me a Cab

    There are lots of vintage sports shirts to be had on Ebay and elsewhere -- I'd recommend those over the repro shirts like the ones you linked to.

    It's a rare retro shirt that manages to truly look vintage, in my opinion (but that may not matter to you, of course). Shirts look that, for my money, look closer to coming off as costumes, not clothing -- especially given the great shirts that can be had from the various vintage clothing outlets that are available to all of us.

    Just offering my opinion, take it for whatever it's worth, which may not be much.
  11. Pera.T

    Pera.T One of the Regulars

    I wear mine with t-shirts, looks good to me [huh]

    I also wear them with more formal clothing and suits, but only when it fits the occasion. It might look a bit weird if your wear a suit to the beach just so you can wear your Fedora!
  12. Carlisle Blues

    Carlisle Blues My Mail is Forwarded Here

    My whole point is: it does not matter whether another person approves of the outfit. Clearly, the gentleman whom you are referring to is comfortable in his clothing as well as his own skin. Who am I to say that he is wrong. In fact I have more respect for someone who stands tall and expresses themselves, as in this instance, wearing a particular outfit, than someone who blindly "follows the pack" for fear they will not be accepted....:)

    Then again in The Bronx we would say, "if you do not like it, do not look....[huh] "
  13. I wear my hats with whatever I'm wearing on a particular day, I just make sure to match the hat to the outfit to make sure it looks in place. :)

    Yes, folks should be comfortable wearing whatever they wish, not what the "pack" tells 'em to. Though sometimes I question that logic, a classic example is lounge or swimwear worn in public places not related to either activity.:eek:

  14. Just a thought: You might considder a straw Borsalino when the weather turns hot - it's not as formal as a fedora - and might work better with more casual clothing. Open shirt over T shirt, chinos etc.
  15. Style does not need to be exclusive as to not include comfort and casual. A t-shirt and jeans with fedora says: "it's hot and I am working please excuse me." We need not be dressed formal for the theatre to mow the lawn or run errands.

    The concept of Casual today has become one of SLOTH and extended juvinal behavior.

    Any time you can wear a shirt with a collar you are better dressed than a large percentage of men today. Chinos and Khakis are relaxed yet carry a concept of dressed up enough & therefor caring for those around you. They are good warm to hot weather pants. I'll pair with dress shirts, safari shirts or golf shirts.

    In the summer I wear shorts a lot! I like the hiking style shorts a lot and wear them in the summer heat of Southern California. I will pair them with golf type shirts or short sleeved safari shirts mostly. Matt Deckard usually gives me a "Crocodile Hunter" set of remarks when he sees me.

    The move from concert tees and others with provactive slogans was a step up that I made when working in the office.

    Still you are free to choose and experiement with looks and concepts of personal style. Some looks may work well most of the time others, only for certain times. You will figure it it for yourself, but remember that you don't always have to re-invent the wheel, there are sources of vintage images that you can reference and take inspiration from. Many people find an era or several that they are most attracted to and work for a look that captures what they like.

    The other thing is to have fun and enjoy what you are doing.
  16. nigelewan

    nigelewan New in Town

    This is a great topic; something I've struggled with a lot. During cold weather, it's so easy to pair a fedora with a nice peacoat or trench... but in the summertime when I'm not wearing a coat or jacket, it still feels a little odd to wear a hat with shorts. That's probably the toughest look to pull off... I just *feel* imbalanced, in a way.
  17. Today the dematologist will tell you to wear a hat. My eye doctor just told me to wear sunglasses faithfully and WEAR A HAT. If I am in shorts, I am still gonna wear a hat. It may not be a bowler or a homburg or a dressy fedora, chances are it will be my Bushman, Campdraft, or Open Road clone. But better to wear it then not according to my doctor's orders.
  18. Brian R.

    Brian R. New in Town

    Pesonally, when I wear a t-shirt or a polo, I have a baseball cap on my head(hope I didn't just blaspheme) but I feel wearing my fedora with a button up shirt looks nice Of course, I wear it because it makes me feel good to my self. In other words, if it feels odd to you, don't wear the hat. I have gotten past the point of trying to make myself look "cool" or "hip". ;)
  19. The trouble with baseball caps is they don't offer enough protection from the sun. Baseball cap wearing outdoorsmen such as farmers are getting nailed with sun cause skin disorders (including the big C) on the neck and ears as well as other areas that aren't shaded properly.

    And believe me I love baseball caps, both team logos, moivie caps and for favorite corporate logos. SIGH: When will Pelikan pens make a baseball cap?

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