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Off-the-rack suit recommandation in London?

Discussion in 'Suits' started by matei, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. matei

    matei Practically Family

    Hi all,

    I'm back in London for a spell, and I'm in need of a new suit. I had to travel light, and as such my formal wardrobe is back in Romania.

    Can any of the London loungers recommend a source of reasonable priced off-the-rack suits? (obviously some alteration is to be expected).

    I'd like to steer clear of the usual High Street suspects; I need a suit in fairly short order, but I don't want to sacrifice quality or classic styling.

    If I had the time I'd try to go bespoke... But I'm in a rush!
  2. Welcome back. Matei.

    Good luck with the suit.
  3. Hmmnn.... In a real pinch, I'd probably have suggest Next (some nice designs and well cut, though not the durability you'll get elsewhere in a suit in my experience.... that said, I did get maybe four years of hard wear out of one from them), or Marksies - Marksies tailoring is generally very nice. A great high waist designed for being worn with braces rather than belt proves elsuive on the high street, however. I guess this is one of the reasons you're avoiding them. I do see that a lot of traditional menswear retail chains like Moss Bros, TM Lewin, Stanley Ley and Savoy Tailors' Guild have their end of season sales on already, with some significant reductions. I've seen quite a few suits that were formerly in the region of GBP500 in the window at £250 or so... might be worth checking out.
  4. matei

    matei Practically Family

    Thanks for the suggestions, I was thinking about Marks in a pinch. Mrs. Matei is an M&S girl, she'd be happy if I could find something there.

    I actually flew over with two suits, but one is falling apart and really beyond repair! My job requires that I wear a suit every day, and I can't wear the same one all the time.

    If I had only realised in time, I was in Bicester Village yesterday and they had all sorts of knock-down prices on Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss and Burberry suits. Not that those brands are guarantors of quality, but I have some pieces in my wardrobe by the latter two that I really like.
  5. Buna!

    Best of luck finding a suit.
  6. Out of interest, what is "reasonably priced" for you? Not trying to get in a discussion about what is reasonable - just trying to gauge what to recommend.

    I would second Edward's suggestions, particularly M&S and TM Lewin. Also try Ede & Ravenscroft (behind Oxford Street and in Chancery Lane) - more expensive but nice suits. Don't know much about Brooks Bros. for suits but Bicester is always a good place to look.
  7. matei

    matei Practically Family

    I dunno... Couple hunnert quid probably.
  8. GBR

    GBR One of the Regulars

    Marks and Spencers without doubt.
  9. Don't go to Ede and Ravenscroft then! Austin Reed might be worth a look, esp if they have a sale on. Last time I looked, their suits were pretty good. No idea on price though - probably comparable high street.
  10. matei

    matei Practically Family

    Salut. Ce de vorbitori de limba română avem aici pe forum!
  11. Bespoke tailor Thomas Mahon has recommended Marks & Spencer as having as good a suit as anyone for the money.

  12. I could translate only a bit of that.Yes I do speak some Romanian,but far from fluently.
  13. I've run across that page myself before, and I m very much inclined to agree. If only Marksies would introduce a couple of lines in original 3s and 40s patterns. I'd blow the year's clothing budget in there! I actually have a couple of their jackets in my wardrobe, and the quality is superb, especially in the Donegal tweed blazer I have (I bought mine on eBay for GBP10, but they're in and around GBP100 new, which is pretty good IMO).
  14. LondonLuke

    LondonLuke One of the Regulars

    Marks and Spencers. Can get good, traditionally cut suits in natural fibres without breaking the bank. Their suits do fit well OTR, but if you've got an odd body shape, they may need altering
  15. matei

    matei Practically Family

    Hi all,

    It just so happens that Marks & Sparks had a big sale yesterday. Went down and tried a few suits on.

    Liked the materials, didn't like the cut. Oh well... I really wanted to though.

    The armholes gave me serious trouble. I literally couldn't raise my hands above waist level without the jackets suddenly rising above my shoulders, in effect giving me a Frankenstein-esque look. Not what I'm going for.

    I'm between sizes (44 regular/44 long), so that doesn't help either. Usually I get a 44 long and have it altered, but the 44 long that M&S offers was really too long, as well as too spacious in the chest.

    I did luck out with a very nice wool sportscoat from their Collezione line. Last one in the shop, and not one I've ever seen before. It even fits perfectly, no alteration necessary.

    I'm going to up the budget for a better suit, and have a look around some of the other purveyors of fine attire that ye've mentioned.


    I also snagged a pair of merino wool & cashmere trousers (2 pair actually).
  16. Any update on this? I'm always interested to hear of classic-style available off the peg. The biggest problem I tend to find with contemporary stuff is the lack of a decent high rise trouser....
  17. Depends on what you class as "reasonable"?
    Zara suits are well priced and occasionally have vintage styles in stock (£150ish)
    If you want to pay a little more then Roderick Charles (Jermyn street or Chancery lane) does nice off the pegs (£280) and their Made-to-measures are very well priced too (£500ish). Of course it's more "classic" than vintage styles.

    I'm quite liking Next's suits at the moment (although I haven't tried one on).

  18. I had a Next suit a few years ago - very nice, lasted about three years heavy wear before it needed replaced. (The jacket is now part of my zombie costume!). The main problem I would have with them now is that - as is the case with so many contemporary suits - the trouser waists are so much lower than I prefer. Some very nice suits, though. Not quite on a par with Marksies, but a notch lower down the price scale too.

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