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Old Fashioned Quality Grooming Products

Discussion in 'Merchants' started by ace hartmann, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. The Hartmann Company is launching this March!! Old Fashioned Quality Grooming Products made with natural products! follow us on facebook The Hartmann Company instagram @OfficialHartmanns and check out www.TheHartmannCompany.com March 1st!

  2. PeterGunnLives

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    I'm located in your area. Are you planning on opening up a retail storefront somewhere, or distributing your product to any local stores?
  3. Yeah im looking into distributing them in a few local shops here in Seattle, just taking time to find the right ones and set it up and all.
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  4. The Hartmann Company has been up and running for sometime now! If you havent checked it out yet, DO SO!!! Go to www.TheHartmannCompany.com Old Fashioned Hair Products that reflect those classic products of the 1930s and 40s updated for modern health, using Natural and Organic Ingredients


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