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Old Hat hygiene

Discussion in 'Hats' started by JCBurns, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. JCBurns

    JCBurns Familiar Face

    Ok, so after my purchase of a few decent used hats, someone at work asked me about the cleanliness of them. Good question! When you guys purchase a used hat, is there anything you do to "sanitize" it. They of course mentioned head lice, something I hadn't even thought about. (Can you tell he has six kids?) :) So anyway, any answer will be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. False modesty, bro. They're a sight more than decent, as we've already told you. ;)

  3. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    You could bag it w/ some mothballs for a week, that'll kill anything including your desire to wear a hat that smells of mothballs. Seriously though I think they now make odor free mothballs
  4. First, I would recommend a little steam and a good brushing. After that, put it on your head and enjoy.

    As far as lice goes, that's not a concern. They can not survive without a human host.
  5. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here

  6. I do not think headlice would thrive inside a vintage hat.
    Mothballs will kill any critters looking make a meal of your hat.
    Putting a hat in a plastic bag and freezing it for a few days should do the trick too.
  7. Cacklewack

    Cacklewack One of the Regulars

    Looking at the hats you won, I would simply do a victory dance around them for a few minutes while praising the hat gods. Then I would wear them while strutting.

  8. Ah, but they're just "decent." Didn't you read what the man wrote? ;)

  9. JCBurns

    JCBurns Familiar Face

    Um yea, sorry Rick. Nice try though! I know better now! And I've got the bug now. I gotta go check out some more Antique stores!

  10. Make sure they're "decent" ones, JC. ;)


    DOUGLAS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    If those are concidered decent send me the just ok ones you find. PLEASE;)
  12. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here

  13. False modesty ain't decent. Or "decent."

  14. We once had a member here who opined that old hats are icky, on account of their having been on other people's heads and for that reason they somehow got infused with sweat and hair dressing and whatnot. And Lord only knows what that might do to you. Baldness. Impotence. Whatever.
    As others here have already told you (and as you may well have suspected, provided you had perused much at all on this site), you got a screaming deal on those lids. With the exception of some high-end customs, new hats just can't compare to what was made 50 and more years ago. Yours are not only very clean old hats, two or three of them are much-sought-after styles. You could easily get ten times what you paid for that Whippet. Twenty times, maybe, on a good day.
    I used to buy most of my wardrobe at a thrift store operated by a local AIDS charity. (This was back before there was an effective therapy for the illness, and its victims were dying with great frequency and the charity was getting much deserved attention for its good work.) The place was an absolute treasure trove -- lots of high quality, fine looking duds in very good condition. Heck, the stuff was often fresh from the cleaners. Shirts with the paper tags still on 'em, for example.
    Anyway, some people avoided the place, presumably because it had something to do with AIDS. And gayness. It seemed they feared they would contract either or both just by entering the store, let alone by trying on the clothes.
    I'm not suggesting that you are such a paranoid, JC, but your workmate's query reminds me of just how superstitious and phobic seemingly competent people can be.
    As someone who has caught cooties from secondhand clothes many, many times, I can tell you it's nothing to be afraid of. You might run a fever for a few days, and then your ears fall off. But that's the worst of it.
  15. JCBurns

    JCBurns Familiar Face

    You know Tony, I hadn't even given it a second thought. I was trying them on in the antique store, not the least bit concerned. I guess maybe I've led a sheltered life, because any thought of "cooties" never even came to mind.

  16. But did your coworker's mere mention of lice cause your scalp to itch? Just the thought of it has me scratching my head.
  17. mingoslim

    mingoslim Practically Family

    So where did you hide the body?
  18. I'm not too sure that you guys really have all of the facts on old hat hygine.

    Imagine my suprise when I opened the box and saw this...


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