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one shoe is faded

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by kerry, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. kerry

    kerry One of the Regulars

    :( Hi Ladies, I just bought a pair of Clarks shoes in the sales. When I got them home I noticed that one shoe is a little lighter in colour than the other. It has obviously faded in the sun. They are brown ox blood colour. Should I take them back or will they even up with polish? Hubby said you wouldbnt notice when they are on, I did though.
    Kerry xx
  2. if they're leather I wouldn't see why a polish up would hurt. At worst you can always bring them back after that if it doesn't work.
  3. kerry

    kerry One of the Regulars

    I took them back... it would have bugged me everytime I wore them. Luckily enough they had another pair in stock. Thanks anyway:)
  4. I sure do understand where you are coming from. My boyfriend and girlfriends and everyone else would also say "Oh that doesn't show", but to me it would, because I'd know they aren't perfect and would be aware of the flaw every single time I wore them. So I'm glad you got them exchanged. :)
  5. SarahLouise

    SarahLouise Practically Family

    I would definitely have exchanged them otherwise you would keep noticing it. Are the shoes you're talking about 30s style t-bars by the way? If so I got those in the sale too, they are so cute and comfortable!

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